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i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am about this film! i think this topic (hospital care and expenses) is long overdue and it's time that people know what's really going on.

the most important thing is that women learn about their bodies and how capable they are. pregnancy is not a disease and does not require a team of medical staff in gowns (obviously there are those outstanding cases). it should not cost tens of thousands of dollars to bring a child into this world. it should not involve insurance and loads of medication.

i can't wait to hear the discussion on this and am so thankful that the film will be shown in PDX!

on the off chance that anyone's looking for a birth story to read, mine is posted here:

we had an all natural, homebirth and it was amazing. i'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.


oh yeah... in all of the excitement, i completely forgot to RSVP. i'll come to the jan. show.

Tia Rich

I cannot wait, Saturday January 26th it is. Lets hope now none of my moms to be go into labor that day ;)

Tia Rich

I cannot wait, Saturday January 26th it is. Lets hope now none of my moms to be go into labor that day ;)

Tia Rich

Actually make that two for the January 26th showing


I too am so excited to see this film! I had an amazing homebirth with my first and am 5 months along with my second and planning another homebirth. It is about time a film was made that exposed the birthing industry and put the power back where it should be - with the mamas!

I would like to attend the January showing.


I'd love to come to the February showing. Count me in.


Another reservation for 1/26


jan show for me. thanks!


one resv. for jan. showing, please!


This looks like a film I've been dreaming to make... count me and one friend in... I'm really looking forward to it! January showing (for 2). For anyone interested in learning more, check out this month's edition of Mothering magazine.


Please reserve me two spaces for the Feb. 10th show!

plain jane

Count me in for two on January 26th. I have been waiting to see this one! Thanks!


I'll be there Jan. 26! Wahoo! I've heard so much about this film...I can hardly wait! Thanks!!


Thanks to Mama G for pointing out that the Jan/Feb issue of Mothering Mag has Ricki Lake herself right on the cover! And while you can't read full articles on their web site, you can read the Editor's Note on the film: How cool that this mag offers digital subscriptions! Or is that totally normal these days and I am just that far behind the times? Don't answer, please!


Oops, I got the wrong link. Here's the right one direct to the current Mothering issue:

robin b.

another one for the jan. showing


I'd love to come to the Jan 26th showing, too.


Tony at Milagros


If you would like to show it at a space in NE Portland we have a projector set-up in the Family Room at Milagros.

Let me know if your are interested, we would be happy to donate the space as part of a fundraiser or to just offer a free screening.

All the best,



Tony, thanks! If the response continues to be what it has been today, we may need to! Stay tuned. Lisa


RSVP 2/10 party of one- Thanks!


one for the jan. showing. can't wait!

Grace Sadie

RSVP Jan 26th, save me a spot please :)


add one more for the jan. showing. thanks!


Add 2 more to the January showing! Thanks!


Please add me to the January showing. Thank you in advance.


Please add me to the January list. Thanks.


I missed this at the Expo and so excited for this screening. Jan 26th for me, please!


RSVP for February,probably plus one


Courtney, What Expo? Glad you can be there!


Add me to the January date please!


Please add me to the January showing. Thanks!


RSVP for one for Jan 26th. Thanks!

Brooke O'Steen

RSVP for one for Feb 10th please and Thank you so much!


1 for the January showing please. I have had 2 homebirths and am so excited to see this film. I've told all my mama friends!


Two more for the January showing, if there's room! Thanks, Robin


Please save a seat for one for the January showing, thank you!


I'm in for the Feb showing...


RSVPing for one for the 2/10 show. Thanks!


RSVP for 2 on the 26th.

Sarah J.

RSVP TWO for the 2/10 show-- absolutely cannot wait! Thanks!


Please count me in for two at the January 26th screening.


I would like to RSVP for 1 for the January showing.


3 to RSVP for the Feb showing, thanks can't wait!-Page


Lisa, the Baby Expo held at the Rose Garden in September. It was a professional event for doulas and midwives but had a fantastic public vendor section and classes, too. Ricki Lake was there one night to introduce the movie!

Christina DeDoncker

I would like to attend the 2/10 showing.


Sign up one for the february showing. I was trying to figure a way to get this movie here.


One more coming to the Jan. 26th showing! :-)


Please add two for the Jan. showing, thanks!


If there is still room my mom and I would LOVE to come to either showing... Count the 2 of us in for the 1/26 showing!

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