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Friday Knights is TONIGHT!

Join the Sydney's family for a night of games, pizza, music and art projects.  It's a perfect time for mamas and papas of older kids to steel away for a few moments, a bite to eat or a drink on the town.

Friday Knights
Friday, January 19, 2007
7 to 9 PM
Kids 6 and up, $15 per child
Sydney's Cafe
1800 NW 16th Avenue, at Thurman
503 241 4313


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We can't make it tonight. Is this going to be a regular event. This would be perfect for us!

Oh, wait. Nope. Ages 6 and up. Oh, well.

We just got back from Friday Knights and our girls had a GREAT time. We had asked earlier today if our 3-year old could come, and they were very accommodating. There were about 5 other children there, so it was a really manageable group. There were all sorts of activities - art, puzzles, blocks, card games, board games. When we returned, the girls had done tons of art, including humongous poster size pieces, had made big paper hats, and were all playing a card game together. They had even had hot chocolate, crackers and apples. A great time was had by all.

I think in the future, Sydney's will be amenable to taking children younger than 6, perhaps ages 3 and up. I think their plan is to hold Friday Knights every month.

The girls can't wait for the next one!

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