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Choose Eco-Healthy!

Thank you to the Oregon Enivornmental Council for passing on this info.  I never knew about the Eco-Healthy designation until our daughter's school qualified for the designation last year.

Maximize your child’s potential by choosing an Eco-Healthy Childcare.

Every day, new information tells us that environmental hazards like chemicals in cleaning products and weed killers are too risky for children.  Children are simply more sensitive to environmental toxins than adults, so maintaining environmentally-healthy settings is particularly important.

The Oregon Environmental Council’s Eco-Healthy Childcare is a free, voluntary program that improves the environmental health of child care facilities.   Eco-Healthy childcare providers comply with 20 of 25 items on a checklist of eco-healthy best practices that includes avoiding pesticide use, mercury thermometers, air fresheners and other potential environmental health hazards.

To date, 96 Eco-Healthy childcares have qualified throughout the state of Oregon.  Thirty-six of them are in Portland!  Please visit http://www.oeconline.org/kidshealth/ecoqualified for a complete listing of qualified providers. The program was awarded a U.S Environmental Protection Agency Children’s Environmental Health Excellence Award this spring.  For more information on this program please contact Sara Leverette at (503) 222-1963 x105.


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