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When Two is Enough, Part II: it ain't all that.

Previously in this series, we talked about the too many choices involved with our decision to curb production.  We decided on the copper IUD, aka "Paraguard".  Just wanted to let you know how it's been going for the past 7-1/2 weeks since insertion.  Contrary to studies showing 1) tons of immense pain upon insertion for a few days and 2) subsequent earth-shattering monthly periods, I have had neither.  Nope.  None.  No pain upon insertion.  Maybe a twinge here and there by a uterus wondering about the new foreign object in it, but no screaming or major complaining.  And, the previous time I had the hormonal IUD (aka "Mirena") inserted, I did have aforementioned immense pain upon insertion.  Maybe this is why no insertion pain this time?  Also, just finished up my first period on the Paraguard and it was fine.  Usual variety of PMS, nothing out-of-the-world.  The flow itself was extremely, extremely abundant.  Perhaps that is the unusual thing.  I have always been a low-flower, but this Paraguard period was something else.  I was flowing buckets.  The weird thing is, there was very little uterine discomfort.  It was strange to have all that flow without accompanying cramping.

Anyway, I feel lucky.  I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Also, since I sometimes have nightmares of this, I thought I'd link a recent Q&A on oregonlive's Ask the Midwife about an IUD Pregnancy.


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oh yes. my friend Nicola got pregnant with an IUD. it had been in place for three years and the midwife found it in her cervix. course the baby is an absolute jewel so it's hard to argue with fate/divine intervention!

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