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urbanMamas policy or r.e.s.p.e.c.t.

We have been talking about writing this for ages, and we finally came up with something on which we all agreed.


urbanMamas was created as a place for the frank and open exchange of opinions, information, and support for parents living in and around Portland, Oregon. We welcome readers and commenters to interact freely as long as you follow our two cardinal rules: treat others with respect, and be honest. We reserve the right to delete comments we feel are harsh and judgmental of one another; however, we support healthy debates given they follow rules #1 and #2. Please know that the opinions expressed here are opinions of a vast and diverse set of individuals, and treat them as such.


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I LOVE this photo. I think someone should work it into a new masthead for the site!

Thank you all for starting this site. I may not comment often but I read all the time and I appreciate the effort you all put into the ongoing community we have here. And I second the thought on that photo, great shot.

I was told about this site by someone in my area and I am glad to have the time to visit it. My purpose is 2 fold. My first and primary is to find some other mamas in my area to have some fun with and give my 15month little boy some friends. Frankly he is sick of me. My husband and I just moved here from a tour of the east coast and athough the last 7 years has been fun I am glad to be back in this part of the country. We both have crazy schedules as we both work and since I am a yoga teacher my hrs are funky so finding people to share kiddos with and just some hang out time is a bit rough. I am in the process of starting my own buisness as well and the challenges of getting that together, working and chasing my energizer bunny of a boy can get me dazed and confused. I live up in St Johns and could not be happier with our community there. It is my greatest joy about being back on the west. There are people trying to create community all around, because we all know " it takes a village to raise a child. " I hope to be able to participate in any upcomming events and maybe make some friends for both junior and myself.

Seeking PT In Home Child Care in SE PDX

I'm a 2 year old girl with a 10 month old brother that I like to pick on. We are looking for a fun, energetic and wonderful nanny to spoil us with lots of treats my parents won't give us.

My parents have a flexible work schedule, so we'd like to talk with you to see if we can work together.

We take long naps, like to walk to the park and aren't picky eaters.

Please email us - Cheers......

I am the proud mama of a nine month old baby girl an am always looking for new ways to connect with other mamas. I have been making art my whole life and since Tallulah's birth I couldn't remember the last time i picked up my knitting needled or turned on my sewing machine....now that she's a bit older and sometimes takes a nap I am finding my way back. This recent shift inspired me to begin teaching craft classes at the DIY lounge at Collage on Alberta St. in NE.The idea is to have an 90 minute class where mamas can bring their babies, connect with each other, share, and leave with a finished project in their hands.I am committed to continue to be a stay at home mom and this will allow me to do so and wake up my creative side at the same time. If this sounds like something you would be interested in check out the calendar at diylounge.com. the classes are called MAMA CRAFT-O-RAMA!!!!!

On a completely different note- for the last few months my babe has not slept for more than an hour at a time. This started after months of sleeping a minimum of 6 hours at a time. I was told sleep patterns can change around six months but I never thought to this extent. Is anyone else going through this...any suggestions?????

sorry for the typos...sleep deprivation has taken its toll.

Hello to all the Mamas out there - especially you musical mamas! My name is Carol Harley and I am in a MountainGrass band called the Misty Mamas. Now, I know the first thing you are thinking is..."hmmm I want to see a picture of them and I want to hear their music...." Well, lucky you, our website is www.mistymamas.com

We are an off-shoot - AND - got our name from the very popular local Americana band called Misty River. http://www.mistyriverband.com

However, we are unlike Misty River in that we are much wiser and have more insurance than they do!! LOL

I found this site by accident while looking up infor for the Kruger Farm's Concert Series for summer 2008.

I simply could NOT leave this website without saying "hello" and urging any of you musica mamas out there to consider a new hobby...... making music with other mamas.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd LOVE to schedule a Misty Mamas performance at one of the UrbanMamas.com events. What do you think of that?

Who should I contact directly for more information?

Carol Harley
Misty Mamas
1111-B NW 131st Way
Vancouver, WA 98685
(360) 576-7676

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