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Free Swim during Spring Break

Spring Break is coming up March 26 through 30th, and some of Portland's Pools are offering free swim lessons. We go to Dishman Pool and I picked up a flyer. Lessons will be held Monday through Thursday of that week at Dishman:

9:00 to 9:30 AM -- Goldfish, Penguin (Y), Otter (P), Seal (Y), Polar Bear (Y), Sea Lion (Y) 9:40 to 10:10 AM -- Aquaducks, Penguin (P), Seal (P), Dolphin, Adult Beginner 10:20 to 10:50 AM -- Goldfish, Penguin (P), Otter (Y), Seal (Y), Park Shark.

(Y is for "youth" ages 6 and up; P is for Preschooler ages 3-6)

Registration begins March 1, 2007; call 503 823 3673.

Does your pool offer free lessons during Spring Break? I do recall Dishman offering free lessons also during winter break.


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I'm pretty sure these free weeks (also done in June and December) are the training for the next session's instructors. My daughter did the Dishman December free class, and one day there were 6 instructors for her class of 5 kids!

I noticed that the past two classes for my daughter in the current session involved lots of instructors-in-training. I don't mind it much; it means a lower kid-to-instructor ratio in the pool. It actually works out well, I think!

Sounds great, but the one thing about dishman-they keep their (indoor) pool water kind of chilly...my kids definitely didn't like that.

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