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Grandbabies unite

I was lucky enough to be raised, significantly, by my grandparents - my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandmother. Boy, oh, boy, I would have loved this idea!

My name is Kim. I live in NE Portland and I'm the first-time mom of a 10-month-old baby girl. I work 4 days a week and I'm lucky enough to have my mom take care of my daughter while I'm at work. I know there must be other grandparents out there who take care of their grandbabies while the parents are at work. I am looking to put together a play group of babies/toddlers and their grandparents so that my mom can meet other grandparent/caregivers and my daughter can be around other children. I'd love to hear from anyone that might be interested.


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I take Anders to the indoor playgym at Penninsula Park Community Center and there are several grandmas who watch their grandkids regularly and take them to play in the mornings. She might be able to meet some grandmas this way. If nothing else, it's the best 50 cents you can possibly spend on a rainy morning in Portland!

My mom lives with us and helps care for my 13-month old boy. However, she doesn't drive anywhere with him -- she takes him on walks. We could always host another grandma and child, or my mom could meet someone at a nearby park. We live in Irvington. GREAT IDEA.

Hi Kim,
What a great idea! My mom takes care of our 10 month old daughter and 31/2 year old son, who is now in preschool two days a week. She would love to meet other grandmothers who are with their grandchildren - it would be especially fun since our daughters are the same age. Please keep me posted as the details emerge.

Hi there-
I was wondering if you folks ever got a group or meetings together as I often care for my 2 year old granddaughter and would relish the idea of meeting other grandmas who'd like to get together for playdates, etc.

Hi Catherine and all other Urban Grandmas!
My mom is looking for other grandmothers who are taking care of grandchildren. She watches my nephew Nicholas, who is 18 months old, once a week on Tuesdays and she is in SW PDX. Does anyone know if a grandma group got going, or if not, would you be interested in setting up a playdate to start a group?

Thanks so much.

My mom will be moving to Portland next month and will be watching my son who is 2. Since she will be new to town, I think it would be a great way for her to meet some people, not to mention the social aspect for my son.

Urban Grandmas, I recently moved to Portland from Alaska and take care of my 18mo old grandson part-time in NE. I would be interested in meeting other active grandmas who enjoy taking their grandkids hiking or trips to the parks indoor or outdoors.

Hi I watch my 8 week old grandson and my 8 year old grandson i live in Biloxi Ms would love to meet others

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