Montessori Spanish-English Bilingual Program ~Open House~

May 26, 2014

Merry Montessori is hosting an open house Saturday, June 21st from 10 to 12pm. Come learn more about Montessori and visit our intimate home-based Primary Program for children ages 2 1/2 to 6. Accepting applications for children mostly toilet independent and ages 2 1/2 to 4 for the 2014-2015 school year.

Learn more about our school at

The Living School is Welcoming New Families for Fall 2014

January 04, 2014

The Living School is a dual-language kindergarten through sixth grade private school in Southeast Portland.  Our teachers use a variety of strategies to tailor the learning experience for each child.  We strive to create an environment that ignites a passion for learning and nurtures the spirit of the child.   With roots in Reggio Emilia, we teach core subjects in a project based, hands-on conceptual learning environment that emphasizes critical thinking and flexibility.  Teachers, parents, and children work together using our portfolio guide to create individualized learning goals for each child.


In addition to literacy, math, science and social studies, students engage in art classes, physical education, and Spanish in a mixed age environment with a low student to teacher ratio of 9:1.  We have a great community of caring teachers, parents and children.  Visit one of our open houses to see if we’re a fit for you.

Open Houses at 6:00 on January 6, February 3, March 3, and April 7

2800 SE Harrison Street – inside St. David Episcopal Church

Visit our websiteemail or call 503.752.4783 to learn more.

Do you want your child to benefit from bilingualism?

September 06, 2013

At the German American School of Portland we believe in bilingualism. We provide an excellent education for children preschool through 5th grade. Through our curriculum students develop and maintain fluency in both the German and English languages. Our immersion program is enriched with music, art, sport and second step.  Our bi-national curriculum is demanding, stimulating and fun. Check out our video that highlights our  Science and Math programs. 


To take a tour call The German American School at 503-626-9089 or email 

Bilingualism. The gift that last a lifetime.



The Marylhurst School has enrollment opportunities available for this Fall!

August 16, 2013

The Marylhurst School has limited enrollment availability in our parent-child twos program (preschool), and our primary classes: kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades for fall 2013.  

The Marylhurst School is a 41-year-old, non-profit private school housed in the historic Barclay Building of Oregon City. The primary grade expansion rolled out with a 1st/2nd grade blend in 2012, a 3rd/4th grade blend in 2013, and there will be a 5th/6th grade blend in 2014.  Preschool and K-6 elementary grade programs feature an emergent curriculum, narrative evaluations, 8:1 child-teacher ratios, enrichment programs and summer camps, extended care, and parenting workshops.  Connect with the Admission Director for more information or to schedule a tour.

Harmony Montessori is now enrolling for Elementary!

July 22, 2013

Making muffins

Harmony Montessori is accepting applications for the fall in their Lower Elementary class.  (1st through 3rd grade) 

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Little Lights Playschool

July 13, 2013


Hello Portland area families!   Little Lights Playschool is a home based Waldorf preschool located in the Woodlawn neighborhood of NE Portland.   We operate Tuesday - Thursday from 9-1.  Our program is rich in the arts with strong emphasis on free play, social development, the natural world around us and respect of each other and our things.   Class size is small loving lead by seasoned teacher Kristin Luce.  We accept little ones ages 2.5-5.   Our program affordable and our community is vibrant! 

Please visit our website for more information~

Thank you for your considering our sweet school,

Kristin Luce

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Hosting an International Student with ELS

June 20, 2013

Each year, ELS contributes to the rich diversity of the
neighborhoods surrounding Concordia University by welcoming in students from
all over the world.  Our host families play a vital role in acquainting
students to the area and helping them bring memories of Portland back
home.  ELS Language Centers is in need of
caring, supportive families to host international students in their homes for a
short-term commitment at the end of July. 


