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Do you love your doctor?

It's that time of year for me...I need to schedule my annual exam...yippee! :) My new primary care physician suggested that I might want to schedule my annual with an OB/GYN since I do hope to be having another baby soon, and it might be a nice reason to meet him/her before I get pregnant with #2. She recommended two doctors at Women's Healthcare Associates near St. Vincent's, but after calling them today, one cannot see me until May (!) and the other until March...alrighty then. They can get me in to see someone else next week, but from the looks of his picture on the website, he might be just a little too young and cute for me! Seriously, he looks like one of the cycling/skiing/tennis guys that my uPapa hangs out with!

So, I have to ask the uMamas...Do you love your doctor? Why?  If it ends up that the cute guy delivers my next baby, that's fine, but as with most things in life, I find that a strong recommendation from a fellow mama goes a long way. The cute guy ended up delivering Anders when we lived in MA, and we loved him dearly, so I'm not in need of someone old or ugly or female, I just want to feel comfortable that we'll be in good hands. Our insurance is through CIGNA and they seem to work with lots of physicians in town...any recommendations?


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NoPoMama - this is a subject SO dear to me right now as I am 20 weeks pregnant and in the middle of doing everything I can to switch back to my old doc.

I LOVED not only my former ObGyn's office but all of the doctors that also work in the same clinic and also all of the nurses and receptionists there. I had to switch docs when I switched to my husband's insurance and got some great recommendations from uMamas and went with Dr Moore in the Portland ObGyn clinic at Good Sam but I have to say that although they are pleasant, they aren't nearly as open, friendly, happy, or responsive as my old doc (I left three messages and have never had one returned...). I feel like a number there, and not a true patient that they care about, which is what I really felt with my old ObGyn office.

So, long story short, I am switching health plans again in order to start seeing my former doc starting in January. YIPPEE!! She is Dr. Jenna Murray and like I said, I just L-O-V-E every single ObGyn that works alongside her (met them all during my last pregnancy - Dr Suzuki is actually the one that delivered my son) and every single thing about her office and about delivering at Good Sam. Their office is 503-274-4800 so you could see if they have a decent rate with CIGNA. They're helpful, responsive, remember little details about me and my family and just make the whole experience of going to the doctors seem like going to visit good friends. No joke. Warm and fuzzies all around for Dr Murray's office. We thought we could settle for someone else but we're willing to pay more to see her if we have to.

Good luck! Email me if you want to know more specifics.

Geez Marlynn your review makes me want to get pregnant just so I can see your OB/Gyn!

Women's Clinic -- Dr. Jamie (Jaime?) Kean she's the best! she was my ob through 2 pregnancies. The clinic has offices at both Providence Portland and Emmanuel.

I am looking for a naturopath for kids. Does anyone have a good one?


I can give a very high recommendation for Dr. Warhus at Women's Healthcare Associates. He may be the doc you mentioned in the original post. I think he's great and my husband liked him, too. I ended up with some complications during my pregnancy leading to an early delivery and I was very happy with his recommendations as well as the care I received during this hectic time. I really like his nursing staff as well. They are great about getting you in to see him as needed, with very little waiting. I did meet a few others in the practice, including Dr. Taitano, who ended up delivering my son. I give him a glowing recommendation as well.

I'm also in the Jenna Murray fan club! She delivered both my baby girls and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. I have recommended her to three other mammas who also LOVE her.

I would highly recommend you give Jenna's office a call.


My OB is Dr. Suzuki (same office that Marlynn mentioned). Loved her...loved all the other docs in her office as well. It was Dr. Hulton that ended up delivering my son and she was fantastic too. Their office staff is fantastic too.

I've been going to Linda Adams, CNM, at NW Women's Clinic, for the past 8 years, and she's fabulous. The Clinic also has 4 really great OB/GYN's, and Drs. Robin Barrett & Amy Bruner ended up delivering my baby girl this summer when I went into preterm labor. They were fabulously nice, explained everything really well, and made me (and my husband) feel very cared for during our delivery. They have privileges at Good Sam and St. Vincent's.

In response to Sharon's query, my beloved midwives (Nora Tallman and Catherine Schaefer) are NDs who also provide women's health care and pediatric services. See http://agentlebeginning.com/ for more info. I found both Nora and Catherine to be kind, flexible, and generous of spirit...

Robin Barrett at NW Women's Clinic was my OB/GYN for Stella and I love love love her! Like Kate said above, the clinic is full of great OBGYN's - Dr DeCastro (the younger one) was my Dr for Jakob and he was good also.

I also have Cigna and I used Providence Gateway Family Practice. My PCP is on maternity leave right now, but I love all the docs there...they fill in really well for each other. Luckily, my doc did deliver my baby, but I would have been ok with her partners. She is a family practice MD which means she is my PCP and OB/Gyn and my daughter's pediatrician.

I have been seeing Sally Holtzman at Every Women's Health, located at Legacy Emmanuel. She and the other dr's in her practice are very progressive. They even have a midwife, naturopathic Dr and Acupuncurist who work out of their office. I have used Dr. Holtzman for general Gyn services and for the birth of my daughter. She was very supportive throughout my pregnancy and open to all of my desires.
Good luck with your search.

Dr. Alfred Ono at Portland OB/GYN

Just truly a phenomenal man and OB.

I'd recommend Catherine Pelosi @ Women's Healthcare. I have been seeing her for over 5 years, she delivered my son and I love her. She is very easy to talk to, open to your ideas, doesn't make you feel rushed during visits, etc.

Add my name to the Dr. Suzuki fan club. She is my OBGYN and I think she's wonderful. I too was happy with all of the doctors in that practice. On a sad note, I had a really bad experience with one of the doctors from Portland OBGYN. I also found the clinic to be very cold and impersonal and I would not go back there. My oldest daughter was delivered by one of the midwives from the Emanuel Midwifery clinic and that also was a good experience -- even though I decided not to go that route when I got pregnant with my son. On a personal note, Dr. Jaime Kean who was mentioned above is a wonderful trustworthy person, though she's my friend, not my doctor.

