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bras for tweens: help!

If you're a faithful reader of my blog, or if you've happened upon me "IRL" in the past few weeks, you know: I suddenly have double the children. My two latest family members are girls, ages 8 and 11. Ms. 11-year-old (gasp) needs an eensy weensy bra.

What's a mama, faithfully dedicated to all things boy, to do? I've never even considered the problem of bras. I chatted with Laura of oh Baby tonight and she offered two options: (1) go into her store for a "sweet little cotton crossover cotton bra" or (2) Sears. She didn't even give raves to Nordstrom -- I'd considered that as I need to get the girls shoes, too (too many complaints of "my legs hurt!" after long walks has driven me to get a good fit no matter what the price).

So I now ask what I'd never thought I'd need to (and certainly not in the first decade of the millennium): where's the best place to go to get my 11-year-old girl fitted for a bra? Please oh please. Help me. And if you can't, please meet me at Laura's new shop next to Cadillac Cafe this Saturday. And send girly vibes my way.


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Okay, I feel bad that no one has responded to you, especially after reading your blog! Sara, you're a saint for taking this on. My hat's waaay off to you. Now, about the bra...Does she need cups, like does she have real breasts that need support for comfort or does she just need something to smooth things out? My first was a little elastic dealie from JC Pennys. It didn't really have cups, and its size was based on the circumference of my ribcage. These come in boxes, usualy. I think I also recently saw some in the older kids' clothes section at Fred Meyers. If she needs cups, why not Nordstrom? I've always (except for one time) had great fittings there. The bras are spendy,though. She'll also need to learn how to take care of a bra which may be too much for her. You could also just go for a sport bra from Target.

And if there is anything you need, email me!

Seriously!? WOW.
First off, I think you should get the girls on some chores, they could for sure help you out with the food prep and cleaning. They are totally old enough.
Next, what could I donate to the girls? Some school supplies? Could I send you some stuff? Do they need an outfit each, if so what size? As far as the bra, let her guide you into what she likes and is comfortable with... GapBody has some cute styles, soft cup, molded cup, etc. choices that are relatively tame. Check out their sale. With that said, check out Old Navy and Target as well.

You are doing a great thing, sounds like these girls haven't had alot of stability and need help. Please let me know what you need.

They'll measure her at Gap Body as well.

The best place to get fitted is actually a specialty lingere store, the kind that carry *all* sizes of bras and have a certified fitter. Guessing that's going to be a wee bit intimidating, so I'd suggest the next best thing: go to Nordstrom's and get her fitted there. The salespeople in lingere know their stuff and will get you started with just what size she really should wear (and you don't have to actually *buy* anything there). She is so lucky to have someone there to help with something so awkward - I remember needing a bra at 11 (I was a B cup by that point). Hats off to you, and hugs to the girls.

Go to Oh Baby definitely! Laura will fit them both and then she'll either give you a huge discount or you can just take the information and go to Target knowing their sizes.

i got a fitting one at big lots for my daughter who is 11

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