Between July 21st-Aug 4th, ELS will receive a
group of Japanese students aged 13-16. This JST youth group
comes to Portland twice a year and their excitement and energy is felt by
everyone involved. If hosting an international student interests you, this is a
great way to introduce yourself to the experience through a brief, two week
stay.  Host families provide breakfast and dinner, the opportunity for
students to speak English, support, and insight into American culture. 
Families are compensated with a stipend for increased food and utility
costs.  If you would like to share your culture and learn about others,
have an extra bedroom available and live within a 45 minute commute from
Concordia by public transport, please email or call Ashley Krant at or 503-493-6281 to complete an
application and schedule a home visit.

Mt. Tabor Co-op Preschool Enrolling for Fall

Mt. Tabor Preschool is a developmental, cooperative preschool. We believe that each child develops at a different rate physically, socially and intellectually. We endeavor to provide a wide variety of experiences to accommodate the children’s interests and needs as individuals and as a group. Experiences are provided to stimulate socialization skills and promote self-esteem.

Parental support and education are important aspects of preschool. A cooperative preschool gives parents an opportunity to participate in activities with their child.


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The German American School of Portland

June 06, 2013

 The German American School


3900 SW Murray Blvd

Beaverton, Or 97005


¡ Casa Abierta! New Spanish-English Bilingual Montessori Primary Program OPEN HOUSE

May 20, 2013

Come visit Merry Montessori's new Primary House for our Open House Saturday, June 1st from 9am to 12pm.

Located at 4225 SE Woodward St. & 43rd in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Southeast Portland, our new space will house a foundational group of children ages 2 1/2 to 4 to begin our new Primary Program.

We will follow traditional AMI Montessori curriculum but are excited to also include Spanish language throughout the day with our children through songs, language works and through speaking Spanish with our classroom assistant.

Our primary program will be in an intimate home setting for the 2013-2014 school year with two guides and ten children, then grow out to a larger space for the following year with space for a larger group of children, eventually 20 to 25 children in total.

Come meet the guide and administrator and learn more about this exciting new community beginning this fall.

Visit our website at for more information!



Open House at Hawthorne Family Playschool

May 15, 2013

Come play with us during our OPEN HOUSE!

Join Teacher Susan and the HFP community for a meet and greet and tour of our wonderful school.

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

10 a.m. to Noon

2828 SE Stephens Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97214

(503) 784.8873

Program Highlights

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ADHD & Middle School

April 29, 2013

I know Urban Mamas has published multiple posts in the past regarding the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. My question is a little bit different.
I have a child with ADHD whose academic performance - while not stellar - is strong enough that she does not qualify for an IEP/classroom assistance. She has been fortunate to have teachers at her K-5 school who make accommodations for her nonetheless (by providing noise-cancelling headphones during reading time, for example.) However, next year will be her last year at this school before moving on to middle school.
I am wondering if anyone in the Urban Mamas community has suggestions or recommendations for middle school programs where an easily-distracted child might thrive. I attended several PPS middle school open houses this year, but this is uncharted territory for me. 
Thanks for your help!

Hardship Transfer Questions

My son starts kindergarten next year and we are currently waiting to hear the results of the PPS school choice lottery. Our first & only choice is a language immersion program that's at our neighborhood school. The immersion program will be a much better fit for my son socially, plus there are some overcrowding problems on the neighborhood program side of things, so I'm wondering about the possibility of a hardship transfer if we don't get in via the lottery. Can those of you who have done hardship transfer petitions share your experiences? How extreme do the circumstances have to be to get approved? What sorts of documentation/evidence/justifications did you have to provide? Any other tips or recommendations?

Early Kindergarten at Wild Lilac!

March 11, 2013


Wild Lilac's early kindergarten program is for children ages 4.5 - 6 years old.

Please visit our website to learn more about our program. Contact us at or call 503.236.3240 for enrollment information or to schedule a classroom visit.

Address: 3829 SE 74th Ave, Portland, OR 97206

The Community School, A New Charter School - working to open in Sept. 2014

February 26, 2013

We are a group of educators and parents who will be applying for a charter to open The Community School in September 2014 (please visit our website or our facebook page). We are hoping to gather information from Portland families about your hopes and dreams for your children's schooling. Please take a moment to fill out our survey so we can her from you about what you would hope for a new school in Portland: ). If you would like to express interest in your child attending The Community School please fill out our interest form.

