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urbanMamas Bazaar, next Saturday

We started calling it an 'art fair', but we've recently been referring to it as a bazaar. We've had a tremendous response from mamas wanting to share goods and services with the rest of the urbanMamas community:

Amy McMullen of Amy McMullen Photography
Larissa Brown and her handmade items
Leigh Rubio of New For Baby
Michaela Santen of BumpStyle
Robyn Taylor Barbon of Portland at Play
Angela of Rowanberry School
Cynthia Thompson of Zoom Baby Gear
Kate Haas of Miranda Zine
Anna Hoffert and her Handmade items
Lisa Golightly of Kiki & Polly

Hope you can join us for some coffee, delphina pastries, and some good company! How many of you think you can join us? Please RSVP in the comments...

urbanMamas Bazaar
Saturday, August 19th
10 AM to 2 PM
Milagros Family Room
5429 - 5433 NE 30th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211

*** thank you to Milagros for co-hosting this event ***


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Count me in for at least three (myself and my two beautiful boys) and hopefully a fourth, my super duper husband. Can't wait! --Cindy

Will be there with my little one.

count me in for at least one after 12.

I'll be there as well. I may bring some cominbation of my boys or none at all. See you there.

Not sure if I can come, but I love the idea. Are there things for kids to do while the mamas chat?

I'll be there - hubby & daughter may be joining me. We're not sure yet.

Just wanted to let you all know that we WILL have some kiddie activites, so hopefully mamas can chat. First off, there are play areas, one each in the Milagros store and in the Milagros Family Room.

In addition, Angela of Rowanberry School (!! thank you !!) will be helping to provide watercolor paper, water soluble crayons and pencils, and watercolor brushes, to be used in all sorts of ways. Did you know water soluble crayons can be used for face painting?

Finally, we forgot to mention that we'll have a few more urbanMamas tees to sell off. See sample photos here: http://urbanmamas.typepad.com/urbanmamas/2006/05/tees_tease.html

Yup - I'll be there! With my 2.5 year old gal. Look forward to meeting some of you!

Do we need to reserve a tee? I sure want one!1ยง

Same day as our Mother Tree Community Picnic at Laurelhurst (noon to 3 p.m.) BUT would love to come by early at 10ish and would love to be included the next time you host this event!


Jesse Henderson, Mother Tree Doula Services

I'm planning to come with jonathan, everett and truman, but I'm flying back from new york that morning so i may just catch the end :)

I plan to come with my 2 girls.

Yippee! We plan to be there in the morning with our almost-three-year-old and our 3 month old. Yay for Angela for providing activities!

can't wait to meet everyone!!
also... if you have fliers to promote the event, we'd be happy to have them here at tour de crepes! let me know how to help spread the word.

I will be there and selling urbanMamas t-shirts! There are random sizes available, mostly for the kiddos. Check with me at the sale for your size! I think my son may be there for the first part but not the afternoon...

I'll be there with my 15-month old. Probably after noon.

I should be there with my husband and 2 kids, probably after lunch.

Thank you to everyone who shared their works and to UrbanMamas for putting this event together. It was a fun day with A LOT of great stuff to see!

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