Suzuki and her office fan club - she delivered my first son and did a great job. My real ob is Dr. Cohen at that office and I LOVE her too - she delivered my second and since we hit some major bumps for me right after that landed me in ICU I was glad she was there with her 20 years of experience. Love that office. Love the staff, nurses, scheduling. Yep.
FYI, there is an older doc that I saw at Women's Healthcare that is known as 'Dr. Induce' by the nurses at St. V's. He seems to always have a reason to induce on weekdays. If you had a consult with him (as I did), I'm betting you would high tail it out, he is not an urbanmama kinda guy.
Oh and Dr. Ono rarely takes on new patients - but do call as he is supposedly amazing.

Hi! I go to the Women's Healthcare Clinic at Meridian Park. My Dr is Dr. Girolami and he's fantastic. He delivered my son. Dr Pew is also wonderful but harder to get into. Good luck!!

I loved everyone I met at Women's Health Today, in NE near Providence Portland. My doc was Dr. Maxine Bauer, who was terrific, but their midwife, Karen Parker-Linn, is lovely, and I really really really liked Dr. Nancy Grant as well. Just in case you are on the east side. (also, we had Cigna insurance as well, and had no problems with them) They were not only great during pre-natal care and the delivery, but afterwards they were very supportive and sweet during followup appointments. Couldn't keep themselves away from my darling son, which made appointments go much easier for me.

...Another big recommendation for Dr. Nancy Grant at Providence Portland. I'm 7 months pregnant and have been seeing her through my whole pregnancy (including a pre-conception consultation). She is very intelligent, friendly, patient (answers all my many many questions) and well connected (incase you need recommendations of other specialists such as chiropractor, doula, pediatrician). She is awesome! I got in to see her with no problem.

We have cigna as well and have used Dr. Marni Kwiecein (sp) at Women's healthcare. She was really easy going and always returned phone calls. I also liked that she was open minded and completely understands the discomfort of the exam and pregnancy. She went out of her way to help us have the most comfortable pregnacy possible. (she delivered 2 of our 3 children)

I also see Dr. Cohen in the same office as Dr. Suzuki, Murray, etc. She's terrific and very accomodating to maternal wishes for the birth experience.

I just had to throw in another shout out for Dr. Jenna Murray. I heart her! I had an easy, uneventful pregnancy right up until my 8th month, when I developed pregnancy induced high blood pressure. She knew I wanted to have a natural birth, and listened to my fears about having to be induced with respect and empathy. I had to be on bed rest for four weeks prior to delivery, but she was willing to watch my blood pressure and wait. I was showing lots of labor rediness signs, but the time came when it was clear that I was going to have to be induced, and I really felt that I was part of the decision, rather than having the decision forced upon me. Even though I was delivering in a hospital setting, Dr. Murray was very open to allowing me to labor naturally (which I did, except for the pitocin to start the labor), and my son was caught by her capable hands 5 hours after being induced.
The office and nursing staff is also very wonderful and caring, and they respond to your concerns and questions quickly and competently. It's funny, but I miss not being able to go in and see her every month like I did when I was pregnant. I actually looked forward to my annual exam this year, since it meant an excuse to chat with all the great folks at this office.

I also go to Women's Healthcare Associates next to St V's and have CIGNA. I see Dr. Brodsky who I think is very nice and easy to talk to, but I can't say the same about her nurse. She always seems to be in a bad mood. And I think I saw the "cute" doctor with my last pregnancy when Brodsky was on vacation, I must say he was very nice and I probably would have switched to him if Brodsky hadn't come so highly recommended. Though Dr Hoffman delivered my daughter. I am thinking of switching to their Meridian Park office because we have moved...so if anyone has any recommendations for OB/GYN down there let me know! Good luck!

I really liked my OB, Mark Nichols at OHSU. He used to be head of obstetrics there and is not threatened at all by lots of questions and has a big emphasis on the woman making the key decisions about her delivery. I was really picky abt choosing an OB and went to 5! I was turned off by women's healthcare associates, they give you lots of info abt their doctors such as who likes cycling but it's next to impossible to find out which ones are board certified (a rather patronizing assumption abt what women care abt when they choose their doctors.)
My impression is that WHCA drs are a good choice if you want to go the scheduled C-section route, and an OHSU Dr is better if you want to deliver more naturally.

Thanks uMamas for so much detailed and heartfelt info! Isn't this such an amazing resource? Unfortunately, looks like I wont become a member of the Dr. Murray & Co. fan club--they are not on the preferred list of providers with Cigna, so I'd have to pay 30%...considering how much our health insurance is going up next year, I think we need to focus on finding a good option within the network. I'm making some phone calls to some doctors mentioned above... Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Michelle Sang at Portland OB/Gyn? She comes very highly recommended by a co-worker...

Carole LeVanda (in the same practice with Drs. Murray, Suzuki & Hulton). Totally great office, respectful of my wishes, punctual (I never waited more than 15 minutes -- most prenatal appointments I was in & out within a half hour!!), prompt return of phone calls, etc.
Jamie Kean is a wonderful person too.

Carole LeVanda (in the same practice with Drs. Murray, Suzuki & Hulton). Totally great office, respectful of my wishes, punctual (I never waited more than 15 minutes -- most prenatal appointments I was in & out within a half hour!!), prompt return of phone calls, etc.
Jamie Kean is a wonderful person too.

I am pretty tolerant of people having a differing opinion than mine. However, unless you went to WHCA and had a schedule C-section, I think it is unfair to say that, "WHCA drs are a good choice if you want to go the scheduled C-section route...". I want to write more, but this is supposed to be a forum for sharing good information, not accusation and intolerance. I will just say that I go to WHCA, along with 2 of my closest friends, and all of our 5 babies were delivered "naturally".

I also see Dr. Girolami at Women's Healthcare - Meridian Park and highly recommend him. Dr. Girolami is extremely compassionate, caring, competent, and respectful. He delivered our daughter according to the birthplan that we created and never once pushed an agenda or pressured us. He's just an exceptional doctor and person. I heart him - and his fabulous nurse Tricia too!

