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New Seasons Pick Up Delivery Service

We've had several readers rave lately about being fans of New Seasons pick up / delivery service.  Is it really the better than sliced bread?  Any other happy shoppers?  Courtney's rave:

I am not sure if it is proper to rave about one of urbanMamas sponsors, but I wanted share how much I love New Seasons on-line shopping. I have shopped this way six times in the last three months and each time I like it more. I have a very active 2-year-old who wants to "help" at the store or only ride in the "car cart". Sometimes it is fun; sometimes it is not. After a particularly active shopping trip, I tried on-line. I have used the "pick up" option at Concordia (NE 33rd) and Arbor Lodge (N Interstate). The pick up option is $4.99, delivery is $9.99. The first three orders I got free products (ice cream, jam, chips and salsa) that covered the cost of the service. The personal shoppers stick to the list, the produce and deli items look good, and the substitutions (if you want them) have been appropriate. It has made my life as a working mom less stressful.

The few glitches are usually mixes ups on my part. For example, bananas are an each item rather than by the pound. So my first order had one banana, a very nice banana, but just one. I might be the only person that doesn’t really know how much a pound or half pound is in bulk, but maybe not? Since I didn’t, it meant I got fewer raisins or yogurt covered pretzels than I thought I would. But now I know three-fourths of a pound is what we need. I don’t always remember to update the basket when adding or deleting an item (especially if using a past order). When I forget, I might get two of something or nothing of something else.
To get going, the best trick is to do "quick start". On your next trip to the store, give your phone number (account number) to the cashier before paying. This will upload everything you just bought into your account. Then sign up on line and get shopping. My small complaints mainly relate to the website configuration. First, you can only pick favorites one at a time, rather than an entire order. Second, favorites are organized alphabetically, while past orders and quick starts are in the grocery categories. I personally look for Bonnie Doone Big House White under wine, rather than ‘B’. I mentioned this to the customer service people and they took my comments to heart and will talk to the web people. All of the phone and in person service has been great.
Happy Shopping!

Here is Susan's review:


I'd been saying for days that I needed to get to the market, but trying to get there around my 8 month old's schedule of naps, nursing,daycare and work just wasn't happening.  Finally, I caved in & suggested we look into the New Seasons on-line grocery service. I am HOOKED.  We put in our order on Tuesday evening, and stopped at our local store on the way home from daycare on Wednesday.  The baby fell asleep on the way, and we never had to wake her.  You park in the designated spot, call in or press the button, and the store manager brought our groceries out to our car!!  What I liked best was that I could attach notes to various items (such as asking for a preferred cut of meat, or asking for them to be packed in two-packs, or even specifying green bananas).   It felt terribly self-indulgent, I admit, but for $4.95 extra on a $90 grocery bill, it was soooo worth the time.   I don't think I'll use it all thetime, but what a time saver.


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We've never looked forward to getting groceries. Usually, it's a 2 hour chore, not including the time & energy to carry the groceries inside and put them all away. I've never enjoyed grocery shopping, and so for us, the New Seasons delivery service was just what we were looking for. We'd already been doing all our shopping at New Seasons, and when we were given a coupon for a free delivery, we decided to check out the online grocery shopping. What's nice is that you can give the checker your phone number to sign yourself up initially, and then when you go online later, the shopping trip you made at the time you gave them your phone number is already there, so you have a grocery list to go by. For us, we purchase many of the same items on a weekly basis, so all I needed to do was make some adjustments in order to get my order submitted for a delivery. The search engine on there is great, and I didn't have any problems finding the items I needed. The woman that delivered our groceries did an excellent job picking out quality produce, and we didn't have any complaints. She even threw in a half gallon of Arden's organic strawberry ice cream to thank us for our first order.

Honestly, I don't know how they really make money off this, but just providing this as a community service I think is great. We're expecting another baby, and I remember when we had our first that going grocery shopping was extremely stressful. I felt rushed, because I knew our baby would need to nurse at any moment, and I would have to stop what I was doing to nurse or change a diaper. There are many people in the community that aren't able to do grocery shopping for whatever reason, and New Seasons has a top notch website for ordering your groceries online, and the delivery fee is minimal (I think right now it is $9.95). The delivery person we had was super friendly, and carried all our groceries up to our front door, showed us items she made substitutions for products they were out of, and called us a few days later to follow up on our order and experience.

We've decided that it is worth it to use this service, and plan to do so from now on. I would highly recommend it to anyone!


I can't say enough good things about this service. It's always an easy pleasant experience and my children now look forward to the nice delivery people who they've gotten to know a little. They also throw in free products now and then if they don't have something that we ordered. Another plus, all the delivery vans run on biodiesel.

These are great reviews and I loooove New Seasons, but maybe I'm in the minority: I love going to the grocery store! I love taking my 12-month-old and wheeling him around the store. I guess ask me again in another year when he starts grabbing stuff off shelves.

I'm so glad to see this post, as I too am a huge fan of this service. Every time I do the pick-up, I call before I leave the house; after I've notified them I'm in the parking lot, it's NEVER taken more than 2 minutes for them to wheel the groceries out. In fact, I posted about this service on my blog back in January, so if you're interested, my original comments are here (along with a funny story about the Lotion Thief):


Please note that New Seasons made fixes to their site since I posted about the missing QuickStart link. In fact, they're really great about taking your feedback. Be sure to refer a friend to get free pickup or delivery for yourself!

we were a test address for this service. i ised it literally 3x/wk day for about 4 months. i will send my LOVELOVELOVE to anji presslar at the arbor lodge store. they truly are the friendliest store in town -- from the checkers to the meat counter cuties to the wine helpers.

