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Support one, support all: Mama groups

I've written a lot on my personal blog about mamas' groups, and how much I love them. How they've been my lifeline many a time. It's hard, you know? Being a mama. It's simultaneously isolating and stifling; it brings all your hiddenmost issues to the surface, changing your skin from calloused to transparent in an instant.


Though I have all you, and we get together a lot, and I have my friends to hang out with on holidays and birthdays and knitting days, I don't really have a group right now. And I feel like I need one -- and I know lots of you need one too.

While you all might be organizing groups offline, it's  likely many of you haven't the time or energy to coordinate. And putting together a bunch of groups individually (while it's certainly a goal) seems daunting. So what about just setting a time and a place and having those who can come, come, and separate into little groups? As I see it we need:

Sunday afternoons are my time (my husband gives this as a gift to me), and I'm hoping those of you who are co-parenting could arrange something with your partners; and single mamas and daddies might be able to coax a friend or relative to play with the children for a while. Let's just try and see how it goes; every other week I'll announce the meeting places for the next two weeks (and put them on the calendar); and if you can come, great.

This Sunday (today!) I'll be at Gladstone Coffee at SE 38th and Gladstone (btw Powell and Holgate). I won't really expect anyone but come if you can. Next Sunday, at Twisted on 23rd and Broadway. It's not huge, so if many of you mamas are available, we'll have to spread next door to Costello's.

If you have a better idea, or want to make some suggestions for how this could work, leave 'em in the comments!


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Thanks for trying to organize this, I don't really have a mama's group right now and am yearning for one also. I am single mama so I would love to hook up with more single mamas out there. One idea, maybe occasionally (once a month?) you could hold it at a kid friendly place like Urban Grind and we could come with the wee ones---It makes for more distracted conversations but some of us have very limited babysitter possibilities. I won't be able to make it today, but I hope to meet up with you all next week!

We have a pretty successful single-mother-by-choice group that started grass roots, partially on urbanMamas. We get together once per month, but we are doing it with the kids, since being a single mom kind of necessitates that most of the time. I would be interested in some non-kid events, but I know most of us single moms have child care issues and not lots of money for babysitting. Anyway, anyone interested in our group, email me and I will give you our yahoo group information.

Also, we started a Jewish Mama group out of uMamas, and it has really been successful. Also contact me if you want to join up with us...we also have a yahoo group! As you can probably tell, I am into organizing, and into yahoo groups!


Thanks, Sarah, I will most likely attend one of your planning get togethers. Sounds like a great idea!

Maybe we could have people RSVP w/ how many children they would have in tow...And we could all pool our funds for childcare. I have a couple of almost teen-age nieces that are terrific 'mommies helpers'.

I love this idea! I don't think I can join in the next couple of weeks, but I do love the thought that you all will be and I can just show up any ol' Sunday.

My girls & I love twisted and have spent a few summer afternoons there.

Be sure to keep us informed on where you'll be next, Sarah!

Perfect timing! I posted an entry on the "Careers for Moms returning to Work" thread offering to get a group started, and heard from one person. This may be a perfect way to get it started. Is there generally a time that you have selected more specifically than "afternoon"? I'll see what I can do come to a future Sunday!

Also, if anyone's interested, but unable to make Sundays, I'm going to start a Mamas-exploring-career-options kind of group - we'll figure out what we want it to look like as we go along, but I'm thinking of an opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, provide feedback, maybe have some periodic speakers, etc. Feel free to contact me separately at salexuel@mac.com

What a wonderful idea! Seconding Salexuel, did you have a particular time of afternoon in mind?

These are really wonderful support group ideas. Support groups do wonders for those who are going through hard times, and knowing you have each other to count on is imperative. I feel thats why the A&E show i work with, Intervention, is so important. It demonstrates how difficult addiction can be for all who are surrounded by it. They work with a team of highly qualified specialists and address all the core issues. You ladies should see for yourselves Dec 3rd at 9pm or take a look at http://www.aetv.com/intervention for more info. Its a rarely captured window into the lives of those battling such crippling illness' like drug, alcohol, and anorexia addictions.

I would love to come this Sunday at Twisted. What time?

Hey let me know when the next meeting time and dates are. For a book group I would like to suggest Pontoon by Garrison Kellor.

Wasn't able to make it last Sunday, but I'd be very interested in a book group...

hey cafemama-
I was wondering if Twisted 12/23 was still on? I will try to make some of it- maybe I can rearrange a couple things to be there. I am a single mama and would really like to connect w/ other moms that are raising kids solo. If I cant make it this Sunday I am very interested in future Sundays.

twisted 12/23 is still on! I can't promise single mamas will be there but we'll put out a special call :)

Elizabeth, you can also email me privately if you want more single mama group info.

Debby, mousecat86@aol.com

I will also try to come to one of these gatherings. Not sure about this week, but I'll try (no one to watch the kid!).

Is this group still meeting in January?

Are these meetings still happening?

Just to let you know, if any of you is also thinking about starting a group for the wellbeing of your mental health, check out www.mysoulsupport.org - it is a new startup that is changing the way we deal with our issues.

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