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Prenatal Yoga

We've talked a little about Mommy Yoga Classes, but here's a topic that we haven't yet specifically covered here.  Hillary wrote:

I am newly pregnant and looking for some prenatal yoga classes. I'm a beginner to yoga. I see that both Yoga Bhoga and Moving Through Center have prenatal classes and wondering if you have any thoughts on if those are good places to start or other ideas.

I would say that, especially for pregnant mamas with who already have tykes, early Saturday morning prenatal yoga would be the perfect time slot.  Where have been your favorite classes for prenatal yoga?


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There's a sat am prenatal class at Zenana in SE.

I can't say enough about Yoga Pearl's prenatal class with Kelly. It's on Saturday morning (9:45-11) and another one on Wednesday (noonish?). For me this was a peaceful refuge to start the weekend and focus on my body and the little being inside. It also made me a much better mama when I got home to the other 2 kiddos.

Pasha and Nicole at Moving Through are nice and highly energetic. Be prepared for very yang and possibly very emotional yoga here. You may want to do *some yoga with them, and also do some somewhere else more relaxing and yin style.

I loved the prenatal classes at the Movement Center. www.mcyoga.com
It's a warm and inviting place - very claming. Drop in classes are only $10. The teachers are kind and always offer adaptations to accomodate growing bellies, aches & pains, etc. I had no back pain during my pregnancy and I chalk it up to once a week prenatal yoga!

I took prenatal (and now moms & babies!) yoga at Yoga Shala SE, on Division. Shana, aside from being a great yoga instructor, was incredibly thoughtful & built a great sense of community within the class. They have a Wednesday evening & Saturday morning class, check out www.yogashalapdx.com

I second the classes with Shana at Yoga Shala SE. I absolutely loved her classes. She had a way of making me thoughtful how each and everyday of my pregnancy was special. I can not recommend her highly enough.

I looked at a lot of different yoga schedules and I like that The Movement Center (just below Sandy on 31st) has three classes each week. For me, one or two is not enough to feel like I'm keeping up the momentum. The classes are all in the evening and one of them is later than I'd like but all the teachers are experienced and thoughtful and the space is really nice. Highly reccomended!

Shana's prenatal yoga class at the Yoga Shala is a fun, informative and helpful. I highly recommend it -- especially if it is your first pregnancy. She is very thoughtful and caring. She has prenatal classes on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning as well as a Moms and Babies class on Wednesday morning. She also has a class the first Friday of every month just for moms called RETURNING TO YOUR CENTER FOR MOTHERS. Go to yogashalapdx.com for more info. They have prenatal classes at their other location as well.

I have read and appreciated everyone's comments as I'm currently sampling prenatal yoga in Portland for the first time. This evening I tried the Movement Center, and did like it a lot. But the prenatal yoga (and another pregnancy exercise class, more an aerobics thing) I did in my last pregnancy (in another city) were a bit more to my taste in that they focused more tangibly on pregnancy--on doing different sorts of kegels, e.g., or various squats and positions good for labor. Can anyone speak a bit more specifically about whether any of these classes/teachers incorporate more "practical" pregnancy-related things like this? [I know, anyone can do kegels on their own at home!--but it was helpful for me to have the routine maintained in class...] Thanks!

There is also a new wellness studio on N. Mississippi that offers pre-natal classes:

The details are: Fridays @ 5:30 PM Pre-Natal Yoga w/Heather Butler. (This time may change to Saturday mornings, so check the website for updated info) Drop in price is $13.00 and class cards available for discounted classes.

Blue Sky Wellness Studio
3944 N Mississippi Ave
Portland,OR 97227

Zenana Spa & Wellness Center now has a 3rd weekly prenatal yoga classs Monday evenings (6-7pm). I'm excited about this because I worked with the teacher, E.B., during my last pregnancy. She's knowledgeable, compassionate and nurturing.

She's also doing a yoga therapy class for new moms struggling with transitions, though I'm not sure what day she's doing it.

Further, Zenana is a fabulous resource for all things pre/post natal & a beautiful place to relax & feel pampered.

