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Single Moms Group

Typically we receive more emails from mamas looking for groups, but every so often, someone emails us about a group that they've started.  As always, we're more than happy to pass along the information.  Debby writes:

We are starting an on-going group for women who deliberately became single moms. The moms we are looking for went through pregnancy and childbirth, or the adoption process, without partners, and are raising their kids as single moms, or they are currently pregnant with this same expectation. This can include women who deliberately got pregnant the old fashioned way or by donor insemination, and women who may have gotten pregnant unexpectedly and have chosen to do it all on their own. The group is aimed toward offering support and social contact for single moms, but it can also serve as a play group. So far there are 4 of us, with kids ranging from not-yet-born to 14 months. We have mostly only met by email. We are hoping for many more members, all with different stories and different insights into our situations! We are meeting this Saturday, September 23rd at the East side Urban Grind at 2pm. Hopefully the baby room will be available, but if not, there is lots of other space for the kids to play! We hope to see you there!  Contact Debby for questions and more information.


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Check out my new site, www.singlemamahood.com. I am an author and motivational speaker who is more than happy to answer your single mama drama questions. The mission of singlemamahood.com is "reducing drama for the single mama."

I am putting a call out to all single moms that meet this description...there are many of us out there, but our time is so limited, it is hard to get together! If you are interested in a single mom's group (see posting for description of what the group is about) please email me and let me know what type of group you are interested in and when is a good time to meet. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you uSMs!

Hi I am looking for a support group of single mothers so I can get more information on what to expect. I am 6 weeks pregnant and my b/f and I broke up the day I found out. I am scared and not sure what to do. I want to keep the baby and I know that I can do it. Please contact me back. - Liz

Hi, do you know about Jane Mattes' Single Moms by Choice (SMC) or Micki Morresette's Choice Moms? Both grps are pretty large, (800+ SMCs on the yahoogrps listserv) and they're especially large in NYC (where Debby you seem to be). Certainly, shouldn't be trying to reinvent the wheel, particularly if your in NYC.

Heather SMC that's not in NYC

Hi, I am a 21 year old single mom. My baby is 2 months old. I am looking for a group that would help me network with other single moms. Thank you.
Mali Anderson

Hi Mali, I tried to email you but it got kicked back. Please email me if you are interested in our single moms group. We are getting together on Sunday. I will post details later.



I am interested in starting a support group for single moms in the Atlanta area. Any info you have on getting started would be great. I have been searching without luck on finding such a group.

I have just found out about my unexpected blessing (pregnancy) and have decided to do it alone.



Raising a child can be one of the most fulfilling and meaningful experiences for a parent. At times, it can also be difficult for both of you, especially when a child becomes depressed.

We have developed a prototype web-based training program designed to teach mothers about adolescent depression and how to teach their child skills to keep them from getting depressed. We need qualified participants to help us review the program over the Internet (no travel is required) and tell us what they think of it. You will be helping other single moms by helping us make a better program for them.

The Blues Blaster: Parents Preventing Youth Depression Research Study We have received funding from the National Institute of Mental Health to develop and test the effectiveness of a web-based training program to help single mothers prevent depression in their 11-14 year old children. Those who qualify to participate in the study can receive $150 for reviewing our new website and providing us with feedback about it. Participation will take about two hours of your time over a one-week period.
To qualify for the study
You must be a single mom of a child between the ages of 11-14.

How to get involved in the study
If you would like more information or are interested in participating in our research study please email us at PPYDproject@orcasinc.com or call us in Eugene, Oregon at 1-866-822-0226.

Funded by: National Institute on Mental Health
Conducted by: Oregon Center for Applied Science

My dream is to be a traveling mom. I am looking for other parents who have an interest in this, or have done it and how.
Thank, Sarah

I'm a single Mom (divorced) and would love to hook up and meet some gals like me. Would love to join you all for some fun! Please let me know what I need to do.


Hi Angel, we are getting together next weekend. Please email me privately for more info. Anyone else interested can email me too. Mousecat86@aol.com. Thanks!

Looking for ideas on finding shared housing for my son and I. I have him 3-4 days a week and he is 3.

I am a single mom, who has my son 24-7. I am looking for other single moms, to have playdates, and to find friends who understand my situation. My son will be a year on Dec. 12.

