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Red Tricycle: Family-friendly Seattle

I just came across Red Tricycle -- a site devoted to family-friendly Seattle picks. Where to go, what to do, etc...might come in handy for those weekend getaways, or possibly for Spring Break!


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Ruby Slipper Guide is also a good source, focused on the Eastside (where my cafe happens to be!)


Does anyone know of an Urban Mamas type website for the Seattle area? I would like to fine a resource like this for my sister who lives in the Lake City area.

My wife and I recently created a free iPhone app (Tot a Go Go) that maps family-friendly places with diaper-changing stations / tables, indoor play areas, and high chairs. Right now, it has good information on Capitol Hill, Seattle (where we live). We'll be relying on user contributions to improve and expand it! It will be available in the App Store in just a few weeks... More info: http://www.totagogo.com

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