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Knitting projects: art and charity

I had such a great time making two sweet little cabley baby hats for Caps to the Capital (which I haven't sent yet, because I'm a flake), and since I'm in a perpetual state of procrastination with the project I really need to be knitting (a baby blanket for my sister-in-law in Utah, due any day now), naturally, I'm casting about for new projects to occupy my day off.

Squarealongbutton Larissa's working on a book on knitalongs, so naturally her blog is the first place I turn for distraction. If you, too, are looking for something to do with your idle time and your sock yarn she has a great project up this week! It's a square-along, and you can register at her testalong sign through January 20 (you have 'til February 1 to finish and deliver your squares). She'll only use 20 squares for the book project, and all the rest will be knit up into blanket(s) for Warm Up America.

Procrastination, knitting and a good cause! What could be a more perfect use of my idle time these cold cold January days?


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Thanks Sarah! I hope some of you other mamas and pops will knit squares. We actually may use more than 20 for the book. It depends how much time we have left for sewing up before the book sample deadline. But we need every square we can get, and then as Sarah wrote they will all get sewn up and donated.

I haven't sent the knitted caps into Caps to the Capital yet, but our basket has quickly filled. I'll be sending them tomorrow from LilyToad if you have them done...and can make it over! LilyToad isn't open officially today, but I'll be there this afternoon....or drop me an email if you're headed over. Thanks....

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