Dr. Stull at Women's Healthcare at the Peterkort Center - next to St. V's. She is wonderful, and her nurse is great, too. Dr. Stull is very informative while being compassionate and calming. She's an active mom of three, too, and understands Mamas who like to keep very active during pregnancy.

NoPo Mama: When I mentioned above that I had a difficult experience with a dr. at Portland OBGYN, it was with Dr. Sang. I will send you an email about my experience. I will say that I do have a few other friends who go to her and are quite happy, but unfortunately that was not my experience...

dr. sang was my ob for all three of my pregnancies and my sister-in-law's. she's a fantastic doctor...the thing i appreciated most since i didn't go the midwife route was her willingness to accommodate other remedies (i.e. naturopathic, cranio-sacral, acupuncture, etc) and not let it step on her toes in the least. in fact, she encouraged it...

she IS straightforward and tends to be in and out quickly, but if you ask questions and need help/advice, she is always willing to spend the time you need or just do a consultation.

...sorry robin's experience was so rotten...

I am with Laura on shouting out about Carol Stull at WCHA at St Vincents.

I myself am a physician, and I am very picky about who I have as my own physician. I was thrilled that I have gotten pregnant with my second while still living in Portland so that she again could be my OB.

I have to put in Karen Sweigert's name at Cascade Women's Health in Northwest, by Good Sam. She's amazing - I have just about all the women in my family going to her now and we pretty much all love her dearly.

I would highly recommend our OB, Alan Fisher, who is with Portland Adventist (and located right next to the hospital). He was a wonderful doctor and coach throughout my pregnancy. My husband loved him, as well. He's older, very experienced and at the time (three years ago) he was the chief OB at the hospital. He prepared us for a natural delivery, but our daughter was frank breech and starting to descend, so he did a C-section. His nurses are AWESEOME; they were helpful throughout the pregnancy and afterward.

I have a few friends who are labor and Delivery nurses @ portland providence. I got some recommendations from them when finding my OB/GYN. Dr. Drake was #1, he is a man & I have several friends who went to him. They LOVE him!! I wanted a woman & I went with Dr. Bauer. She was great too. Good luck with your search.

I'm another fan of Everywoman's Health at Emanuel, and my doctor was Brenda Kehoe -- a no-nonsense, efficient woman who I took a long time to warm up to but, once I did, absolutely adored. despite my c-section with Everett, she fully supported me in my attempt to VBAC, even stalling when I'd been pushing for two-and-a-half hours without medication, not wanting to send me to the c-section she knew I was trying to avoid. my doula and the nurses there said she had the "soul of a midwife" -- I really loved her! plus the rest of the doctors there at Everywoman's Health are great, like Sally Holtzman who was recommended above.

I've also seen first-hand the work of Dr. Ono and Parker-Linn, they're both lovely as well :)

Seriously, Dr. Jenna Murray's office is AWESOME! I have seen all the doctors there (Levanda, Cohen, Hulton, and Suzuki) and everyone is so warm and friendly. Anytime I had a question or concern during my pregnancy, I could leave a message and get a call back the same day. If you want a birth experience where you feel that you are listened to, you matter, your best interest is in mind, and you want to leave smiling, you should call them. Dr. Murray is soooo great. She delivered my daughter (by c-section) and let me have a mirror in the OR so I could watch the whole thing. I echo everything that the other mom's said about this office. They are the best!

I read all the responses to NoPoMama's question about recommending an OB/GYN doctor and have a question regarding our daughter-in-law's current situation. I wish she would have done more research prior to getting a doctor from the Portland OB GYN Associates office. Her original due date was October 31st and as yet has not had her baby. Her doctor informed her that he was leaving on a 2 week vacation (on her Oct 31st appointment) but a colleague of his could attend to her. October 31st was her last appointment with ANYONE. It is now December 11th and she has yet to see a doctor at Good Samaritan Hospital. Every time she calls, makes an appointment, there is an emergency of some kind or "personal issue" and the doctors aren't in. She has now found out that her doctor, along with 5 others associated with him, have been fired by Good Samaritan. Does anyone know what's going on? We also have come to the conclusion that her due date was figured incorrectly, but she should be seeing someone weekly anyway at this point! She has talked to the administrator of the hospital and is also getting the run around. She scheduled an appointment at Emanuel Hospital and the administrator from Good Samaritan called over and told them not to see her. The administrator originally had apologized for the current mess and even offered to pay for the entire birth (she has adequate insurance by the way) but that was a week ago and now he isn't returning calls. A phone call from a doctor at St. Vincent's suggested she see a midwife, have the midwife break the water, then go to a hospital through the emergency room. It's getting scary and she is beside herself to say the least. I have never heard of a hospital giving a patient the run around like she is getting. We think there are more patients in her predicament too. She is now checking into midwife options. Again, my question, does anyone know what's going on at Good Sam and what should she do? No one has time to see her! I don't live near Portland or I'd be going door to door myself. Thank you for any recommendations you can give me - baby boy is going to come soon no doubt about it!

Hi, I have seen some of the doctors mentioned that work with Dr. Carol Suzuki.......Dr. Suzuki delivered my first daughter. She is very nice and I found the whole office overall to be pleasant. Second baby, due to insurance, I ended up at Womens Healthcare with Dr. Carol Stull. Even though Dr. Stull was very nice, I would not use her again. I think it was personal chemistry....what bothered me was I would ask a question and she would give long drawn out answers that would involve examples of this and that which would leave me forgetting what I asked in the first place!! She changed my due date and we ended up disagreeing about it and I had another Dr. in that clinic give me a second opinion which backed me up and finally after I delivered she commented that she and I would never go "hiking together" I guess because of the way I acted during delivery! I mean, my epidural starting wearing off and was having a lot of pain, give me a break!!! That was unprofessional in my opinion. Now, on my third, I am seeing Dr. Amy Bruner. She is very nice and I like her a lot. SHe is preganant too and due about a week or so before me so she won't deliver my son but Dr. Robin Barrett will and I have heard good things about her. Just my two sense!

