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Sensory Integration Disorder: Support

Here's a question that arose from the original post Finding Preschools, Part 31 - Sensory Integration Disorder. Kirsten writes:

Does anyone know of any parent support groups for SID? Or a kindergarten option for a school which would be good for kids with SID? We are new to Portland, from Wisonsin, and are not very familiar with any elementary schools.


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I tried to send you an e-mail but it bounced back. My husband and I would be very interested in forming such a group to discover resources, etc. Please send me an e-mail if you'd like to discuss. I'd love to hear from other parents too.



I also do not know of a support group but I would be very interested in forming a group. My son in 2 years old and had SID


I'd like to participate in a support group also. I posted the original about finding a preschool, and have since found Growing Seeds North (amazing - lots of square footage per child, so my son gets the space he needs to be comfortable, and the staff is really supportive and knowledgable) and he's also in MESD therapeutic preschool 3x week.

I recommend that you look into MESD for your kindergartner (http://www.mesd.k12.or.us/doi/). Even if your child doesn't qualify for services it would be a great way to learn about different school programs in the city. They also have a booklet of parents who have experienced different issues with children and are willing to talk to other parents.


I would like to know if anyone can help me find a support group for us. My son is in 5th grade and very bright, but the sensory issues are getting him behind in his school work. He also just started having issues with the texture of his clothes, and I'm really in need of some help!! Since kindergarten, the teachers and the OT can't understand how he can be absorbing any information because he is not always focused, can't sit still, and is very disorganized. Now he's in 5th grade and he has been struggling with most of his academics. I will not do any meds, only self help and positive feedback and some exercise therapy. We live in St. Charles, Michigan, if there is anyone that can help me find some help, I would truely truely appreciate it sooooo much.
Please help.
Lisa from MI
Thank you

I have a 10 year old stepdaughter with SID. I love her but she is a challenge. I want to know about disciplining the SID child. How much is SID and how much is manipulation. She will not go to sleep until dad falls asleep with her. She will get up repeatedly and throw an uncontrollable tantrum.

My 10 year old daughter was born at 30 weeks and I feel she has SID. I cannot find anyone willing to take her as a patient without almost $2000 in testing! I am looking for resources I can use myself to help her. Classic symptoms - textures, sounds and smells hypersensitivity, difficulty focusing and very unorganized. She is going into 5th grade next year and school helps very little.

Have you all formed a support group or has anyone got information for Kaye re: sensory care that doesn't break the bank? We are wanting to have our 7 year old assessed but not sure where to start.

I would love to help form a support group for parents of kids with SPD/SID. Feel free to email me if you are interested.

Meg scheckyjo@comcast.net

Looking for a support group in Oakland county Michigan preferably Rochester area.
Willing to start a group if there are none in this area. New to Rochester so need help starting a support group if there are none.
Thank you.

I am looking for a support group in Oakland county, Michigan. I live in Birminham,Mi but would travel.

I am looking for a support group in Oakland county, Michigan. I live in Birminham,Mi but would travel.

My email didn't show up, it is cmr1087@gmail.com

SPD Portland Area Support Group Meeting (SPD = sensory processing disorder, kids with sensory challenges)

A newly formed support group for families with sensory challenges. Our second meeting is coming up (March 5th). If you are in the Portland metro area and know of a child with sensory challenges - please pass this information along.

Meeting Information:

Mark your calendars! Everyone's been talking about it - nutrition, enzymes, probiotics, neurotransmitters, food intolerances, gluten free, dairy free.... HELP! What do we do? How do we know what will work for MY child? How do we use these things to help our kids? What do we buy? How much do we give? Where do we start? Where do we get this stuff? What do we do!

Well, come find out. Dr. Sarah McAllister's here! A Pediatric Naturopath in Portland who can answer our questions - and more importantly, help our kids. Come find out all the practical information that can help your family daily.

March 5th, Thursday

7-8:30 pm

Advanced Pediatric Therapies

4444 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland

fine print:

be prepared to stay later than 8:30 - Dr. Sarah has agreed to stay later to answer questions (Thanks Dr. Sarah!)
Dr. Sarah can answer a lot of practical questions - she lives the life and is a great cook!
Remember, no kids at meetings
If you haven't been to a meeting, yet - No Worries! Low key, great time for sharing & learning, & hanging out with others who understand sensory challenges. And, Advanced Pediatric Therapies has a great sensory gym - if you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out.
Special thanks to Advanced Pediatric Therapies for donating meeting space and for Lynette Burke's time for opening/closing APT for us!
See you March 5th!

Teresa Denney (spdportlandoregon, tdenney24@verizon.net)

P.S. Help spread the word - send folks the link to the yahoo messageboard site, post on other messageboards. Let's help our kids, by starting the conversation.

This sounds great but is the group meeting any time before March or do you have a place online (facebook maybe) to talk to each other about things? Very interested. Mother to a 9 year old with sensory integration issues - defensiveness. s2adi@msn.com

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