Here is more info about our school...

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Trinity Academy

Trinity Academy is a Classical Christian Middle and High School in Portland, OR. We are led by an ecumenical Christian Faculty from a variety of traditions. Any student with a sense of wonder and desire to work hard to cultivate a depth of inquiry across academic disciplines may apply.
Required courses include Calculus, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Latin, Music (Performance and Theory), Art History, Drama, Ancient and Medieval History, and advanced Socratic Seminars in great works of Literature, Philosophy, Poetry and Theology.
Trinity Academy is located in North Portland near I-5 and Light Rail transit proving easy of access for Vancouver, WA and Eastside Portland Families.
All students at Trinity Academy in Portland benefit from a formation in the Fine Arts, advanced Mathematics, Sciences, Latin and modern language instruction, as well as Socratic Great Books seminars.
Our Great Books seminars are where students engage with original and challenging texts exploring universal ideas and values such as Friendship, Justice, Beauty, Identity, God, Civic life and moral virtues.
For additional details, please contact Dr. Joannah Clark at 503-567-9559 or email for updates on events or additional information. Our website is

Great Things Are Happening at Vernon School!

February 21, 2013

Great things are happening at Vernon K-8!

By, Catherine Landwehr

 It’s that time of year: families are trying to figure out where their children will go to school in the fall.   As a mother of two boys, now 5 and 8, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was faced with all those nerve-wracking questions.   Do we go with the neighborhood school?   Is it committed to academics, is it safe, is it welcoming?  Do we shop around and try the transfer/lottery system?  What’s the deal with charter, magnet, and private schools?  What is the best thing I can do for my child as we enter into the school years?  What is the best way for our family to become part of a great educational community?   And what’s going on inside that classic 104-year old school building on Killingsworth that we pass by all the time?

 Like many others families, we decided invest in our neighborhood and send our children to Vernon.  We are so happy we did.  If you are looking for great school and a close-knit local community for your child and for your family, please join our group!

 If you are a prospective Vernon parent, please come to one or both of our upcoming events to hear about all the reasons the families of Vernon love our neighborhood school.  The Vernon community is having a meeting for prospective Vernon families on Feb. 23, from 3-5 at the Kennedy School.  We are also having two Kindergarten Connects  (these used to be called Kindergarten Round-Ups) on March 5 at Vernon.  The first Kindy Connect is  from 9-11, and the second from 6-8.   Come to one or both events to get a sense of all your neighborhood school offers, to ask any questions you may have, and to meet other Vernon families, both prospective and “old school.”

 Here’s a quick overview:  Vernon is a K-8 with a diverse student body of 438 students, and our school spirit is through the roof.  It’s easy to see why—our teachers are absolutely inspired, our parent community is welcoming and committed, and our students are thriving both academically and socially.   The class sizes are reasonable—this year, my kindergartner in a class of 21 kids, and my second-grade in a class of 23.  Vernon is part of the renowned International Baccalaureate program, which means the school’s approach to learning is project-based, and focused on “inquiry” and the concept of interconnectivity between countries, cultures, and disciplines.  In keeping with this approach, all students have instruction in art, music, Spanish, wellness, physical education, geography, and technology, in addition to the core fundamentals of reading, writing, math, and science.   Vernon also boasts a well-stocked library and computer labs. Thanks to a Nike grant, our playground is newly refurbished so that our kids can run and play to their hearts’ content during recess, P.E., and our newly-instituted “Brain Breaks.”  Our two beautiful Vernon Gardens are alive with student-tended greenery from blueberries to kale to cilantro.   Because of the support we receive from the East Portland Rotary club, students also benefit from regular field trips to visit nature sites, museums, local businesses and organizations, and to see plays and performances.  This year so far the play “Duck For President” and the trip to the Oregon Forestry Center have been big hits in our household, and we are looking forward to next month’s music performances and first science fair.

