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Picks - Portland and Otherwise

I'm certain that many local mamas subscribe to the wildly popular Portland Picks for the latest reviews and word on what's cool and neat in the greater Metro area.  Thought I'd pass the word regarding another pick-esque site that perhaps may pique your interest.  Cool Mom Picks, check it out! And while you're perusing the site, you may even come across a post about our very own, Marlynn's Mama Calling Card. Isn't it time you get some for yourself?  Have you seen ours?



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I'm switching over to Kaiser Health Insurance in 07'. Can anyone recommend any decent Kaiser doctors or clinics in the Portland area?

Hello, we moved to portland in jan. of this year with a 4 year old and a 6 year old. The children seem to be adjusting fine, but I am having a hard time connecting to portland. The neighborhood we lived in while in denver, was more like the east side. We are trying to find a place on the west side of the river due to commute time. My husband works in hillboro. We love the Mult. village area, but quit frankly the prices are a bit steep is there anything out there that has a town center in hillsboro or there abouts. maggie

I had gestational diabetes with my second child who is now 3 months old. I have the one touch 2 glucose monitor and a box of lancets and don't know who to donate them to. My OBGYN doesn't know, the portland chapter of the american diabetes association didn't have any ideas and I am waiting to hear back from OHSU and Providence. I can imagine there would be some issue with the monitor since there is a small amount of blood invovled but the lancets and test strips are in sealed boxes. With all the hundreds of women who temporarily have diabetes while pregnant I would think there is a way to distribute these unused and extra medical supplies to those in need.
Any ideas?


Regarding Kaiser, We loved our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner there, Jean Nava.

I have been diagnosed with GD, so I can use these if you still have them. Can you leave a message for me at 5o3 61 399 18

Dental Question
I took my children to the dentist yesterday, the first time since moving to Oregon. One of the many forms I was given to sign was a form that listed a series of increasingly aggressive behavior management techniques that could be used on my kids. Such as restraints and possible red marks being left on the child. At the time, I thought it was disturbing but figured my kids would be well behaved and I would be present, I also thought this must be some Oregon thing I don't know about. It turns out that one of my children needs extensive work done. I want to know whether this form is standard or something that indicates that this dentist is more likely to be harsh with my child. Another worry is that the kids are now on the Oregon Plan, is this something they only give low income families? Anyone ever see this form before? Thanks, Melissa

That is not a "standard form."

At a minimum, it implies that your dentist views physical restraint - indeed pain inducing restraints at that - as an acceptable practice. At worst it may be something he/she commonly defaults to rather than employing any other variety of non-physical techniques.

Our first experience with a pediatric dentist was with a dentist who clearly had no skills or patience for working with children. I have no idea how he ended up becoming a pediatric dentist but I have heard plenty of similar stories, so it is not as uncommon as it should be.

That dentist insisted that our daughter needed extensive, expensive, potentially dangerous work (he wanted to have our daughter who was one year old to be put under general anesthesia).

We got a second opinion and had the problem taken care of in office for less than $200 (we had no dental insurance). No anesthesia, no crying, no suffering, no pain, no problem.

My simple advice to you - find another dentist...

I would highly recommend our dentist - Dr. Pike - or Dr. Morish who shares his practice:


Good luck!

I'm so fortunate to have my amazing mother-in-law take care of my 13 month old while my husband and I work. She and my father in-law moved to Portland from Roseburg to be closer to their grandson and be able to help take care of him. Does anyone know of other like grandmas that would be interested in play dates during the week??

I have 2 blood sugar meters if there are any women with diabetes or gestational diabetes. There are the pokers and lancets but no test strips.

One is a freestyle flash and works great. silver in color.

The other is a one touch ultra mini in the color of pink.

Both have their cases. I am located in Milwaukie oregon area. I just dont know where else to look. If interested you can email me at celestepeckham@hotmail.com

Put Your Skills to the Test: Enter Drive Less Family Challenge

Are you always in your car? Fed up with spending big bucks at the gas pump? Tired of traffic headaches? Here's your chance to learn how to drive less and save more, while winning great prizes, including a computer and entertainment package. Enter the Drive Less/Save More Family Challenge in May.

The Drive Less/Save More Campaign is looking for three families in the Portland metro area who are willing to put their skills to the test for one week to reduce the number of miles they drive. Experts will be on hand to coach families on how to drive smarter and take advantage of travel options.

All participating families will receive an incentive package to help them compete in the challenge. Items will include gift certificates for home delivery services, list pads and organizers, driving tools and bus tickets, as well as walking and biking gear.

If you're interested, e-mail your name and phone number to stoner@pacwestcom.com. Please put "Challenge" in the subject line.

Visit www.drivelesssavemore.com for more information.

It's a good way to follow this post because a lot can learn based on the experiences shared here. Will be checking also on those links.

I wonder what I am doing right - or others wrong. I simply cannot see the need for "aggressive behavior management." This after 30 years of dentistry.

We are considering a move to Portland with our two year old daughter. any input on pros and cons of living in and raising a child in Portland? Also, what neighborhoods are the kid friendly neighborhoods?

Really very good information web page. I have to admit that we're definitely warm the idea

Tony's suggestion, namely looking for a second opinion from another dentist, is a good way to go. Unless the dentist you went to first is your trusted family dentist, you shouldn't hesitate to consult other dentists about your dental problems.

It is indeed very nice to visit a blog in which worth reading comments are written by different people all over the world. I agree that you should not limit to trust one family dentist who will handle dental problems of our family.

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