Support Us! was born in late 2004. urbanMamas is a community, online and in person, where we can come to share support, camaraderie, griefs and joys. Mostly in the Portland,OR-metro area, currently we reach:

  • +75,000 unique visitors;
  • +95,000 visitors monthly;
  • +140,000 page visits;  and
  • the community continues to grow!

We have over 2400 twitter followers and over 3000 Facebook fans.


Advertise on urbanMamas now/ Your logo and link will be prominent in the upper-right side bar, seen by thousands. You will contribute to urbanMamas' ongoing programming, events, and daily postings about all things urbanMama.  Rates are: $125 per month or $350 per 3 months. urbanMamas extends to nonprofit organizations seeking sponsorship opportunities an extra week for one month of sponsorship, and an extra three weeks for three month sponsorships.

Standard rates (includes your logo 150 pixels wide by 75 pixels tall and a link to your site)

Stated sponsorship rates are for images no larger than 150x75 pixels.  Rates for logos larger than 150X75 begin at 25% above standard sponsorship. We reserve the change the rates at any time.  Due to limited space and to ensure that you will be receiving the most value for your sponsorship, a limited number of sponsors will appear on our site at any time.  Logos will rotate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 


The urbanMamas community loves giveaways.  Who doesn't?  A giveaway gives you the opportunity to get your product into the hands of mamas & papas, and it also increases the visibility and buzz around your business, service, or product.

The flat rate for a giveaway is $50.

Giveaway guidelines:

  • Giveaways open on Friday, and a winner is chosen on Tuesday
  • On opening day, the giveaway appears on the main site, and entries are collected as comments on the Giveaway Forum
  • Inclusion of graphic (400 pixel square max)
  • Inclusion of 2 paragraph text description
  • Giveaways may be mentioned via Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Winners do not review products or services are part of the giveaway
  • Once winners are chosen, giveaway sponsor is responsible for shipping or arranging for delivery



Sponsorship Option

Check with us to see when a spot will open up before sending your payment.  To purchase, please Click the "Buy Now " button for the appropriate amount and email us your logo. Your sponsorship will be up for all the urbanMamas to see within two business days. Thanks for your support!

* Please note, there is currently a waitlist for urbanMamas sponsor spots.   Please email for availability. *