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Bella Stella changes (helping) hands

Bella Stella, the mama/children's resale and retail boutique on NE Broadway, changed ownership recently. I stopped in today with my two year old and baby and found the shop rearranged and well-stocked with a nice array of new items (as well as resale). The new owner Laurel couldn't have been more helpful or friendly; she knowledgeably showed me around their selection of baby carriers/slings and chatted with me, waving me off kindly when I apologized for my two year old's destruction of her shoe display. And! when I sat to breastfeed my baby, she brought me a cold glass of water and led my toddler off, playing with him to keep him occupied for me! Laurel made our stop feel more like visiting a friend than just shopping, which is what keeps me coming back. Thank you Laurel and hooray for another mama/kid friendly consignment store to frequent! 

Bella Stella is located at 2635 NE Broadway.


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I also recently stopped by Bella + Stella and found the new owner to be very pleasant and accomodating. The new merchandise is great & often local, and the store is well-stocked. I exchanged a bunch of items for good exchange value and found much to exchange for. I plan to put Bella + Stella back on my list of great resale shops!

Is that near 102nd street? I can't function without cross-streets! :) Sounds like a lovely shop.

It's next door to Cha Cha Cha (yummy burrito place) between 26th and 27th. I'll have to check it out. I haven't been there in a while after having some consignment issues with a former owner.

Thank You guys!!
I have really enjoyed meeting you ladies as well and hanging out with your babes and kids. I'm new at this though, and appreciate the feedback, good and bad. The good feedback certainly is heartening though!
Owner Bella Stella

I love shoping at Bella Stella, Laurel is always very welcoming. Let's keep supporting her and her beautiful shop.

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