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Looking for a kid-friendly cafe?

Looking for a place to be, hang, eat, meet with or without kids??  SohBet.  It's our new favoritest spot.  SohBet, how much do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

  • free WiFi
  • huge toy area with tons of diversion for the wee ones (diversions include piles of paper, markers, crayons, tinker-toys, duplo, blocks, trucks, and other stuff I'm forgetting)
  • stumptown coffee
  • a couple o' comfy armchairs
  • pastries from baker 'n' spice
  • panini (on a recent trip, I had a turkey pesto with roasted red peppers and provolone.  YUM YUM YUM.)
  • other nibbles and bits, including olives, almonds, cheese platters, soups, sandwiches.
    retail items like fun 'n funky ceramics and dishware, gold encrusted alma chocolates, other specialty items like preserves, honey, biscuits.
  • changing table in the restroom.
  • music on thursday and friday nights.
  • piles of reading materials, the NYT and mags galore.
  • it's 1-1/2 blocks from my house.

What a place.  It's home away from home for everyone in the family.  Proprietors David and Julia are calm, down-to-earth, and family-friendly, as are the patrons.  I often see a diverse group of the kidless and the non-kidless hanging out in the expansive space.  I think it's simultaneously kid- and parent-friendly, even more so than peanut butter & ellie's.  And, because it's more cozy, has a wider food selection, and is more convenient, it's trumping our all-time favorite, urban grind in the NE.

SohBet / 503-735-3446 / 2710 N. Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97217


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Oh my goodness...this is VERY exciting news indeed. It's even closer to me than Freemont, and by far closer than Urban Grind. And I won't have to drag my kidless pals there on lunch dates and force them to eat olive and pimento sandwiches!!! Thank you. Nice to end the evening on a happy note.

Love Sohbet!! Only problem is on Saturday mornings it is too popular with families. Luckily everyone is friendly and sharing a table is good modeling for the kids!

SohBet is so cool! I wish there was a coffee shop as neat in the SE. Palio's on SE Ladd is good for kid's, but it feels a bit cramped especially compared to SohBet. Palio's does offer storytime on the weekends.

Yes! We visited again this past Saturday and had a great time. What I love is the people without kids don't seem annoyed by the kids (maybe theirs are simply at home?). The menu needs to be updated (everything I ordered was "out of season") and they need to work on buying enough supplies. What wasn't out of season, they were almost out of everything else. And I wish they could get some glutten-free, dairy-free kid options for my allergic child.

But the mochas are to die for. Yum!

I will be sure to check this out! Another good option: Foxfire Teas on Fremont. Cute kid table with a few toys, nice open space, lovely drinks.

I love Sohbet and my kids do, too. When Wacky Girl has a day off school, it's the first thing she requests. We both love the granola. (Wacky Boy and I usually go there after we drop her off at school -- I can write for awhile, he can have his cheerios and apple juice and play with his buddies.)

This sounds like a great place! I'll have to check it out and see if it's a promising place for a meet-up with some of my other mommy groups too! Is there good parking around here?

I also liked Kat's comment that the kidless patrons don't seem annoyed by the kids who are present! That is very important to me. Our family went to the auto show this past weekend, and a woman made an indirect snotty comment to her friend, but within my hearing, that she couldn't stand the kids who were crawling around all over the cars (which my kids were doing as well as all the other zillion kids who were there too). What she was trying to say was that my kids were annoying her, and before I could think up a snappy retort, she got out of the car. I couldn't believe how rude she was.

SohBet must have changed recently because I went there with my daughter for the first time this week and found very little in the way of toys. There were a pile of books, crayons but no paper, no trucks, no games, nothing. All that was kid-friendly was in one tiny basket and then there were tons of kid-level breakables, sharp sculptures, and a cactus on the table that gave her a few really nasty splinters. For a place that advertises itself as kid-friendly it fails.

Definitely not what it used to be, and I'm not sure why...

We're loving Extracto on Killingsworth, near 30th in NE. The place is clean, the vibe is a little hip without being too hip for this mama in my jeans and fleece, the coffee is great, and the people who work there are nice without being snotty. In the back they have a fairly large carpet on the floor for the kids to play on with a box of toys, a bookshelf with some random books and puzzles and cute kid chairs. The owners are another family from our preschool, I love supporting another local mama, and I know they understand when my 3 year old hollers when we have to pack up and go home. We have spent the last 3-4 Sunday afternoons there with our laptops and newspapers, nursing my baby and reading email while our 3 year old plays either alone or with the other kids there. I highly recommed it!

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