Mary, we are meeting on December 15th at Sydney's at 10am. Please feel free to join us! You can also contact me at mousecat86@aol.com.


does anyone know of a single mom's group in Santa Monica California or anywhere close to that like LA, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Venice etc. I am 5 months pregnant and desperate for a group. thank you.

We are getting together at PB and Ellie's on Saturday, January 19th, at 10am. This is for full time custodial moms, most of whom were never married or were not in a relationship with a partner at the time of birth or adoption, but we are also very willing to have women of divorce who are doing it all on their own show up. Just be aware this is support for single women and not a divorce support group. Hope to see you all there!


Sami, have you tried the Single Mothers by Choice web site? You qualify even if you did not conceive with the intention of being a single mom but ended up that way anyway prior to birth. Good luck. I wish I could give you more info.

I'm a child development specialist looking for moms to participate in a study on Motherhood. Please email me if you would like me to participate and I will send you a questionnaire: happymommn@yahoo.com

I was just reading about you’re the support group your staring, I would like to help by creating an info page for you at www.mysoulsupport.com we are a new startup that are helping community support gourps like yourself outreach to
people in need more effectively.

I just had my first child May 31,2008. I'm just looking to see if their are any moms that get together here in the Atlanta area? If so could you email me?

Hi I just separated from my husband and im having major drama with him. Is there any group I can join or anyone I can talk to? I really need some support right now im going through a very tough time. We have a 3 year old daughter together and he's being a real jerk. Please email me

Does anyone know of a fitness club that is reasonable where I can take my 3year old?

Fitness club in Atlanta...

hi im single mom and and i am looking for moms groups in the merto tampa area please help

I'm a single mother of a one year old girl, Mikaela. I have started back going to school for nursing. I live in metro Atlanta. I'm looking for other single mother with a child in the age range of 1 to 3. I need support because all my old friends don't have children. I am looking for a group and playmate for my daughter.


I have four year old twins but I have a friend with a 2 1/2 year old. Send me an email at elena_curtis@hotmail.com and I can forward your information to her!

Hello, I am a single mother of four {11,6,3,1} the three girls are the oldest my son is the baby. Im currently a professional medical assistant.seeking a friend or pen pal for my 11 yr.old daughter she enjoys, books, and movies, but it's hard getting her to do things outside of home. If you can relate or have an 11yr. old daughter please respond to tiffanyjatlanta4@aol.com

I am new to the Tampa area and am newly pregnant and single. I am into fitness and occasionally going out but I am looking to meet trendy gals in my age group (29-40) for support, coffee meet-ups (decaf for me of course) and friendship. News moms or other pregnant women would be great!! Hope to hear from you Tampa gals!!

hi i am a single mother of a 9 month old baby in long beach california, i am looking to meet single moms my age(25) to meet up for shopping, coffee, kids activities, going out and most importantly to develop a friendship

hi i am a single mother of a 9 month old baby in long beach california, i am looking to meet single moms my age(25) to meet up for shopping, coffee, kids activities, going out and most importantly to develop a friendship

Hi. I live in Portland. I am the single parent of an 11-year-old boy. I was widowed when pregnant w/ him so have been doing it solo since birth. I am okay, we have a good life, but I am becoming very stressed about handling the teen years on my own. He is going to be a very tall/big man, he is 11 and already 5' 5"! I want to be able to 'mother' him as a growing pre-adolescent and adolescent with all it entails without feeling like a failure or going crazy! Any advice/groups/etc. appreciated.


Hello =) My name is Amber McCollum, I'm 19 years old and I live in the LA/LB area and I am 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and I am dire need of somewhere to stay. I am currently unemployed but I do receive checks in the mail and I have had three interviews that seem extremely promising, so if anyone needs a roommate or anything =) Just call me and leave me a message (562-519-8026) with your information and I'll get back to you =) Or you can just email me if you have any questions or words of advice. I truly appreciate it, thanks =)

Dear Single Mothers,

My name is Katherine Moss and I am writing to you from CHIANG MAI, NORTHERN THAILAND. I am currently living and working at a home for Single Mothers and was hoping you or your organisation may be of support to us. All of us at "Refuge Ministries Thailand" appreciate you reading this email.