 The Vernon school day goes from 8:45 to 3, but many kids stay at school after the bell rings. Some of our most popular afterschool activities, offered in conjunction with SEI/Sun School, are Garden Club, Chess Club, Lego Club, as well as Zumba, hip-hop, art, sports, and technology classes.  YMCA offers on-site care before and after school.  There are also frequent Vernon “family” nights: Multicultural Night, Math Night, Craft Night, Science Night, and movie nights.   Our monthly PTA meetings are well-attended and productive.   Our weekly “Walking School Bus” is a popular way for students to travel to school as a group on foot or by bike (and reminds us all how glad we are not be commuting far and wide to get to school—for most families, it’s a short walk or few-minute drive).   The annual Vernon Auction has also been a way for the community to come together and to support the art and music programs at Vernon.

 Community involvement has for me been one of the best things about having school-aged children—instead of just living in a neighborhood, our family has become part of the neighborhood.   We know the families we live near, our children play together, parents form networks for pickups and play dates and family support; everyone pitches in to make our school better and better each year.  We are building a fantastic community, right here in the Vernon neighborhood. Please come check Vernon out and see for yourself all that your neighborhood school has to offer!


Come find out what's in store for 4th-7th grade students!

February 27th 5:30 - 7:30  

Exhibition and Beyond


  • Learn about the long-term independent inquiry project that caps a student's Primary Years experience at Vernon School. (Called Exhibition)
  • Hear from current Vernon Middle School students and parents about why they chose Vernon.
  • Find out how teachers are using the International Baccalaureate and Common Core together to create unique, authentic and engaging learning experiences for our students.
  • Get information about electives, academic support, after school programming and more!

‪Childcare and food will be provided.






October 18, 2012

  HFP Logo

Still looking for an amazing preschool for your child?  

Hawthorne Family Playschool has an opening for the 2012-2013 school year! 


Hawthorne Family Playschool, or HFP, is a small, mixed-age cooperative preschool, just south of the Hawthorne Safeway in southeast Portland. Being a cooperative, or co-op, HFP is a great place for families that want to be active participants in their child's early development. 

Aside from our fabulous teacher, our strength comes from families that are eager to fully participate in the HFP community. This is particularly true of HFP, given that we keep our class size smaller than most (14 students). Smaller classes allow for greater focus on each child, and create a more intimate feel to our classroom environment.


Our teacher, Susan Eisman, has been working with children for more than twenty years. In addition to holding a degree in art and women's studies, she has completed master's level work in human development, with a focus on the stages of childhood.  She draws her philosophy from many quality programs, like Reggio Emilia and Waldorf, without being overly dogmatic. She is a deep-thinker and a sweet soul. She encourages us to think and talk about why our kids do what they do, and how we can be supportive in their discovery of themselves, both as individuals, and as part of a group.


We are a diverse community of parents who place a high value on creating an environment that supports a preschooler's natural curiosity. I was initially drawn to the school because I loved the emphasis on natural materials and getting fresh air and exercise, without pre-scripting play with traditional play structures. Our kids climb hay bales, balance on boards, scale our branch wall, and have pretend tea parties in teepees. The Oregon Environmental Council designated HFP as an eco-healthy preschool, and our kids enjoy healthy, vegetarian snacks each day.


Our program is heavily play-based. I wasn't sure about that at first, but I have come to appreciate that 3, 4, and 5-year-olds learn much of what they need to know from play and personal discovery. I wondered if a play-based preschool would adequately prepare my child for kindergarten, but I now firmly believe that being part of a community like ours lays the foundation for lifelong curiosity and learning. I also see how much better high-energy kids like my son thrive in an environment that supports their need to move their busy bodies.


A co-op is a unique school model in that so much of it is parent-driven. Over the years, it’s become apparent that the co-op experience isn’t right for everyone. For the families who love our program however, (and there are many!), they see what we do as deeply rewarding. They see the contributions they make to our program as worth the effort, and often the effort is part of the enjoyment as well. We’re not just bringing our children to school, we’re building a tight-knit community with them, and it’s a labor of love.

At Hawthorne Family Playschool, we look for families who are really excited by our vision, and who can help us create a strong community for the school and for the children. I encourage you to contact the Membership Coordinator with any questions you may have about our school or the co-op experience, and to request an application.  


