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Sunriver Resort: A great getaway?

We've got some family coming into town for Spring Break, and the Kids Rule special at Sunriver Resort caught our eye. We're looking for a low-key time, a place to enjoy the Pacific Northwest (my inlaws are coming in from New York), a place where we can enjoy some fun activities as a family. Have you been to Sunriver Resort? What do you think of the accomodations? What about the activities? Did you find it too resort-y -- needlessly overpriced activities or amenities?


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I think you will have a great time at sunriver. I would say that the best thing there is the bike riding! There are tiny little traffic signs with paved bike trails running miles and miles.

The activities are no more expensive than everywhere else, although the horse back riding can get kind of spendy. There are canoe rides at the resort or you can set up a rafting trip (which I love to do). If it's warm enough, the pools are great for the kids. You will be happy renting a house in sunriver...most of which come with hot tubs and bikes (also bbq's). All of the houses are designed in a similar way with vaulted ceilings & lots of wood accents. The 'city planning' was ingenious. When you are in any house and look out, and from the back deck, you dont notice any of your neighbors. It is located about 1/2 hour drive from Bend and close to Mt. Bachelor. All I've got to say is good luck with the Abbot Circles...you'll know what I mean when you get there!

I've been there several times -- before I had kids, with groups of friends or coworkers. Usually in the off-season. And I've always loved it. The houses sleep lots of people and are comfy, and there are usually tons of bikes, snowshoes, etc in the garage for you to use. If not, it's easy to rent. The area is beautiful. There's lots of hiking, great bike trails, snowshoeing and x-c skiing nearby in the winter. My siblings are also on the east coast, and we're planning to start having an annual cousins meetup. Sun River is on the top of our list for our West Coast location.

And it's true -- the Abbot Circles (traffic circles) are completely confusing. It takes a while to get your bearings, and is easy to get lost when you first find your house.

We are headed there for a family reunion this summer. They have huge houses (compared with what was left at Black Butte, our other option) so we went with them. Both Black Butte and SR are great for families and for weekends away.

We were there two weekends ago for a conference Noel attended. We stayed in one of the Lodge Village Suites, at the conference rate of $179/night, I think it was too expensive for what we got. With a 3.5 y.o. and a newly crawling 9 m.o., it wasn't a very workable option with the loft beds and the open staircase and open railings upstairs. The beds were so incredibly uncomfortable and I felt the linens and pillows were low quality too. It was nice to have a full kitchen and it had everything we needed, but no oven, not that I was wanting to bake. The decor was cheesy and outdated, but the view out the sliding doors onto the porch was fabulous. There was a lot of snow, so the golf course looked stunning and we could see mountains in the distance.

We couldn't use many of the perks of Sunriver because of all the snow and we were too far from the mall to walk to dinner or the store. I wish we had rented snowshoes the instant we got there so we could have walked out our door to play whenever we wanted. You can rent ski and snow stuff at one of the stores in the mall. In fact we were encouraged to rent our ski stuff there the night before we went to Mt. Bachelor b/c the lines there can be long (supposedly) but when we went on a Friday at 11 we were the only ones.

I had hopes of booking a massage and hitting the gym everyday at the spa, but it didn't work out. The only indoor pool is inside the spa. There are outdoor hot tubs scattered throughout the resort.

My advice is to get a house or at least a condo, bring all your food with you (or at least stop in Bend, the grocery store at Sunriver is expensive and limited), and be prepared to roll with the weather. We went to a pizza spot in the mall at Sunriver and they were friendly & kid-friendly and had cheap pitchers of good beer. We also tried to go to the Owl's Nest at the lodge - they were not friendly or kid-friendly, so we got our food to go, and it was horrible.

We went skiing at Mt. Bachelor while we were there. It snowed quite a bit and none of the roads were plowed, it was scary getting there and getting back. I think it took us over an hour to get back. The daycare at Mt. Bachelor is really nice and the folks are wonderful - they took great care of Otto. Kate says next time she wants to go to daycare!