There is a new prenatal class starting next Sunday October 12th from 2-3:30 at the peoples yoga on Alberta. It is a six week series that will give time to pelvic floor exercises(like kegels) and exhaling to push during labor. There will also be focus on strengthening and meditation for relaxation. Read more about it on thepeoplesyoga.org

Eden Schwartz teaches a fabulous prenatal yoga class at Matt Dishman Community Center, usually on Saturday mornings. The classes are really affordable.

She always starts with a check-in where you have the opportunity to share your pregnancy-related concerns and ask questions of the other mamas. She holds a great space for openness and bonding.

Additionally, she shared pregnancy-specific poses that would help with positioning of the baby, preparing for labor and for use in labor.

I took her yoga class throughout my pregnancy and now I'm in her Itsy Bitsy yoga class with my baby boy...so much fun!


I took prenatal yoga at Dishman Community Center. Not only was it a great yoga class, but it is an amazingly supportive community. I still regularly get together with the people from my class and our babies. It is also the most affordable prenatal yoga in town.

Thanks, all, for all of the helpful leads on prenatal yoga. I've checked out pretty much all of them--hoping to get a mix of different places on different days of the week. But most classes are offered either Wed or Sat!! Why aren't more places offering differing days? Anyone know of any places that offer prenatal yoga mon, tue, thurs? thanks!

Poise Yoga Studio on 185th (aloha/beaverton area) has a great prenatal class on Wed. nights. It's wonderful and the studio is darling. The class is good for relaxation, stretching, and strengthening. I highly recommend it. You can get a two week Intro. pass ($15.00) for two weeks/unlimited classes.

The Poise Prenatal yoga classes aren't posted on their website yet, but beginning the week of Sept 20, 2010 they will be every Wed. at 5:30pm. (new time) They also have a Postnatal Yogalates class series beginning in October!

Doing prenatal yoga can be a wonderful way to put time aside for yourself and your baby. Although most gentle types of yoga are appropriate during pregnancy, there are a few things to avoid in order to make your pregnancy yoga experience safe and enjoyable.

My name is Camellia and I offer Prenatal Yoga at the new Alma Movement and Education Space, 1235 SE Stark St.
The class is on Tuesday mornings from 10-11 am, $8-$10 sliding scale. It's open to Alma clients and the general public. Hope to see you there!
(For more information, email tsubaki.yoga(at) gmail.com)

Does anyone know of prenatal yoga classes on Tuesday or Thursdays around Portland?

i'm looking for something in the beaverton west slope area... any thoughts on that?

It's amazing how pregnant women can benefit from practicing yoga. I've read in some articles that yoga can help pregnant women relax and grow stronger muscles. And because yoga is a type of exercise which has minimal strain on the body, pregnant women need not worry about endangering their health or the baby's.

Anyone know of a prenatal yoga class in the Beaverton area that starts some time in Feb? I'd love to start a class but every studio I've found in my area aren't currently offering any at this time. Any help would be much appreciated!

I offer a 10 am Monday prenatal yoga class on SE Hawthorne and a Tuesday 1pm afternoon Prenatal Yoga class in Parkrose (close to NE Sandy and Wygant). My prenatal yoga class creates a safe space for you to come within and bond with your baby through breath, meditation and gentle movement.

I also teach Mama+Baby yoga on Wednesday 10am on SE Hawthorne and Thursday 1pm in Parkrose. Bring your six week to 3 month old infant to Mama+Baby yoga! In class we'll do a little infant massage, some baby yoga and hold space for you to connect with each other.

$12 drop in or $40 for 4 classes.

Feel free to contact me at jjlancien@theharmoniousfoodie.com or check out http://theharmoniousfoodie.com/ for more info!

Have a harmonious day :)

Are there any free or donation prenatal yoga classes in Portland?

I am looking for an evening prenatal yoga class during the week in Portland or Beaverton. Any ideas? I am having trouble finding them! Thanks!

Yoga Shala of Portland has a Prenatal class almost every day (except Sundays) 3808 N Williams Ave is the address. :)

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