I forgot to add above that originally before I had scheduled my appt with Dr. Bruner I had set up an appt to see Dr. Sang at Portland ob/gyn. Before my appt, when I was very early on in my pregnancy I had two issues come up that I needed guidance with. I ended up talking to her medical asst which was fine but the girl (can't remember her name) was not helpful and just kept trying to refer me back to my regular doctor, which I don't have currently. If they can't help me I guess that is the way it is but her attitude was so not nice...kind of like I was bothering her, that I decided to find someone else to go to. In pregnancy especially, the medical asst is so important.....you usually end up talking to her about a lot of stuff so bottom line, Dr. Sang lost a patient. Again, just my opinion.

Momtothree, I too had a horrible experience with Dr. Sang's assitant. I had my first visit at Cascade but they failed to tell me they do not take my insurance. I then switched to Portland OBGYN and picked Dr. Sang. I had an appointment with her the following Tuesday, but on Monday I spiked a very high fever. I called her office and her assistant told me that she is not technically my doctor since she has not seen me and I should call someone else. I ended up in the emergency room because my fever was not subsiding. By Friday I started hemoraging and again I called the assistant. She told me Dr. Sang was not my doctor yet and therefore they did not need to do anything for me. I asked described my symptoms and asked if I should go to the hospital and she said that I would probably be fine but again, not being their patient she did not want to give me any advise. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a large subchorionic hematoma which was causing my placenta to detach. I finally had my first visit and the doc was not there but the nurse practitioner saw me instead. Dr. Sang was out of town at a conference. I was placed on bedrest and everytime I talked to Dr. Sang's assistant she made me cry. She was rude and without any compassion. When I asked her to schedule my ultrasound on the same day as my office visits because I am a very busy litigator and I don't own a car, she responded by saying that if this pregnancy is that important to me I will make the time. Following my bedrest for two weeks, the on call doctor and the er doc both said that I need a follow up ultrasound in two weeks. When I called Dr. Sang's office to ask for a referral, her assistant told me that she does not believe I need it and I should just lay in bed for another three weeks. I switched to Dr. Dooley who is also in the same practice and hope he will be easier to deal with. At least his assistant is very kind and responsive. Dr. Sang lost a patient because of her assistant and I never got a chance to see her.

I am the Office Manager for Portland Ob/Gyn and am thankful for the patient that told us to take a look at this web sight. I was shocked to see so complaints about one of our physicians. Especially, when she is one of our patients most favoriate physician. It is hard to fix or change problems in anyones business if customers do not let someone know that they are displeased with the service they recieved. I ask everyone to please let the office know if you are unhappy about the service via calling or a letter. Your option is important to us and we would like to correct our areas of weakness. We are committed to providing high quality medical care for women and strive to be an important part of this community.

Jacqueline, I don't think it is an issue with Dr. Sang. The overall atmosphere in Portland OBGYN is very unfriendly, especially the receptionists and nurses. Before we even got a chance to see Dr. Sang, the attitute from the nurses when we tried to make an appointment over the phone already scared us away...

I love my OB-GYN, Dr. Shirley Fox at Women's Healthcare Associates near St Vincents. I cannot say enough good things about her! Her nurse is wonderful as well. I have seen several other doctors in the practice (Warhus, Stewart, and Wentross) and I would recommend all. Dr. Warhus took over my OB care when Dr. Fox was out on leave and was extremely professional and easy to get along with. Dr. Fox delivers something like 80% of her patient's babies, which is pretty amazing. It's worth the wait to get in for new patients.

I totally agree with all Dr Jenna Murray comments - she is a sweetheart and extremely caring!!! I am just going to her (I am in month 6), she hasn't delivered my baby yet... It was nice to read that all the other doctors in that office are also nice, I will meet them later in case one of them delivers. I feel lucky becuase I haven't done much research on doctors before picking Jenna. I feel like I've made an excellent choice. Thanks eeveryone for sharing!

My girlfriend told me to look at this website and see all the aweful things that were being said not only about Dr Michelle Sang but about her assistant as well. I personally have had two pregnancies with Dr Sang and her assistant. I can honestly say that her assistant is one of the nicest assistants that I have ever had to deal with. Any time that I called with questions she was quick to return my calls, triage my questions, and call me back with the appropriate answers. Dr Sang only works three days a week but her assistant is there five days a week to help hold down the fort. When I had fallen down when I was pregnant with my second child she was there for me even though is was Dr sangs day off. She reassured me and helped me get an apt with the on call doctor. Even though the on call doctor had his own assistant Dr Sangs assistant was with me the whole time. I appricate the extra mile that she went for me.

I have had to change doctors late in my pregnancy (8.5 months) and have switched to Portland OBGYN Associates at Good Sam. I have to say that I have been nothing short of impressed with the staff. Dr. Korman and her assistant Brandi (SP?) are warm and personable, very much unlike the Tuality group I had been with up until the insurance change. I have had to see Dr. Ono on one occasion and he was wonderful as well.

Does anyone out there recommend any ob/gyn's that specialize in VBAC's (Vaginal Birth After Ceserean) and affiliated with Good Sam? Dr. Brodsky at Womens Health Care Assoc. next to St. Vincent delivered our son, it was an emergeny (Placental Abruption), that's how we met Dr. Brodsky, she was wonderful! Turned out that she also delivered my nephew (naturally) and my sister loved her too. Now with different insurance we can't use her, we are disappointed. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

I am sad to see all of the comments about Dr. Sang and her assistant. Dr. Sang delivered my first daughter, and is currently managing my twin pregnancy. I have found her to be a wonderful doctor. She delivers most of her patients' babies, even when she is not on call. She is always patient with my questions, and reassuring. Her assistant has also always been prompt at returning my calls, and I have found her to be very knowledgeable. I am not the easiest patient, as I obsess over little things and what ifs, and her assistant has always shown a great deal of patience and compassion in handling my questions.

I would recommend Dr. Sang to anyone!

Has anyone had experience with Columbia Women's Clinic or Women's Healthcare Associates near St. Vincet, can you please share your experience or recommend doctors there?