Shannon Rhoads, parent of former HFP student

Please contact Jeannette Schupp, Membership Coordinator, 
at 503-381-1288, or email here.

  HFP Logo

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Arleta School

August 02, 2012

Wondering if there are any moms out there who have kids at Arleta school. It is not listed in the school section, and I'm not coming up with much by googling it. We found a house we really like in that district, but all the info I can find is test scores, etc. Those seem to give it a so-so review. Would love any feedback or experiences you have had with this school. Thanks!

Giving Tree Preschool is opening its second location!


Giving Tree Preschool's second location is opening September 2012!

Both locations are in the Boise-Elliot neighborhood of N.E. Portland, just blocks from the Williams corridor.

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Now Enrolling Co-Op Preschool - Portland Circle of Friends (SE Portland/Lents)

We still have a few spots left in both classes! Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our co op preschool.

Caterpillars: Our class for children ages 2 & 3 (does not need to be potty trained) ~ meets on Tuesday and Thursday 9:00a - 11:30a ~ Tuition: $80 per month (September ~ June)

Butterflies: Our class for children ages 4 & 5 ~ meets on Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00a – noon ~ Tuition: $105 per month (September ~ June)

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The Living School (close in SE) has spots for 6-9 year olds this Fall!

The Living School has a beautiful new home. We will be in the community built by St. David of Wales at SE 28th and Harrison in a bright upstairs space. The Living School is a Reggio and Spanish K-6 school with small class size so your child can get the support they need to thrive.

Our experienced and intuitive teachers use a variety of strategies to work with each child in a way that’s tailored to their individual learning style and talents, creating an environment that ignites a passion for learning and nurtures the spirit of the child. Teachers, children and parents work closely together to create a supportive and positive learning environment with a love and respect for community and each other.

We spend at least one hour a day outdoors and regularly have art, music, gardening and movement! 

We have 4 spots open for Fall 2012. Please contact us at 503-752-4783 or email us at as soon as possible to learn more!

Richmond Kindergarten 2012

July 27, 2012

Hello, Does anyone have a child entering Kindergarten at the Richmond Japanese program this fall? I am looking for a way to get families together and aquaint some of the kids so they will enter school with their friends. Just to help ease the transition. Check out the

Rowanberry School now enrolling for Kindergarten 2012-2013

July 12, 2012

Rowanberry School offers a mixed age kindergarten for children age 3 until first grade ready, and is currently enrolling children aged 5-6 for the upcoming school year.  


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Trillium Preschool has openings for school year 2012-2013!

July 02, 2012

Trillium Preschool is hosued inside Trillium Charter School in North Portland at N. Interstate Ave. and N. Killingsworth. We are currently enrolling for the upcoming school year!

We are a Reggio-inspired program working in a constructivist way: we view and value children as capable and curious learners and see the role of the teacher as a partner in that learning. We enjoy a low child-teacher ratio, ongoing professional development, a beautiful and engaging environment and the joy of childhood!

We have options for full time and part time, mornings or full days. Call or email to schedule a tour and visit us. You are welcome!

Our website and contact information:



Pilgrim Lutheran School

May 22, 2012

Pilgrim Lutheran School is hosting an open house for new families looking to enroll for the 2012-2013 school year.  Doors will be open all day for the open house, inviting families of Preschool 3's - 8th grade to tour the school, interview students and staff, see classes in action, and come to the spring musical taking place at 7pm, which will highlight the school’s 1-4th  grade students.

Potential parents visiting the open house are invited to have a complementary lunch during their tour over the lunch hour (11am-12:30pm). 

For more information on the open house, contact the school office at 503-644-8697.

School website.