At one point, we decided to just drive around and through Sunriver (I think if you've navigated the roundabout at 39th in Laurelhurst you'll have no trouble with the circles) and it was really nice. I'd say maybe 10% of the houses were occupied and the snow made it pretty. Plenty of people were out skiing and snowshoeing, and there's even a "sledding facility." The place is ginormous. Definitely drive out to the marina, airport, and stables, it's very pretty and some is right along the river.

I am looking forward to going back during the summer, either with my whole family or maybe with another family. It would be fun to have bikes and go swimming, fishing, and hiking. I'm concerned it's packed in the summer though?

I agree - we went this past summer with our family when our little guy was only 4 months old; it was great to rent a house that was nicer than we have here. We bought groceries in Bend and brought DVDs. My hb and I went out for a nice dinner in Bend on our own, but mostly we cooked for ourselves. Many of the restaurants in the mall deliver! I would recommend seeing about renting a house through someone other than the Sunriver Resort directly, since you can sometimes get a better deal. There are several companies that do rentals there.

We've stayed there with our kids (ages 3 and 6)for 4 to 5 days in March for the last three years. Twice we rented a house through the resort and once we found one on Craigslist. We loved it every time. I definitely recommend a house, especially with little ones. Our three favorite activities were bike riding, skiing/tubing and the High Desert Museum. There's plenty to keep you busy in the winter. Usually by March there hasn't been much snow, and one year they even opened the pool early because the weather was so nice. When renting through the resort we took advantage of their "stay two nights, get two nights free" deal which I don't see on their website, but I know is still available because I just checked. The deal doesn't apply to anything larger than a 2+ bedroom, but if you look carefully, some of the 2+ bedrooms are as big as the three bedrooms- usually they have a third room that doubles for sleeping like a loft or office. Without this deal it would be ridiculously expensive I think. You'd be better off going through Craigslist or another company, though you'd lose access to the spa and indoor tennis courts and pool....not so important in the winter.

My brother had been coming up to Sunriver for years from CA with his family, so I spent a lot of time in rental houses -- a great deal! As someone else mentioned, the houses are often equipped with bikes & hot tubs. In addition to renting through Sunriver, there are other property managers in the area.
My brother & SIL bought a house two years ago in SR & they rent it out through Bennington Properties. You can see pics of the houses before you rent.

Good to know that you can rent houses directly from owners and through agencies other than Sunriver Realty!

If you get in to Bend, there are 4 breweries there, and we made it to Deschutes. The food was very good (my husband had french onion soup that was fabulous), and of course, the beers aren't too bad either. The sampler there includes even their specialty beers, and it was the first time in a long time we had an Alt that we both agreed was great. They are kid-friendly, but it got really busy so go early.

Go! It's an excellent gettaway. We used to go there every year. Some of the rental houses were better then others, but never anything bad. We LOVED it. So relaxing. I'm trying to get my entire family to begin family vacations there... what fun. I can't wait. Excellent place to bring children, tons of bikes and outdoor fun.

I LOVE Sunriver. There's something for everyone and so beautiful. We're going next month for a week and we're SO excited because it will be our three-year-old daugher's first time. We got a great deal through Village Properties (http://www.village-properties.com/rentals/index.cfm), which rents homes in Sunriver. The deal is: "Spring 2 nights free - Reserve 4 nights and pay for 2 and receive 2 free when you stay between April 10th and June 12th. (Also works 6 for 3, 8 for 4 and so on)." So, we're paying for half the nights we're staying, which means we get a huge house for six nights for the same price we could pay for three nights at the resort. Woo hoo!!

Highly recommend Sunriver.

We go every year for about a week, in early sumemr! Its AMAZING! We have a timeshare...so I don't know about prices.... But the activities, oh the activities... From swimming, to hiking, bike riding, horse back riding (they have pony rides for kids), rafting, and on and on, you can stay entertained for days! Plus its beautiful and relaxing!

I grew up going there every summer as a kid and love that I still have the opputunity to go. Its great!!! Very Northwest!

There is also an amazing new spa close to the SunRiver Resort, AMAZING!!!!!

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