I went to Columbia Women's clinic for my son's birth and switched to Women's Healthcare Associates for the birth of my daughter. I had a great doctor at Columbia, but she seemed overbooked and overworked. Also, they referred out for everything. At Women's Healthcare Assoc., I never felt rushed or like a number. Also, if complications arise, they have perinatologists right next door.

I had a great experience with Woman's Healthcare Associates. Dr. Marney Kwecien was my doctor. She was wonderful! I did not like St. Vincent's. The nurses drove me nuts. I need to find a great ob/gyn at OHSU. My insurance has changed and I can only go there. Anyone have a rec?

I delivered at OHSU for both my babies. And though it's not as posh as some of the other hospitals in town, it definitely is more progressive (they will let you get a walking/lite epidural & offer water birthing as an option, for example) Catherine LeClair at Center for Women's Health is a fabulous ob/gyn (my husband & I just love her & I haven't heard of anyone who doesn't). They have gorgeous brand new facilities too, with easy parking. Good luck!

I used the midwives at OHSU and loved them. I saw Sally Hersh for my prenatal care, and Penni Harmon and a student midwife attended my birth. Can't say enough good things about them, or the care we received after our son was born.

I personally have been a patient of Portland OBGYN through three pregnancies and my first doctor there was Dr.Foster. He delivered my first baby and I loved him but he retired when I was about 7 mo pregnant with my 2nd child. I swithced over to Dr.Ono and I love him. He just delivered my 3rd child last weekend (via c-section). He's a great doctor. Actually everyone in the office is really nice. I've never had a bad experience there in my 7 years of being a patient. Everyone there is great!

Dr. Warhus is my doctor and I thought the same thing when meeting him...too young and cute! My former OB/GYN was a fatherly type and I trusted him dearly.

I have only met Dr. Warhus once and he was very friendly. His nurse is awesome! This thread just reminded me that I need to schedule my next pap. Thanks!

In follow up to my earlier comment about Portland OBGYN. I switched from Dr. Sang to Dr. Dooley because of Dr. Sang's assistant. I know every person is different, and my experience with Dr. Sang's assistant was personal. However, I could not be happier with Dr. Dooley and his assistant Danny. They both go above and beyong my expectations. Same goes for the staff in the office. Last Friday I had to go in on an emergency basis and Dr. Ono was on call. He and his assistant were super nice and helpful and took very good care of me. I feel blessed to have found this practice and would highly recommend them.

Who was the OB/GYN and natural birthing center you had lined up in SF (San Francisco, CA)?

Thanks to all who commented on Dr. Murray. I am only 5 weeks pregnant with my first and have not yet had my first prenatal (in 3 weeks) - thought I did see Dr. Murray for a preconception visit and I thought she was great. I've had two friends deliver three babies with her - both have only with good things to say. But since I'm new to all this, I was doubting my choice (since I was blindly following my firends' recommendations) but seeing the great comments on this sight have put my mind to rest. Did anyone working with Dr. Murray using alternative health options during the process? Was she open to it?

Hi there,
I'm not pregnant and I'm not a mother, yet, but I'm hoping you ladies can help me out. I'm looking for a doctor who can do it all. I know its a tall order, but I'm hoping to find a great doctor who can be my regular physician and my Ob/Gyn. I am hoping to conceive sometime in the next 1-2 years. First I have an athletic injury I need to get over. I've heard great things about Portland Family, but I can't be seen for at least 3 weeks from now and I was hoping to get in somewhere sooner. My last doctor was only okay and besides, I've moved recently and live in North Portland while she is located in Gresham. Since I wasn't completely attached I don't think its worth it to trek out there. Any help you can give me would be wonderful. Thanks!

Wow, I am so glad I found this site. I have a Dr. Sang/Dr. Murray experience to share and hope that it will help anyone who reads this. If you want the short version, I left Dr. Sang because I was unhappy with the way she handled many things once we started trying. I went to Dr. Murray and had a completely better experience. I have only seen her once, but so far so good. Here's the long version: Six months after starting to try (and targeting the right time of month, etc.) I had an annual scheduled with Dr. Sang. I am a healthy woman with a completely regular cycle. Every single month when I do an OPK I get a positive surge about the same day. My husband has also been checked, and is fine. I had been charting, and took 4 months worth of charting to Dr. Sang so I could also talk to her about fertility. After a very short talk, she told me I was simply too stressed and that I should just relax about it. She told me to toss my charts and do anything I could to relax myself during that time of month. She did NOT look at my charting. Six more months go by and I am still not pregnant. At this point I have been seeing an acupuncturist for the stress part and have basically de-stressed myself to the point I should definitely be getting prego by now. Go back to see Dr. Sang and she says well, let's look at your progesterone. It turned out to be low! This is something that would have shown up on my charting had she taken the extra 10 seconds to look at them when I had them for her. Six extra months of emotional up and down, thinking that it was my fault for being too stressed out! So then she says well, we can just put you on Clomid - without even checking into anything else about my cycle - other blood tests, etc. I told her I wasn't comfortable just going on Clomid and that I'd like to continue working with my acupuncturist, and she says well, that sounds good since you haven't even been targeting the right part of your cycle for intercourse. I about fell over. I had told her at least 3 or 4 times that we were targeting the right part of my cycle, using OPK's, etc. I felt like I had never been listened to at all! I'm sorry if this sounds too harsh, but I am still at the point where I'm pretty ticked about the whole thing. I feel like she cost me the last 6 months where I could have been treating the low progesterone with my acupuncturist and I could be pregnant already. My basic feeling is that she is SO popular and SO in demand that she takes on too many patients and is simply too busy and is in and out way too quickly. She may be good with those who are already pregnant, but with the extremely emotional side of trying and trying and not having it happen... well, she's just not the doc for me.

I have to say, Dr. Murray is great. I had such a good experience with her, now four of my friends see her and love her too! I was with Dr. Murray for my second baby and now that I'm having my third I am excited to be back! I'm glad so many others here have also enjoyed their experience with her. She really is a great doctor and I feel lucky to have found her.