Hope Chinese Charter School


Portland Waldorf School Tour

April 02, 2012


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

8:45-10:00 am

Have you ever wondered about the magic that lies behind the classroom doors of Portland Waldorf School? Come inside and have a look…our behind-the-scenes tour takes you inside the classrooms (from Pre-K through High School), through our historical building (with gymnasium, music room, woodworking, metalworking, handwork), around our seven-acre campus, and follows up with a gathering of members of our faculty and administration who can answer your questions about PWS, Waldorf education, and more!  RSVP to



International Leadership Academy

March 13, 2012

7454660We would like to let you know about our wonderful French immersion pre-kindergarten-middle school located in the First Addition area of Lake Oswego. More than just a language school, we immerse our students in math, technology, philosophy, music, and Body in Motion. The exposure at the International Leadership Academy (ILA) is as diverse as our teachers, from foreign cultures, to foreign cooking, our focus is to bring a complete and well rounded education to each of our students.

ILA also offers afterschool activities and summer camps. Contact us for more information: 503 662 8452.


Tucker-Maxon School OPEN HOUSE

February 16, 2012

Get acquainted with the Tucker-Maxon School at our open house: February 23, 2012,  4:00-5:30 p.m.
Now enrolling new students in PRESCHOOL & ELEMENTARY
At Tucker-Maxon, children with typical hearing learn alongside children with hearing loss. Tucker-Maxon offers:
• Lower student-teacher ratios
• A focus on listening and spoken language skills
• P.E., art, music, and organic gardening
• Full-day Kindergarten
• Flexible before- and after school care
• Competitive tuition 

To arrange a private tour, contact us at 503-235-6551 or

Creative Science School information nights

February 09, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012 and Wednesday, February 22, 2012 6:30pm

Creative Science School
1231 SE 92nd Avenue/97216

Creative Science School is a focus option Portland Public School for children in grades K-8. Students are encouraged to be independent thinkers, learners, and problem solvers. Our students develop and demonstrate the ability to create questions, formulate solutions, and apply results throughout their lives. At CSS, we believe that children learn best when they explore and discover on their own, constructing their knowledge through hands-on experiences and problem solving.

Your child can begin at Creative Science School in kindergarten or transfer in at any grade level. There are typically 50 kindergarten slots available each year and a handful of spaces available in grades 1-8. We look forward to meeting you at one of our information nights!

Portland Waldorf School Open House: Bring Your Parents to School Night

Friday, March 9, 2012


Are you thinking about a new school for your family?  Intrigued by Waldorf education?  Looking for a holistic academic experience for your children?  Join PWS parents, students and faculty for an evening of music, art and conversation.  RSVP to



Portland Waldorf School Tour

Walk Through The Grades

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

8:45-10:00 am

Have you ever wondered about the magic that lies behind the classroom doors of Portland Waldorf School? Come inside and have a look…our behind-the-scenes tour takes you inside the classrooms (from Pre-K through High School), through our historical building (with gymnasium, music room, woodworking, metalworking, handwork), around our seven-acre campus, and follows up with a gathering of members of our faculty and administration who can answer your questions about PWS, Waldorf education, and more!  RSVP to



February 06, 2012

King School will hold its Kindergarten Round-Up on February 16th at 1:30 pm. King has seen dramatic changes and invigoration in recent years with the hire of a new, dynamic principal, major investments in learning technology and steady growth in academic achievement. Come and learn about what King has to offer the neighborhood: dance, music, Playworks, Spanish and an active afterschool program. King is a certified International Baccalaureate World School in grades prekindergarten – 5th due to its interdisciplinary approach to education. The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) performs site visits and assures the program and curriculum meets rigorous international standards. Parents are very involved at King and the PTA also continues to grow. If you are unable to come to the round-up, contact the school to schedule a visit by calling the office at 503-916-6456.

4/5th Grade Openings at The Emerson School

September 22, 2011

Due to some unexpected moves amongst our school families, The Emerson School is currently accepting applications for our 4th and 5th grade classes!   The Emerson School is a public charter school located in downtown Portland.  Our school uses the Project Approach, Positive Discipline, and honors individual learning styles and diversity.  Students at Emerson will explore their community, complete service learning, have daily physical exercise, and music at all grade levels. The Arts are honored in a variety of ways, from long-term arts residencies to off-campus performances to community square dances!  Please check out our website to obtain an application and feel free to contact us for more information. Thanks for your consideration!
 The Emerson School
105 NW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 525-6124

Sauvie Island Academy

May 18, 2011

We are new to Portland and live within PPS but applied to Sauvie Island Academy, a new K-8 place-based and project-based charter school opening in the fall.  (Sauvie Island School will close and the school district is leasing the building to the charter school.) 

