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Prenatal Swim Class

Great to hear of the lively turnout at the recent pregnant mama gatherings. Definitely keep us appraised of when & where you meet up. We'd be happy to post events. In the meantime, Nikole asked:

Does anyone have any prenatal swim class recommendations?


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I have friends that did both the classes at Portland Providence and Dishman through Portland Parks and Rec. Both places were great from what they said. Have fun!

At Portland Adventist in SE on Market and 100th, there are great prenatal, postpartum and baby n me swim classes taught by a lovely charismatic teacher/mama. They are Mon thru Thursday, Tues Thurs has the most room in them, they often sell out b/c the pool is small and everyone loves them, but they are definately worth checking out!

Oops sorry it would help to be able to call or register! 503-256-4000 or www.adventisthealthnw.com

i did a class a couple times a week at Providence Portland in NE and loved it. I just searched their site and couldn't find the class but it is worth a call. They list the following as resource line numbers: 503-574-6595 or 503-537-1600

I went to prenatal classes at Dishman Community Center through parks and rec throughout my whole pregnancy. I loved the deep water exercises most(all that weightlessness was great esp. towards the end.) I even went to the regular classes so I could go every day. The instructors were the same ones who taught the prenatal classes and let me know of any exercises they thought I should modify due to the pregnancy.

It's been a few years but I took pre-natal swim classes at Dishman during both my pregnancies and really enjoyed them. I also liked the classes offered at Legacy Emanuel during my first pregnancy but I'm not sure they offer them any more.

I did classes at Peninsula Park Pool. Didn't bother with specific prenatal classes, just the deep water class with Marsha on mondays and wednesdays. She was great and was sure to tell me when I shouldn't do something. Not the best way to meet other moms to be but I loved being with the 80-90 year old women in fancy swim caps!

Should pregnant women be swimmimg in chlorine? I don't think it's safe for the baby.

Should pregnant women be swimmimg in chlorine? I don't think it's safe for the baby.

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