Hi...update to my above comments. I had a bad experience with Dr. Sangs assistant and ended up going to Dr. Amy Bruner. I ended up delivering my son when Dr. Bruner was on maternity leave so Dr. Decastro delivered. I was not too happy about a male doctor but he was nice. Dr. Bruner is a sweetie.....very accomodating to my wishes and if I ever had another baby I would go to her again and hopefully she could deliver. Dr. Barrett is nice too....saw her a few times. I am glad others commented about Dr. Sangs assistant.....my experience was not good at all and maybe now that clinic, having seen these posts can be aware that they need to improve that. I am sure Dr. Sang is nice.....like I said........due to her assistant I never saw or talked to her. Again, just my experience.....

Hi there,
I'm due in about 5 weeks and I'm trying to find a pediatrician for our daughter. We have United HealthCare and they seem to work with a lot of doctors, but I would like to hear some honest "reviews" from other moms before we decide to pick one.
Can you help?
We leave in Gresham, so I would like to see someone that has the office around/close to this area (SE Portland).
But, beyond that it's more important to me that the doctor is a friendly person, has experience, and doesn't prescribe medication for every little thing... Thanks

Hi All -

I had Dr. Sang who delivered my twin babies and I agree that her assistant is no warm and fuzzy type but read to the end cause I have very positive things to say about Dr. Sang. Her assistant seems like she might be a neat person in some ways e.g. if you were her friend but while being very efficient and returning calls promptly, etc., she simply is too informal in a prickly, indifferent sort of way...not comforting enough for that position which requires sensitivity and non-defensiveness at all times. When you're more hormonal than usual, the last thing you need is to wonder if there's something you might have done wrong, you know?!

As for Dr. Sang, I really, really liked her. She was informal in a good way (friendly, a bit social, relaxed, unpretentious) but very sweet, knowledgeable, flexible and asked all the right questions and never made me feel rushed or that I didn't have time to get all my questions out (or stupid for asking them). And I was a secon-time mommy, too. I wanted the babies (scheduled c-section) to be born on the same day as a very special person in our lives who is sick, and she was scheduled to be off that day but was willing to come in anyway just because it meant so much to me which I thought was wonderful. Lastly, a prior stomach area surgery left a really unflattering scar that she did a little bonus work on which I didn't expect and which was so kind of her. I highly recommend her...and perhaps after all these comments, her assistant will have worked on her bedside manner a bit by the time you go in! ;-)

i agree with the comments regarding dr. sangs assistant. her name is ann. i feel like she is very unfriendly. she treats you like business. i like dr. sang alot, but ann is not friendly to be around.

Hi, we're relocating to Portland and looking for an OBGYN at Good Sam.

Anyone have experience with either of these Drs?
Barrett, Robin
Wentross, Sally
Adams, Karen

Or do you know of any good OBs at Good Sam?

Dr Jenna Murray is at Good Sam, her office is just across the street too. Read the comments about her from other moms; she's amazing. I have four friends who have moved to Dr. Murray since I had my second child. I can't say enough good things about her. 503-274-4800 is her number.

Have had experience with a few doctors at Portland OB/Gyn. Used to see Dr. Moore. She is very cut and dry, not warm and fuzzy. Then switched to Dr. Ono due to his wonderful bedside manner while helping me while miscarrying. Have stayed with him for years and he delivered my daughter. I absolutely love him and would recommend him to anyone. Sometimes you may have to wait for appt, because he will stay with a patient as long as needed. He is terrific!!!
Dr. Sang delivered my son (Dr Moore was on vacation) and I liked her as well.

I had a horrible experience with Dr. Lisa Thum at Columbia Women's Clinic. Two days prior to delivery I went to St. Vincent's to be checked due to horrible abdominal pain I was having - to the point it was making me cry. I was in the triage room (went in during the middle of the night) and was only put on a fetal monitor. The nurse did not check my temperature, pulse or respiration. My son't heartbeat was fine at the time, so they monitored me for several hours until Dr. Thum arrived. She looked at the heartbeat pattern and told me to go home - I was just an anxious first time mom. I have worked as a veterinary technician in the past and knew enough to make them check my vital signs. I would not leave until my temperature was taken (was normal at the time) and until she had looked at the baby via ultrasound. I really felt something was wrong and needed to substantiate it somehow. Nothing was found on the ultrasound and I was sent home. Dr. Thum said "maybe his elbow is pinching you somewhere." Two days later my water broke and I was having MAJOR contractions. I arrived at the hospital with a fever and was @ 6cm dilated - and dilating 1cm every 10 minutes vs. 1 hour. My baby's heart rate was so high it wasn't even registering on the monitor. I went in for an emergency c-section and later found out (on my own - through pulling my medical records and not from the doctor) that I had chorioamnionitis and funisitis. My baby had been living in an infected environment for two days and could have died or been born with cerebral palsy. I will NEVER go back to Dr. Thum or Columbia Women's Clinic again. I originally went there for Susan Mitchell-Miller...who ROCKS (I love her) but she's a nurse practitioner and could not deliver my baby. I didn't fit the profile of someone who would have chorioamnionits, so my symptoms were basically disregarded by Dr. Thum. I found out later that she had a lawsuit against her in the past as well - google "Angela Desbiens" for that story. It's incredible to me who is allowed to call themselves "doctor."