I found out that we were accepted! Since we weren't accepted to any of our other choices and I'm not thrilled with our neighborhood school, I'm really feeling like this is our best option but would love some feedback on the place-based teaching philosophy, teachers (they plan to hire the same teachers that are there now), the school community (the current students will remain), etc.

 I know that they plan to grow the school by reserving a certain percentage of spots (20%?) for out-of-district students and at the school open house I heard that they may offer bussing from N/NW Portland.

Any insight would be appreciated!

14445 N.W. Charlton Road
Portland, OR

Peninsula Elementary: Seeking Information

May 17, 2011


I'm hoping to get information from families with kids going to Peninsula Elementary (8125 N. Emerald). My son will start Kindergarten in the fall. Some questions:

What has your child's Kindergarten experience been like there?

What's your take on the principal/school leadership? Parent involvement?

Since there is no afterschool care program for Kindergartners, are there any recommendations that include transportation (and is a reasonably nearby)?

Previous posts about Peninsula seem to be a few years old, so any thoughts about recent experiences would be appreciated.




Woodstock Immersion anyone

April 28, 2011

We, too, just hit the lottery & are looking to connect with others....

doctorsusan2001   at  yahoo  dot com

Creston School

April 27, 2011

We are new to Portland and our son who is entering kindergarten did not get into any of the schools we applied for.  Our neighborhood school is Creston.  I have heard not good things about this school.  Can anyone tell me their opinion on it?  I am going to tour it asap.  Not sure where to go from here.  But none of the kids on our block attend this school.  Very concerned about it.  Would appreciate any input you might have.  Thanks

My daughter got into Arthur Academy for kindergarten!

Anyone have anything to add about Arthur Academy? Words of wisdom, criticisms, reviews, anything? I don't know what to expect and I haven't seen many reviews for Arthur Academy. She got into the Portland school district location.

Le Monde Immersion

April 26, 2011

Le Monde Immersion is a non-profit organization, founded by parents and educators seeking to create a French immersion Public Charter school in the Portland Public School District.

Le Monde Immersion is currently applying for Public Charter status, and hopes to open its doors to Kindergarten and First Grade students in the fall of 2012, growing one grade per year to the eighth grade.

Le Monde Immersion is now forming an affordable, fee-based Kindergarten class which will commence in September 2011.  Please visit our website or contact us to learn more!  

Thank you and Merci!


North Portland Schools: seeking opinions

April 08, 2011

As we sift through the options for kindergarten, we've come up with our top four: Astor, Beach, Chief Joseph, and James John.  I'd love to hear from families who have kids in these schools, educators who work at these schools, or other parents considering these.  Thanks for your feedback!

Opinions for Rigler School 2011-2012

Hello, I was hoping to find some more recent comments on Rigler school - The last postings were dated 2008. We are thinking of enrolling our 2 children  for the school year 2011/12. My daughter would be in the dual immersion program (K) and my son would start 4th grade. We have heard so many mixed reviews -- many of them complimentary of the immersion program. It seems as if the new principal has been able to turn the school around but we are still having doubts about the "older" grades.

We would love to hear from other mamas who either have their children attending Rigler or know of someone who does. 

Thank you so much.

Melissa --


Ivy School opinions from Montessori parents

April 06, 2011

Hi. We (amazingly) have been awarded a spot for our daughter for 1st grade at Ivy School next year. I've seen some very positive comments from parents and so am very happy we have this choice (!), but I still have a few reservations because I don't feel I know enough yet. I'm particularly interested in hearing from existing parents whose children went to Montessori for primary. Do you feel the program follows the Montessori approach well? The new administrator seems very qualified, but doesn't have Montessori experience. Do you feel she's a good supporter of the staff and Montessori approach? I found a report of last year's test results, which weren't great. Granted, one of the main reasons I'm interested in Ivy is that they won't be "teaching to the test".  Still, do any parents have comments about these?

