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Yoga for Kids

When Philly was younger, we'd practice yoga at home together. I had the video, YogaKids, which she loved, loved, loved! We also did some practice using the Kids Yoga Deck. Admittedly, though, a yoga class could have a different effect. It'd be fun! Even more awesome would be if there could be a simultaneous mama class at the exact same time and place as a kids class. Am I dreaming?

Mama Melia is looking to use yoga to give her little one the tools to enjoy calm and focus. She asks:

Does anyone know of any yoga studios, preferably on the southwest side and into beaverton, that cater to the under-7 set? Tualitan Hills Park and Rec has a class for 6 year olds, but my guy is 5 and in need NOW! What other ideas are out there for helping kids focus?



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I am going to a family yoga class through Parks and Rec at the Laurelhurst studio in SE on Thursdays at 12:00 with my 3 yr old boy. It is great! My son really likes Miss Dena and I get a little bit if a yoga work out.

I am trying to set up a class asap as well (in SW) b/c I could not find one. Email me and we can talk more about where I am at - vroth_2000@yahoo.com.


our 4 yrold daughter takes yoga from Joan Gunness at Heartsong Yoga on Hall St. in Beaverton - she adores it! here you go:


Amy Watson of Whole Mama Whole Child will be hosting a free Yoga for kids class during the "Art of Living" event at Fox Chase. It's a good way to find out of your little one would be interested in this type of class. Here is more info on the entire event schedule:


From one of our readers:

I wanted to let you know of a yoga for toddlers/preschoolers class at The PeaceFull Soul (http://www.peacefullsoul.com ), at 4940 NE 16th (near Alberta St), on Tuesday mornings from 10-10:45 am. The new session runs from Nov 7 to Dec 12.

Hello, does anyone know if there is a center that has yoga classes with daycare? Preferably in the southeast? That is exactly what I am in need of. thanks

I know the new Yoga Shala location in North Portland has childcare, but I'm not sure of any place else.

Root in Irvington has a family class on Sundays where kids 3 and up are welcome.


There is a great location in inner SE at 21st and Clinton called Zenana and they are a spa with child care, yoga classes, other parenting classes and much, much more. Check out their website: http://www.zenana-spa.com

Does anyone know of a good place for gymnastics for my 3 yr old? We went to a community center class and most of it was waiting in line to do a tumble or walk the balance beam. I'm hoping for north or NE but any suggestions are welcome.

Not to be too self-promoting or anything but we do in-home yoga classes for families, kids and just groups of friends. A lot of our clients are stay at home moms that gather up their neighbors and friends to do class in one person's home. It is just a lot more flexible and convenient for them. We have a couple of teachers that teach kids and family yoga, too (recessfitness.com).

Not exactly on topic, but I just came across these 'eco-kids yoga mats & yoga mat carry straps': http://lotuspadyogamats.com/ They're PVC and non-toxic.

Hello mamas, we just received an email for a new yoga class just for kids:

Every Thursday from 6pm – 7pm, yoga for kids 3 to 6 years old at the Common Ground Everett House 2917 NE Everett St.

A fun interactive yoga class, introducing yoga to children with games, journeys, songs and creative projects. While Children play with yoga, parents can rejuvenate in the steam and sauna rooms!

$16 for childs yoga and parents steam/sauna 1hr.
$10 for single child no sauna
$ 5 for additional child of your family.

Contact Chivito Cowa at innersilencestudio@gmail.com to reserve your spot. Only 10 children per class.

Chivito is certified through rainbow kids yoga, has over 500hrs yoga training and owns Portland Ayurveda http://www.innersilencestudio.com

Any recent classes in SW? This is an old thread but I am in search for my 4 y/o.

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