I had a horrible experience with Dr. Lisa Thum at Columbia Women's Clinic. Two days prior to delivery I went to St. Vincent's to be checked due to horrible abdominal pain I was having - to the point it was making me cry. I was in the triage room (went in during the middle of the night) and was only put on a fetal monitor. The nurse did not check my temperature, pulse or respiration. My son't heartbeat was fine at the time, so they monitored me for several hours until Dr. Thum arrived. She looked at the heartbeat pattern and told me to go home - I was just an anxious first time mom. I have worked as a veterinary technician in the past and knew enough to make them check my vital signs. I would not leave until my temperature was taken (was normal at the time) and until she had looked at the baby via ultrasound. I really felt something was wrong and needed to substantiate it somehow. Nothing was found on the ultrasound and I was sent home. Dr. Thum said "maybe his elbow is pinching you somewhere." Two days later my water broke and I was having MAJOR contractions. I arrived at the hospital with a fever and was @ 6cm dilated - and dilating 1cm every 10 minutes vs. 1 hour. My baby's heart rate was so high it wasn't even registering on the monitor. I went in for an emergency c-section and later found out (on my own - through pulling my medical records and not from the doctor) that I had chorioamnionitis and funisitis. My baby had been living in an infected environment for two days and could have died or been born with cerebral palsy. I will NEVER go back to Dr. Thum or Columbia Women's Clinic again. I originally went there for Susan Mitchell-Miller...who ROCKS (I love her) but she's a nurse practitioner and could not deliver my baby. I didn't fit the profile of someone who would have chorioamnionitis, so my symptoms were basically disregarded by Dr. Thum. I found out later that she had a lawsuit against her in the past as well - google "Angela Desbiens" for that story. It's incredible to me who is allowed to call themselves "doctor."

I LOOOOVE Dr. Nancy Grant!!! She is the reason that I had such a great birth experience and have the happy and healthy three year old that I do. She is so good at what she does-and believe me, I tested her skills in the last two months of pregnancy. I felt so comfortable, safe and cared for in her hands! I cannot recommend her more highly.

Another fan of Linda Adams and Dr Robin Barrett. I couldn't have made it through my pregnancy without them!

whoa! Yeah, I went with Women's Healthcare Associates, and they are NOT for c-sections! My doc and I talked ad nauseum about preventing a c-section. He was great, and I recommend him, like the previous poster: Dr. Warhus at the Barnes Rd. location.

Karen Parker-Lynn at Women's Health Today at Providence Portland. I LOVED her the whole way through my pregnancy...of course when it came time to deliver it was the one week she was at a family reunion so we had an md from the practice--dr polo who was great as well.

Hi Mamas, I am wondering if anyone has experience with Columbia Women's Clinic at St. Vincents. Some of the doctors are Klotz, Payne, Thum, Strauss, Reindl and Keating. I would appreciate any info on these doctors and clinic in general, I am looking for an ob/gyn from this clinic. Thanks :-)

Hi, I have really been reading this and based on alot of the feedback I made an appointment at the same office that Murray, Ono, Hulton practice at. I am scheduled specifically with Dr. Leslie Hulton and was wondering if anyone has had any good/bad experiences with her? This is my second and we now have different insurance but I have more options now because we used to have Kaiser insurance where your midwife/obgyn that you see for your pregnancy doesn't deliver you. I look forward to any feedback you have on Dr. Hulton. Thanks everyone!

Did anyone has any comments or recommedation for Dr. Amy Bruner and Dr. Robin Barrett at Northwest Woman Clinic?

Hi ladies.
This information has been really helpful. I am currently scheduled for my first appointment with a Desiree Brey at Women's Health Today up by Portland Providence.
Can anyone tell me about their experiences with this clinic?

To Janet re: Dr. Hulton-
I've been a patient for a number of years at the Murray, Hulton, Suzuki, et al clinic. I've seen Dr. Hulton a few times and she's a very caring doctor. She was in the 2008 Portland Monthly magazine top doctor's list so she's got a lot of fans out there. Good luck!

I have been a patient of Dr. Sang's for over four years and I have to say that I think she is fabulous. I also really appreciate her assistant's style. BUT, you should also know that I don't need a lot of doddling- I want my questions answered. Her assistant always returns my calls same day and now that I am pregnant, is quick to dispense meds when necessary (two sinus infections!) and never blinks at some of my silly questions. When I was trying to conceive, Dr. Sang sat with me for almost an hour, answering my questions and did not falter in ordering a variety of tests. She also referred me to a fertility clinic, which turned out not to be necessary. I have now waited twice for over an hour in her office, but when you go to see an OBGYN, what do you expect? One time, she was delivering a baby and another, a patient had a bad day. I appreciate that she is unflappable and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend her (and her assistant) to anyone, but she is not a therapist.

Hooray for the Suzuki, Murray, Hulton, et al team. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Suzuki. She is kind, attentive, knowledgeable, calm, compassionate. She and Dr. Levanda performed my c-section. I felt incredibly secure and comfortable with that team.

I would not trust my uterus to anyone but Dr Levanda or MIllie ( the nurse pract.) I have been going to the clinic for over 20 years and have had nothing but fabulous treatment. Levanda was my OB thru both of my pregnancies and Birkmeier ( she is retired now) actually delivered both of my children. Nothing but NOTHING to say about how great all the women down there are.


Wow! Reading all these reviews about the doctors I work for is great. I know don't the other side of things since I work for them. What happens between doctor and patient is obviously confidential. But to hear how great they've treated their patients is awesome!

I see Dr. Moore (NW Portland OB/GYN) and I love her. For my 1st visit, she took the time to answer any questions I had. I didn't feel rushed. I understand I'm not her ONLY patient so I knew her time was valuable. That was the first time I sat down in a doctors office and had an appointment. It was great! Her assistant rocks too! I've also seen Suzanne Epps (N.P.). She's great also! The receptionists are very nice and acknowledge you when their busy checking in other patients. All it takes sometimes is a smile to know you're there.

I have been seeing Dr. Bruner for over 10 years and love her!! She has been my OB for all 3 of my babies and is wonderful. Her nurse Linda is fabulous also. She see's patients in NW Portland and off of Scholls near Washington Square.

My daughter and I see Dr Adeline Kell. She is a Naturopathic Physician and Midwife. We see her for colds, paps, childbirth...And it's great to have such an all encompassing relationship with our doctor. It makes for a lot of trust.
Her office is in Sellwood, in a Bungalow, so it is very cozy feeling. I love her. She has a very personal touch...Knowledgeable yet informal. She wears converse, presently has a blue streak in her hair, and has an 'I heart my pussy' sticker in the OB/GYN room!

For example, my daughter had a rash on her face and back. Our MD kept prescribing stuff that would make it disappear for a week, and then it would come back. We tried eliminating all common allergens, restricting what she ate, lotions, etc.

