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Get your Chinook Book here!

We have been using the Chinook Book since we moved to Portland three years ago. We had bookful of instant suggestioins on organic food and dining, locally-made products, fun outings around town, and where to buy gear for different seasons or sports. What was even better was that we had coupons for them all!

urbanMamas.com has teamed with Chinook Book to raise funds to keep our online community going and growing. Purchase a book online for $22 (includes shipping) and $5 will be donated to urbanMamas. Support us and support local!

Now until December 31st, buy your 2007 Chinook Book HERE.


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Was going to do this, but with $2.00 shipping, I though, why? Why not just give uMama's $5 and just pick up the book somewhere, and save that 2 bucks? Or better yet, why not just give uMama's $7?

Wish this was a better deal, but it's really not.

hey there - if you are going to buy the book for $20 somewhere else, and give a separate donation to uMama's of $7, then you are spending $27 v. $22, and still have to go get the book. why not just make the donation and buy the book (and spend less) at the same time?

Thanks for your comments on the Chinook Book online program. We think it works for some (to pay $2 shipping and order online) and maybe not for others. We've forwarded your comments to Chinook Book, as the online purchase program is still in 'beta-testing' mode. In any case, both urbanMamas and Chinook Book are worthy causes. We're happy to take your donations and sponsorship to help defray costs of running the site. We're also working on a way to regularly feature charitable causes we believe in. More on that in weeks to come ....

Hello UrbanMamas,

Since we are card-carrying, flag-waving supporters of UrbanMamas and Chinook book we are happy to provide an alternative to folks who want to support both and don't want to pay shipping.

Starting today and through the end of the year, Milagros will donate $5 for every Chinook book we sell at the store to UrbanMamas.

If you would prefer to have one sent to you, please use the link provided in the original post to ensure that UrbanMamas receives a donation for your purchase.


Tony and Jen (who is very uncomfortable and still very pregnant)

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