We established this HOME FOR SINGLE MOTHER'S & THEIR CHILDREN called "Home of the Swallow" in 2007 after realizing the plight of hundreds and thousands of children who were being orphaned every year in Thailand. Many of the mothers were raped or abused. Many are disadvantaged, destitute and simply lack funding and support to care for their children. They relinquish their children to government orphanages or other care facilities thinking that there is no other option for them!

Our home for single mothers has been a HUGE BLESSING to the women and children that have come to stay and we are proud to say that the home offers these women a new opportunity in life and a brighter future… a life more abundant. We also have a SEWING BUSINESS called "Swallow's Nest" that provides the women with EDUCATION, TRAINING & FLEXIBLE EMPLOYMENT. We believe in these women and children, we love them and we teach them that they can raise their children as single parents. We will be side by side them every step of the way.

As a non-profit-organization we solely rely on support and donations from individuals and organizations to stay operational. WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue helping these single mothers and their beautiful children. As someone that obviously understands how hard it is to raise a child without a partner, I hope you can understand that it is even harder in a country where the majority of people live below the poverty line. Monthly income for women is about $US 120. After paying for nappies, milk, doctor’s bills, food, rent etc there is no money left over for them!

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Our obvious need is FUNDING. We would like to continue this project for a long time to come but we need the finances to pay for rent, staff, food, sponsorship etc to help these women. PRODUCTS. Do you have any childcare supplies that you can send our way? Milk, nappies, childcare products are always in need. If we have excess we use it to bless other struggling women in northern villages. AWARENESS. Do you know others that may be able to support us and help the women? Can you forward this email on to them? BUY OUR PRODUCTS. Order Baby and Thai products from our Swallow’s Nest sewing product range. PRAY. Keep the women and children in your thoughts and prayers.

I have attached 2 flyers to this email with some photos of the women, children and the projects. Please also check out our website www.refugeministriesthailand.org and feel free to email me if you have any questions. Thank you again for your time in reading this email. I hope you will be able to support us in continuing to serve single mothers and their children in Thailand! Thank you again!

Kind Regards,

Katherine Moss

Program Development & Fundraising

Refuge Ministries Thailand

Katherinemoss10@hotmail.com or admin@refugeministriesthailand.org

+66 844 069 411

PO Box 71, Chiang Mai 50,000, Thailand


I am a 34 yr old single mom of a three year old boy in Portland, OR. We just moved here in March and I have yet to meet other Moms in my situation. I have full custody, am going back to school and have yet to meet anyone in a similar situation. His father lives abroad and has minimal contact and I could really use a friend here in Portland to meet up with, have playdates and hopefully establish bonds.

Hi I am a 23 year old single mom to a charming 3year old. I live in NYC i am very interested in meeting other single mom in my area.

Any Portland, OR moms with traveling dads out there? Aviation industry...hard on moms.

Hi, my name is Michele, I am an undergraduate doing a survey for all single mothers who have children between the ages of 6 & 12, and who live in California. If you are interested, it only takes 10 minutes. Please email me and I will send you the online link. mgarciamartinez89@gmail.com
Thank you!

Hi, it's Michele again, the undergraduate. Here is the link for the survey:
I need people to fill it out very soon so if you can do it today I would really appreciate it.



Hi I am looking for a single mom support group for my sister that lives in the Atlanta area. She is a single mom of two children ages 6 and 1 years of age. She is currently working towards her Masters degree and none of her friends have children and she feels like they cant relate to her.


I am a 28 year old single mother, with an almost 4 month old son. I am looking for a group to belong to in the Atlanta, GA area so that I can build friendships with like- minded people....any suggestions??

Hi Urban Mamas!

I’m the Casting Producer for Season 6 of “SUPERNANNY” on ABC!! This season we are hoping to find even more families that need the help of Nanny Jo! I would love to spread the word to the members of your group in case any of them are interested in applying for the show, OR know the perfect family to refer...

We only have 2 weeks left of casting for the entire season!!!

Please feel free to contact us for more information or questions!

Vanessa Ranko


Thank you!


ABC’s hit parenting show SUPERNANNY is looking for families!

