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Baby & Children's Clothing Swap

Want to start out the new year by cleaning out your closet? Or, in this case, your child's closet? In the spirit of "reduce, reuse, recycle" and since you may already be considering passing along your kids outgrown clothes, come to the Naked Baby  clothing exchange.  It'll be similar to the Mamas Clothing Swap parties we've hosted in the past, except the focus is on children's clothing and it'll be hosted during the day.  We will have bins at the Milagros community room that will help the sorting.  The clothes will be separated by gender and size (by three month increments for the first year and a half and whole sizes thereafter).

When: 1.20.2008 at 3 pm
Where: Milagros Community Room
            5433 NE 30th Avenue
            Portland, OR 97211
What to bring: Your children's outgrown clothes; and something to carry away your goodies.  Presorting the clothes by gender and size will help speed up the process.  Any clothes left over will be donated.  Any suggestions for good donation possibilities?
RSVP:  Please RSVP in the comments and let us know what size(s) clothing you will be bringing so others can plan ahead.


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i'm there! i have all girls clothes in 2T and 18 months. i also have a bunch of unisex shoes (robeez, low-top converse, river sandals, etc...). i think i have some hats too. see you all there!

I'll be there! I'll be bringing boy's clothes from newborn to 2T. What a great idea!

You could donate leftover clothes to the Portland PTA Clothes Closet. It's housed at Marshall High School. I've volunteered there a couple of times through my son's school PTA. Low-income/families in need are enrolled there through their school's counselor or principal. They come to the clothes closet and get to pick out clothes for free. Last time I was there, they were really low on baby/little kid's clothes and shoes. I like the Clothes Closet because the clothes are absolutely free instead of just low-cost (Goodwill, Value Village) but the downside is that it's accessible only to families with kids in PPS.

I will be there with boys clothes newborn to 2T as well!

Count me in with infant girl clothes and 2T boy clothes. I could really use some size 5 boy clothes!

Great idea! Most of our clothes have been around the block a few times already, so I don't have much to trade, but I love the idea. I have donated a bunch of stuff to Insights Teen Parent program, and they are receptive and grateful for all I have dropped off in the past. They seem like a solid organization dedicated to helping teen parents get their feet under them and more.

I'll be there with 0-12 months girl clothes. I am so happy y'all organized this! I've been talking about doing this for months, but never would have gotten around to it.

I second the above ideas, about donating directly to the cause, rather than a second hand store. I give our surplus to my neighbor, who donates to a foster children program. Not sure of the name, but I can ask.

Children's Relief Nursery in North Portland is also a great place to donate any clothing, baby or maternity gear. Goodwill is just down the street from us, but since I've learned more about CRN over the last year or so, I try to make the extra trip down Lombard to drop things off there.

I will be there with baby girls 0-9/12 months, boys 3, 4, and 5T (and maybe some 6 thrown in), and probably shoes in the same size range (boys).

I'll be there with newborn boy clothes and a big range of girl clothes, probably mostly 12mo to 3T. Great idea!

I'll be there with girl's 3-12 month as well.

DHS is a good place to donate clothes. There is an office in N PDX.

I'll be there with girl's 3-12 month as well.

DHS is a good place to donate clothes. There is an office in N PDX.

Oh, and the reason why DHS is a good place to donate kids' clothing is often when a child goes into foster care, it's a crisis situation and they don't have clothing to last more than a day (often what they are wearing is what goes with them), so if it's off hours, etc., the caseworker person can just grab something for them.

i will be there boys 0-9

I'll be there, girls age 4, boys age 3. Thanks.

Sounds great! I have girls 0-6 months

Can't wait! I'll be there with boys 6-12 months clothes. Thanks for organizing!!

i have a ton of girls clothes from 0-6 months.

I'll be bringing 6-18mos size clothing, looking for 2-3T.

i will be there with clothes 0-9 months boy, 3-4 girl, 5-7 boy looking for 12-24 months boy and possibly more. Great idea!

How wonderful! I will be there with a bag of Newborn-2T boy clothes

Ummm, so for the Naked Party novices out here ... what are the ground rules? How much do you take? Is it first-come, first-grab? Or a more polite turn-taking thing? How does it all go down? Please inform ... I have bags of 3-12mo girls stuff in the basement ...

I aim to be there with whatever I haven't given away to friends (not much!). Likely 3-4T boys and some 18-24 mo. girl stuff. what i really want to know is when we're having the naked toy closet party? cause i've got some toys i'm ready top off and am sure you all have got some i would love to have :-) anyone?

Would love to show up and get some clothing as I'm carring my first. Is that OK? Would love to get some advice as well if anyone has gone back to work while daddy stays at home.

As for the how-tos of this thing, there are no formal rules. Our goal is casual, take what you need, do your best to leave something for others, hopefully find some jewels and lighten your load, you know? Bring it clean, be ready to place your own stuff in the size bins to keep it organized. That's about it. See you - and all those bags, Amy - there!

i'm hoping to be there with girls and unisex 0-12 months or so. i don't have a ton of stuff but i'd love to pass it along.

