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Kindergarten: Raise your hand if you're scared!

If you haven't noticed my eldest son, Everett, is starting kindergarten in 10 days, well, you probably have noticed. I'm terrified and excited and nervous and thrilled all at once. A friend a few neighborhoods over emailed, hoping to get together with some other prospective kindergarteners at Abernethy to quell her son's fears -- but Everett's going to Grout! I'd love to meet some to-be-newbies in my own neck of the woods. I wonder how many other mamas are equally nerve-wracked.

Is your oldest child starting kindergarten this fall? Or are you a recent transplant with a child entering a new school where you know next to no one? Or are you the parent of a transfer student? Please pipe up if you'd like to meet other like-minded fellow mamas and kiddos; where is your little one starting school this year?


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We moved here from San Francisco this summer. My 7 yr old is starting at Lewis and my 4 1/2 yr old twins are going to Belmont Academy. I'm having new school jitters. Both schools seem fine but I was so in love w/their old schools ...

Hi, we just moved here from Marin County ( Northern Cal). It is just me and my 5 year old son. He is starting at Portland French School and we do not know anyone. I am nervous about Kindergarten for him at this new school because he attended a Waldorf school last year. I would love to meet any parents from Portland French school or our neighborhood ( we live near Raleigh Elementary)

my daughter is going to a new infant-toddler montessori school called beansprout. i think that enrollment is full right now but if an assistant is hired there might be more space soon-ish. the teacher has done a beautiful job of setting up the classrooms. i lived in an infant-toddler montessori school house for two summers while my husband directed a school outside of chicago so i had pretty high expectations about the physical setting--and it's great. but of course i'm nervous just like everyone who is sending their child off to kindergarten.

lori--i know of a family who works at belmont academy and they are great. a very nice, intelligent, caring family. good luck and enjoy!

I am mostly excited. My son feels so proud to have moved "up the hall" in his Waldorf school from a preschool to a kindergarten room. I'm trying to figure out how to get a portrait of him on his first day without embarrasing him...he embarasses easily. I am going to miss his old teacher tremendously, though. It will be really hard to leave him in a classroom that is NOT Ms. Susan's room. Well-I guess I am nervous!

My 5 year-old-son and I just moved here this summer from The Dalles. He will be attending Helen Gordon and is very apprehensive.
We live in near Grout and would love to meet other moms. We know next to no one.

We moved here in May from a small town in NW Washington where my five year old knew nearly everyone in his age range. He will be starting Kindergarten at Hollyrood and we don't know anyone there. Any families in the 'hood want to hook up at the Kindergarten picnic on Friday?

He is excited, especially about taking the bus. We are excited too, a little nervous, a a little nostalgic about our baby boy growing up.

My son will be starting Kindergarten at Irvington Elementary. I am very nervous, but he is a very out going child. I think he will do fine, I am mainly worried for myself. I may have a minor breakdown!

My son is starting kindergarten at Winterhaven -- he's a sensitive kiddo so I'm nervous for him, but I think I'm more nervous than he is. He's going to be great, but I'm going to be a puddle.

SuzanneLynn, I'm curious about beansprout --any more information?

Kristin--BeanSprout Montessori is a new infant-toddler program. Right now there are 4 children, hopefully more later when the head teacher hires an assistant. For this year she is running it out of her home and it looks great. For next year, she will be looking for a space outside of her home. She is AMI trained with infant-toddler certification. All day programs, half day, extended day programs are available. It is in NE. I'm really excited, it should be great!

Lori, I entered my daughter into Belmont Academy 5 years ago when we moved to Portland from Atlanta. We love it there. She completed K and 1st grade at Belmont Academy, is currently a 5th grader at Glencoe, but still spends afterschool and summers at Belmont. In fact, our public school choices were driven in part by my desire for her to continue at Belmont for afterschool. Welcome! It's a great place to be.

Today was our first day of school, and the whole building was charged with such excitement! Even though Philly was entering 2nd grade, and not kindergarten, she was still a bit nervous about being in a new classroom with new friends. We shared extra hugs and she told me that she wanted to hide in the big boxes that were collecting all the school supplies. Big hugs and a quick goodbye later, it looked like she settled into her new classroom, excited but nervous.

A big welcome to any families out there with little ones starting at Sabin (it's in NE) this week. If you hang out on the playground after school, I'm sure I'll meet you soon. My son is in third grade this year, and we love this school.

Trisha, my daughter went to Helen Gordon for preschool and loved it. The teachers,staff and kids are amazing. I can't say enough about the school. My daughter is now about to enter kindergarten at the Creative Science School. Any other CCS families out there?

Our child also loved Helen Gordon preschool! They do a great job too of creating a nice community for the parents and teachers to share information and get to know eachother through social events.

Our 4-year old is starting the Pre-Kindergarten at Humboldt next week and wavers between being excited and scared. Fortunately, we have met a couple other kids from the class already so that has helped him feel more comfortable with the idea. We would love to meet other future Humboldt students though if there are others out there.

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