*Are you fed up with your kids and had enough sassy back talk, disrespect and shenanigans? If you think your family could use a visit from America’s #1 nanny, Jo Frost, contact us now!

We are searching for unique families with toddlers to teens with ordinary to extraordinary circumstances.

To apply to be on the show, nominate another family for the show or for more information, go to www.supernanny.com, or contact the casting department directly at vanessaranko@gmail.com

I'm a single mom of a 10-year old girl whom I adopted from Cambodia. Lately my daughter has been feeling different because she does not have a father. I was wondering if there are any single mom/adoptive children groups out there that we could join so that my daughter does not feel so alone in what she's experiencing?


I'm a single mother of three 12,9,and 6 and I am looking into moving to portland from phoenix. I was wondering if I could get advice on locations and schools.

Thank You

Hi Sonja,

I love our neighborhoods in SW Portland by Gabriel Park.


I raised my daughter alone in NYC. She is now turning 14 and has become defiant, rude, mean, and a liar. I really need some support & would like to know others going through or who have gone successfully past this difficult stage.

Hi Urban Moms,

Hi, my name is Jodi and I work for a daytime talk show. For our new season we'd love to feature a mom living in NY, NJ, PA or CT who’s going through a divorce and we will follow her journey all season long. The purpose is to allow you to share your experiences with all of the other moms going through the same thing while inspiring them with the reality that life goes on and there is happiness at the end of the tunnel. Our show is extremely sensitive about this difficult topic. If you'd like to share your story or have questions, you can email me at DaytimeTVShow@gmail.com.

All my best,

Hi I'm Carris I'm 10wks prego and have a 7 yr daughter. My husband just decided he does not want this life and left. I'm looking for a support group of mothers single or not. I would love to email, play dates, ineraction with women that are supportive and understand my decision to keep my child. I look forward to hearing from you. I am currently in Eugene and often in Portland.

I am Colleen also 11 weeks single expectant woman in NYC looking for a support group.

Hi, My name is Terah and I am 27 years old, expecting a baby boy in July 2011. I became pregnant unexpectadly and have decided to raise him on my own. I would really love to get and share advise from other single mothers. I am doing this all alone since my family is all located in North East Washington. It would be nice to have a support system here in the portland area:)

I am a single mother of two trying to go back to school to pursue nursing. Do you know of any websites that would be helpful for me?


We are shooting a documentary about mother’s raising a family against all the odds -- we are interested in exploring the dynamics of the single mom experience-- and how it relates to your career, love life, maintaining your household and your relationship with the other parent.

All submissions are confidential. If you wish to be considered, please send us your name, number and photo to mommydoc2011@gmail.com (Please note: Upon receipt of your email you will receive a survey)

Single moms doing it on your own....check out pdx-smc.yahoo.com (I think that's the address or you can do a search on yahoo groups) for our local Portland Single mothers by choice group. This is a group for 24-7-365 moms who either got pregnant by accident or by adoption or by artifici!al insemination (donors). We meet monthly for fun, food and support. We have thinkers, tryers, pregnant women and moms in the group.

I am a single mom in Portland, Oregon looking for playmate for my 2 year old daughter. Pleae email me at shela_jones@hotmail.com
Hope to make some true friends

I'm a single mother of two, boy 6 and girl 5. I'm interested in meeting other single mothers please email me at bsmart04@gmail.com.

hi im interested in meeting other single moms. i have a 2 month old please email me at kameron_smith11@hotmail.com

Hi! My name is Alice Majano and I've just recently become a single parent. I am 24 years old and would love to meet other ladies who might be able to relate. I live in Duluth, Ga but am willing to consider the nearby areas to be able to meet new friends. My son is a spunky 3 years old boy who loves playdates;)

Sisters Link Atlanta is having a single mom spa day giveaway. Free Entry. www.sisterslinkatlanta.org

Hi I am a 23 year old single mom of a 2 an 1/2 yr old girl. I'm trying to start a single moms group in Elpaso, IL I'm not sure at all where to start if someone has some advice id gladly except. You can email me @ elliesmama09@gmail.com. thanx so much!

Hi, I just started a Single Moms "Club" on Facebook. If you are a single parent and need advice, support, or to just vent then come "Like" my page!


i am a single parent of a one yr old in atlanta i really need a suppot group.

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