I will be there with lots of 0-6 month boys clothes to trade.Love this idea!

Count me in with girls' newborn through 2T clothes.

Awesome idea. I'll be there with boy's clothes from newborn to 6 months.

I will be bring boys clothing newborn to 2T.

Sounds like such a wonderfull idea! I'll be there with unisex newborn and girl 0-6mos stuff, plus hat's socks etc. see you there!

I plan to come with 9-18mo boy clothing and some various "foot wear"~can't wait!

I would like to attend. I would be bringing girls clothing and shoes from 2T to 4T

I will be there with clothes sized up to 2T for little girls. Can't wait!

I'll be there with newborn-2T boys and 0-6 month girls. This will be my first time...looking forward to it!

This is such a wonderful response! We are definitely looking forward to hosting this.

If you can't make this January event, we are hosting a kids clothing in February with PDX Swap. We will post details on that when they are available.


Tony and Jen

I'll be there with some girl 12-18 mo and boy 4T. Looking for girl 3T and boy 6.

I will be there with 3-12month boys clothes. Looking for 12months and over.

I will be there hopefully! I have baby girl clothes and I like to donate to Insight teen parenting over on Powell.

i'm planning on coming (love this idea!) with infant - 2T boys and some 4 girls. I'm hoping for some 5 or 6 girls??

I'll be there with infant girl clothes, as well as some 3,4 yr old girl clothes. thanks! Alexandra

As our twins are only 2.5 months old, we'll have lots of stuff up to 3 months for boys. Looking forward to meeting you seasoned Mamas.

i have newborn - 6mos boy clothes, plus some unused G-diapers and some blankets. hope to get some boy 3-6mos clothing. see you there!

I am also carrying my first (due in 6 weeks!!) and would like find some infant items- namely socks, booties, and hats. We don't know what the gender is so I'm willing to donate some obvious blues and pinks in return for more gender neutral pieces.

We will be bringing 3-12 month clothes and socks to share. My basement will be so much cleaner.

I'll be there with boys clothes newborn-2t. great idea!

I will be there with 0-6 months for boys and my friend Angie will have 0-3 months for girls. Thanks for organizing.

Cool! I'll be there with boys clothing up to 24mo or 2T and some shoes in the 4-6T range.

I will be bringing girls stuff up to 12mths and some boys things, mostly 3T. See you all there.

I'll be bringing boy items newborn to 12 months. Thank you!!!

I will be there with boys cloths, 12 months to 4t. I really need boys cloths in size 5 and 6!!!!!!

Just got this one from my mama group. I will be there with girl clothes 6 mos - 2T.

As for donations, Yolanda House of the YWCA helps women and children fleeing domestic violence start over.

this is a bit last minute for an rsvp, but i'm coming! looking for girl's 2T +, have some girls 6 months thru 18 months. thanks!

I had such a great time and got so many cute items! Thank you so much for putting this all together!

I went to the clothing swap today and was surprised to see so many mamas and so many great clothes to choose from. As a stay at home mom there is a tiny budget for clothing so this really helped me out. The only thing I found disappointing was that there were a handful of women who parked themselves in front of the baby girls clothes and made it impossible to even get a change to look through the majority of the baby girl clothing.As I looked around the room I noticed many mamas helping each other find the sizes they were looking for, and I even met a few expectant moms and exchanged phone numbers with one of them because I have a large bag of newborn clothes I am going to pass on to her. The point is it was a fantastic idea, a great way to meet other moms, and everyone including myself ended up leaving with some great treasures. With that said maybe next time we can all make room for each other and it would just have a better vibe overall. I am looking forward o the next swap and I think a toy/baby gear is a fantastic idea.

We have another baby swap scheduled at Milagros on February 16. We are hoping to do one every month - who doesn't need to pinch some pennies?

You can find the details on the next swap here:


Quick update: This was a HUGE success and plenty of mamas suggested another, so stay tuned ina few months. Also, we ended up with loads of extra baby clothes which we are busily donating to local non-profit programs that assist parents with a range of issues, including free clothing. Thank you everone for your suggestions of places that take baby clothes, they were very helpful and we called them all.

why not try Wee Shop, Kids Swap online!

Visit the website http://weeshopkidsswap.info

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Hi....Can anybody please please help me Iam a single mom with twins boy and girl babies and a Teen girl and a young girl age 7 and Iam in much much much need of clothes Can anybody please help send clothes to us we need them badly Iam trying my hardest to give them clothes here is my email address please email me lsandmpforever@yahoo.com we need people to send help please we need sizes newborn to toddler boy and girl clothes likes dresses and skirts and jeans and shorts and any teen girls clothes I have a tall daughter needing clothes Please we need your help please...Thank you and God bless

Sounds wonderful...count me in! I have girls clothes up to 2T!

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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