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August 14, 2013

Here’s the scoop for the weekend. For more ideas on what to do this weekend, check the Events Calendar on Metro Parent's PDX Kids Calendar and the urbanMamas calendar page.

Clackamas County Fair in Canby. A classic county fair filled with amazing BBQ, a rodeo, rides, and entertainment for the whole family. Runs through August 18th.

Ladybug Nature Walk: Irving Park. Naturalist led stroll. Ages 2-5, with grown-up. Stroller-accessible. Friday 10-11am. $4/child.

Once on This Island at Broadway Rose Theater. The Broadway Rose summer teen workshop participants present an enchanting, calypso-flavored musical fable that tells the story of forbidden love between people from two different worlds. Thursday - Saturday performances. $8.

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Considering a move to Portland, what to see?

February 16, 2012

We welcome any opportunity to share the Portland love. An urbanMama from New York recently emailed:

We are making a trip from Brooklyn to Portland next week. Given that we may consider this trip as a vacation with our kids, but also as a potential place to live, we need more insights for the following-
- neighborhoods that are family and provide the good schools zoned
- any places to visit to to get a real sense of the area outside of tourist attractions
- any one we can visit along the way to get the real scoop

I am a mom to two boys 5 and 8. Life is Brooklyn is interesting and comfortable as we are from here. I guess we are searching now for different, smaller, natural feel- while having good educational opportunities for out kids. Any input would be fantastic!!

Visiting Portland: a single ma with a 1 & 4 yr old

July 26, 2008

We urbanMamas just love to help people plan their visits to Portland.  Here is a Seattle mama coming into town soon, and wants your advice on the following:

We are staying at the Red Lion Convention Center. (Single mom & 5 y.o. plus me & my brood; we hotwired and got the room for $54, word!)  Some things we want to do include definitely hitting up the Children's Museum (son hearts dinosaurs), curious about an easy walk/hike in the area (see your site has resources, excellent), exploring the Pearl District (Powell's, Jamison Square, Sip & Kranz).

According to Google Maps from our hotel to Jamison Square it's only 1.4 miles (!) but is it a walkable 1.4, or too busy (I have an excellent street warrior-like double)?  Not sure how realistic MAX is when schlepping 2 kiddos, you know?  Are our destinations walkable? Or drive & park somewhere & walk? Not sure about strollers on MAX.

Visiting Portland: where to rent a babycarrier?

July 08, 2008

This is a unique question.  Let's help Eric and his visiting family find accomdoations for his time here:

My family will be visiting Oregon next month for the first time.  We have two kids, 3 and 6 years old.  Do you know of any place which rents babycarriers in Portland?  We plan to do a little hiking at Mt. St. Helens and the gorge.

Looking for some hikes in the area?  Check out:

If you feel like plugging your favorite Portland-area "kid-friendly" hiking trails, have at it!

A PDX hotel for in-laws?

October 18, 2007

It's wonderful that we have so many friends and family coming to visit us in Portland!  Michelle writes:

My in-laws are coming for a stay in November and they have asked me to book them a hotel room. We live in inner SE and I am wondering if any other urbanMamas have any hotels in the $80-$100 price range that they might suggest? I would so appreciate the help!

Where does your family stay?

September 17, 2007

urbanMamas and their families experience their fair share of guests visiting them in the Rose City.  But, where do they all stay?  Melissa emails:

I live in Sellwood/West Moreland area in a small old house that is filled to the brim with myself, hubby, stepsons, my 13 month old daughter, two dogs and an old cat. We don't have a guest room (the baby doesn't even have a room yet - she sleeps with us) and worse than that we only have one bathroom.

My parents are coming out to visit for a week in October. In the past they've done house swaps with people but it is starting to wear on them and they don't want to do it again. And the one serious drawback in my neighborhood is that there is no hotel, decent motel, or bed & breakfast.

So my question to the urbanMamas - where do you like to put up guests when you don't have the room? Can anyone recommend a decent place to stay that is close to Sellwood/West Moreland?

Help a mama on her first Portland visit

August 09, 2007

Casidy is planning a trip to Portland and has already check out tips from Portland in a Day.  Any tips on where to stay?

I'm a single mom planning on visiting Portland (and surrounding areas) end of August, with my 3yo son.  Any suggestions of good places to stay?  I'm looking for something really kid friendly: pools, parks, etc.  We're from Minneapolis, and this will be our first visit (with hopes of relocating), so any info is helpful at this point!

Portland in a Day

June 04, 2007

Emily is considering relocating to Portland.  What are some of your suggestions to get the best taste of Portland in a short visit?  She asks:

My family (me, husband, two boys aged 2 and 1) are visiting Portland next week to decide if we will relocate, and where we might like to live.  If you had one week in town, where would you visit?  We want to see some touristy stuff, but mostly get a feeling for the different areas/neighborhoods and what it would be like to live there with kids.  We will be staying in the Hawthorne area near Laurelhurst Park, but want to travel all over (even suburbs) within the confines of naps and 8pm bedtimes. :)  Parks for toddlers, strong coffee, sushi and brewpubs are of special interest.  I am hoping to really get a taste of the local Portland flavor.