Franciscan Montessori Earth School

We are looking at schools for next year and I don't see much here about the Franciscan Montessori Earth School in SE Portland.  Does anyone have any insight?

French American School

Anyone can share their experience at the French American International School

Creative Science School: Info Nights 2011

January 28, 2011

Creative Science School is a focus option Portland Public School for children in grades K-8, located in outer SE Portland. Students are encouraged to be independent thinkers, learners, and problem solvers. Our students develop and demonstrate the ability to create questions, formulate solutions, and apply results throughout their lives.

CSS is founded on a constructivist educational philosophy developed by renowned Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. After years of observing children, Piaget found that children learn best when they explore and discover on their own, constructing their knowledge through hands-on experiences and problem solving.

All of the teachers at Creative Science School integrate aspects of the storyline methodology in their classroomsStoryline is a structured approach to learning and teaching that was developed in Scotland. It builds on the key principle that learning, to be meaningful, has to be memorable; and that by using a student’s enthusiasm for story-making, the classroom, the teacher’s role, and learning can be transformed.

Info Nights:
•Thursday, Feb. 3, 6:30pm
•Wednesday, Feb 23, 6:30pm

Tours are available during the school day to observe the classrooms. Please call the office at (503) 916-6431 to schedule.

School Info
1231 SE 92nd Ave
Portland, OR. 97216
(503) 916-6431


Ockley Green Arts & Technology K-8 2011 Kindergarten Round Ups

It's Kindergarten Round Up season at Ockley Green and we invite you to join us for an informative introduction to our program.  Here are the basics:

  • February 2nd from 1PM - 2PM.
  • February 15th from 5PM-6PM.
  • 6031 N Montana St., Portland OR 

Meet our wonderful Principal & Kindergarten teachers, learn about our unique and growing Arts & Technology Magnet Program, tour the school and talk to current parents of Ockley Green Students. 

Our next Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting will also be Tuesday, February 15th beginning at 6 pm and you are more than welcome to attend this meeting.  It's a great way to get a sense of our community! Dinner and child care will be provided.

For more information on mini-tours go to our school website at:

or check out our Facebook Community at:

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Beach School - Kindergarten Round Ups 2011

January 25, 2011

Come visit Beach School, located at 1710 N. Humboldt, and learn about our Kindergarten! Meet teachers, get registration information, tour classrooms and the school and learn more about this great school and community. The round ups will have information regarding both the Spanish Immesion and Community Programs.

What: Kindergarten Round-Ups

February 17, 6:00 pm
March 8, 6:00 pm
March 15, at 3:00 pm 
Child care and translation provided at all

Who: Any family with kids who will be 5 by 9/1/11
Where: 1710 N. Humboldt 97217
Questions: 503-916-6236 or PTA President at 503-805-8598

Also please note that we will be having school tours every Friday at 10:00AM in February

The Ivy School Open House

January 20, 2011

Looking for a tuition-free, public Montessori school for your child? The Ivy School offers a Montessori education for students 1st-8th grade. Ivy is a Portland Public Schools charter school.
Montessori schools have a 100-year-old tradition of world-class education through a thoughtfully prepared classroom environment. Students at Ivy engage in math, language arts, social sciences and physical sciences, as well as Spanish language, music, art, P.E., gardening and community service. Montessori classrooms are multi-age, allowing each student to work at their individual level and to become mentors in their classroom community. Students engage in subjects and materials in meaningful ways by following their natural curiosities. This fosters independence, personal responsibility, creative problem solving and care for the world around them.
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 from 6:00-7:30pm
at The Ivy School: 4212 NE Prescott
Come meet the staff and parents of the Ivy School and visit our classrooms! Staff and parents will be available to answer questions. Ivy is now accepting lottery applications for 1st-8th grade. Applications are due February 25th. The lottery will be held at Ivy on March 5th, 2011 for the 2011-2012 school year.
For more information:
email or visit