I took her to Adeline, and she sort of 'interviewed' her -(Had her hang out for a couple hours to try to figure out her personality) - And with a one time dose, she was cured!

Hi, I'm feeling very conflicted. I received a great personal rec for Dr. Murray from someone who works in L&D at Good Samaritan and also saw all the rave reviews about her here at Urban Mammas, so I was so excited to get an appt with her. I have to say though, our 1st meeting didn't feel good to me at all?! Maybe I had my hopes too high? She seemed incredibly busy, but it was our 1st time meeting and she came in, didn't introduce herself, appeared really rushed and the 1st thing she said was "So do you have any questions?" No introductions, no brief overview on how things have been going . . it was rough. I was really surprised and and sort of stuttered out a couple questions. We were done in about 15 minutes and I felt like she couldn't wait to get out of the room. This is my 1st pregnancy and that was my 1st OB visit. I had come in previously for a pelvic exam with the NP and had labs drawn then - again very quick and clinical and was told I'd have an opportunity to discuss things with Dr. Murray during my 1st appt with her and that our 1st appt would be a little longer than normal while we went over things and "got to know each other." But I seemed to have missed out on that opportunity. Towards the end of our appt I was literally trying to keep from crying because I was so disappointed and sort of thrown by her coldness and she didn't appear to pick up on that at all (yes, i'm hormonal, I don't think I'd normally feel so emotional). Anyway, so many of you seem to love her and I'd love to give her a shot, but I'm 13 weeks, feel sort of lost in all this and would love to feel supported by my OB! I wonder if a fresh start with a new office would be the way to go or if I should stick it out a bit and figure that sometimes OBs just have bad days?

I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and in need of an OB GYN. My primary care docter, Dr. Priscilla Le, recommended Dr. Murray, but sadly I cannot get in to see her until December. Other Docs in her office recommended to me were Dr. Suzuki, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Lor (sp?), Dr. Holten. Any feedback from the Urban Mamas would be greatly appreciated!

I also cannot recommend Portland OBGYN Associates (POGA). I saw Dr. Sang and found her so rushed that I didn't feel she even knew who I was until the end - and then she ended up being on vacation up until the day before my due date (which no one ever told me). She did not end up delivering, unsurprisingly, and the other two doctors I saw from her clinic (Ono and Ogryzlo) were also fairly brusque. Every time I called I was put on hold, and I often had to wait a long time past my appointment time even though I always scheduled morning appointments.

I have the feeling that this clinic is no worse than many very western clinics, but it was not a good fit for me. I would prefer a warmer tone and less of the feeling that I am an insurance card first and a patient second.

I went with Dr Sang for the first part of my pregnancy and was very unhappy with her office. We were constantly being rescheduled, and it seemed they were always running very behind. I used to work the front desk for a pediatric office so I know a bit how these things work - its best to keep the patients informed so they don't feel like they are being ignored. My husband and I, on several occasions, sat in the waiting room for an hour past out appt time without anyone saying anything to us. Thats just unprofessional. And Dr Sangs assistent lacks any "bedside manner". When you are dealing with pregnant women, espcially first time moms, there is a certain sensitivity that I believe to be required for that job. Finally after the nth time of being rescheduled and 5 months into my pregnancy I switched to OHSU center for womens health to the midwives - THEY ARE FANTASTIC! I couldn't believe I wasted half my pregnancy with someone who barely gave me the time of day when I could have been getting the attention to my questions, etc all along. I ended up needing a section and they were there for me every step of the way and beyond. Obviously I was transfered to the OB service last minute b/c of the c/s, but all my follow up was with them (the midwives). I have never felt so cared for in my life.

I should email u about it.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hulton for about 23 years now. I love her! She not only is a wonderful Dr. but she has a very warm and caring way about her. I have so much confidence in her that not only has she delivered my children, but my neices and nephews, and my grandchildren. I believe she is the best OB/GYN in Portland!

Does anyone know of a good internist, female? I have had some issues I need checked out and I don't know where to begin! Thanks...

Hi ...I just moved to Hillsboro from South America...I don't know the portland metro area a lot. I would like that you recommend a OBSGYN who takes care for patient. Also I would like that you tell me from your experience if is it better to deliver the baby in a hospital/clinic 7 min close by my house or 20 (without traffic) to 45 min (with traffic) ?? I would be first time mom and I don't know many people around here.

I just want to let you know that I am not a native english speaker. (sorry for the mistakes)

Help me plz


Does anyone know of a good OB in OHSU?
I am having trouble finding the Dr's you all mention in my insurance plan.
Thanks for your help,

I just had my first child and Dr. Murray was my OB. In response to "RT's" experience, years before I got pregnant, I too had an initial experience with her that seemed a little cold. After all the rave reviews though I decided to stick with her on the off chance that I just caught her on a bad day (or maybe I was the one having the bad day). I am glad I did because I quickly learned that she's a phenomenal doctor! Yes, once in awhile I had an appointment that felt a little rushed, but any time I had a question or expressed a fear/concern she slowed down, listened, and gave me a thoughtful response. She is very good at listening to her patient's concerns, honoring their wishes during delivery, and easing any fears.

Also, while some doctors let the nurses do all the work and then rush in at the last minute for delivery, she was there for 2+ hours prior to my daughter's delivery, guiding and encouraging me until the end. It's also worth noting that many of the nurses I had at Good Sam raved about Dr. Murray and are actually patients of hers too. L&D nurses see a lot of different doctors, and I think it's quite a compliment that they choose to go to her.

No doctor is perfect all the time (hey, they're human too), but I truly believe that Dr. Murray is perfect when it really counts. She is an extremely intelligent doctor who cares and advocates for her patients. I would not go to anyone else, and would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a surgeon? I have to have a biopsy or removal of an ovary... and would like to find the most competent surgeon out there! Bedside is less important to me than someone who is willing to really understand and manage my case.

If you feel any slight attraction to your doctor, imediatly stop seeing him! Run and find another office. A crush you could get over, a true love will haunt you for the rest of your life!! True love means selfless sacrafice and pain. There is no freedom!!

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