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Mama and Me Knitting

The folks over at Sydney's Cafe have an idea. How about a mama-'n'-me knitting group every week? Are you interested? Of course, all mamas are welcome, regardless of whether their kiddies are knitting!What time would work best (considering the cafe closes at 6pm in the evenings)? Would 4 or 5 o'clock work one evening each week? A weekend time?


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Yes!!! I think that would be wonderful- I am available anytime.

weekends are better but i could do weekdays late in the afternoon, too... wednesdays or thursdays would be great!

I'm liking this idea. My baby and I just graduated from the Moms' Group so we're looking forward to seeking out another outting. My schedule is somewhat flexible so whatever day/time is best for everyone I'll work it out.

I love this idea, and I would favor a weekend time.

I'd love this, too. Weekends are better, but weekdays can work except for Mondays.

I've let folks know that weekends would work better for us. It'll probably be on Saturday mornings. I'll let yout know when our first stitch 'n' .... is!

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