I really love grocery shopping too, and am dreading the arrival of the day when my toddlin' child decides not to be so patient on a grocery run. When that day arrives, we'll definitely try one or both of these services out. Thanks for the recommendation.

I also just tried the home delivery service and *loved* it. It was definitely worth $10 to have groceries arrive on my doorstep instead of the usual hour plus long process with 2 little kids (as we're 15 minutes away from New Seasons.) As a previous poster said, there are good shipping trip days and bad shopping trip days... I was happy to have more time to do something else with my day. My only problem was my husband who groused that shopping with kids wasn't that bad and we'll spend more money by not shopping around.

I definitely love in-person grocery shopping, but - when we are running on empty for a few days straight - the pick-up or delivery options are great for our two-working parent family. Wanting to make the most of the free service New Seasons had given us as a trial, I think I waited two months for the perfect time to use it, a week when we had been away for the weekend and when we had a school or other event every day of the week.

I've done online shopping before, from the early days of Urban Fetch and Kosmos to Safeway.com just 1-2 yrs ago. I have been disappointed previously by subsitutions and produce choices (wilty lettuce and bruised bananas!), so I had my hesitations about ordering non-packaged goods online. When I got my order, which included several produce items, I was happy that my produce was *just* like what I'd pick out for myself!

What I like about New Seasons' website is that there is so much info for each item, including stuff like 'price per unit'. It makes it really easy to compare prices of items, which is something we do often.

The customer service can't be beat. When I walked in to pick-up my order, I snacked on the samples (organic strawberries) of the day while the staff told me about which items they were out of and made sure I didn't have any questions about the order. When I got home, I saw that they included some Arden's strawberry ice cream as a special treat. They also gave me me a follow-up call to make sure the order was ok when I brought it home.

The one thing I wish they could do is somehow re-use grocery bags. Could they use their own New Seasons canvas bags that we could pay a deposit for and return on our next visit/order with New Seasons?

While I'm still going to want to shop in person regularly, I think this service is perfect and well-worth it for our family on occassion.

I also love the new New Seasons website. Tons of info on nutrition, recipes, current efforts (re: the bottle bill, support for local farmers), and events/classes.

LOVE it. My only 2 small complaints were taken care of quickly. 1. broccoli with bugs 2. I ordered a case of wine. They only had 11 bottles and so didn't get the case discount. They corrected it on my n ext order and refunded the broccoli to my account. GOOD deal. The reason that they benefit from doing this is that it assures that you shop there and not elsewhere. It pays off for them in the long run.

Wonderful, wonderful service!!

Olivia ~

I spoke with New Seasons re: reuse of bags. The "green team" is already thinking about it and a deposit for canvas bags is one idea.

Wow! Thank you all so much for giving our Online Shopping service a try, and for posting such honest, genuine feedback on Urban Mamas. I love to know what people think about our service, and it’s great to hear that for the most part, everyone’s very happy.

When we were in the planning stages for Online Shopping, we hoped that local families with young kids would discover the value of this service. It’s so nice to know that we’ve been able to help save some of you time in your busy lives, and bring a little piece of New Seasons Market to you. I hope that you’ll all continue to let us know how to improve and adapt our service to meet your changing needs as your families grow. Please don't ever hesitate to contact me directly with any comments, questions or concerns. I can be reached at sadiem@newseasonsmarket.com

I’m so impressed with the Urban Mamas community, and the sharing of ideas, information and opinions on this blog. Thanks for letting New Seasons Market be a part of it, and for sharing your feedback with each other and with us! And Happy Mothers’ Day!

Sadie Morrison
Online Shopping Operations Manager
New Seasons Market

I just used the New Seasons pick-up service again last week, and I loved it. There was a question about one thing in my order, and they called me to verify. They also let me add in some ice cream at the very last second. They helped me load up all the bags into our bike trailer.

The greatest thing is that we got more free treats, this time some Emerald Valley salsa and Kettle tortilla chips. Yay!

I used the pick up service for the first time this weekend and I'm a big fan! My husband's out of town and even though it's blocks away from the house, shopping with two kids and low-car is fairly challenging. I love the freedom and flexibility of grocery shopping from your computer at midnight. I could peruse at my leisure.

One thing I would do differently is let them know that I would be transporting the groceries by foot to reduce the number of bags used. Otherwise, the customer service is fantastic, and the free Alden's Strawberry Ice Cream was such a nice treat (I could eat the whole tub by myself). I am such a fan!

Gotta plug it again.... I received an email with a free delivery/pick-up promotion, and I said, "Why not?" With my order, I got a free jar of preserves. I really enjoy the pick-up service. It works like a charm and I can just ride our bike into the parking space, push the "pick up" button, and they come right out and help me load the stuff into the trailer.

We recently heard from Sarah at New Seasons and they are still trying to get folks to try the service.

If I refer a friend, you get a free delivery or pick-up, so if you're interested, drop me a line -- olivia.rebanal@gmail.com and I'll send you a free one! As added incentive, we've gotten free gifts with every order, and I'm thinking you'd get the same.

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