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running scared in Hood-to-Coast


I just said 'goodbye' to Erica and Jackson; I'd just come from Larissa's house. We're all (me chiefest among them) a little terrified. Along with Hau, Olivia, and a bunch of other wonderful urbanMamas, we'll be running the Hood-to-Coast tomorrow (and Saturday). Our start time: 8:45 a.m., and if we go according to our estimates, Larissa will be running through Portland between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., handing off to Hau around the Hawthorne Bridge (check out the map in today's Oregonian, the back of the Sports section, or see the PDF of the route here).

I'm amazed that we're doing this all together, it seems wild, crazy, and oh-my-god-what-was-I-thinking. But I realized while I was sitting at my computer, worrying and wondering how we would make it through: we have a secret! Haha. Not only are we accustomed to marathon-style pain (we all gave birth, after all, many to more than one baby), but we're fabulous at operating at peak efficiency for days on end without any sleep to speak of.

They say women who have given birth in the past year are far better at the marathon than women of similar age, but no small babies. I think our recent connection to the highly difficult time of pregnancy, birth and early childhood makes us beyond prepared for the road ahead.

Here's to us, and to all of you who've trained with us and cheered us on. And here's to being an urbanMama, possibly the best training program in the world ... for anything!


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good luck, mamas! make us proud! (hell, just the fact that you SIGNED up for the run makes me proud, so i guess you've taken care of that already) run, mamas, run!

SO excited for all of you! what a fabulous adventure you are taking on! you are all incredible mamas!

I can't believe it's tommorrow! I'm nervous and excited. Just very recently, my biggest obstacle to running has been not being able to complete my designated run. Not because of injuries or lack of training, but the fact that my 1 year old breaks down in a fit of tears about 1 mile into my route. The run is cut short, and I end up having to carry him and push the stroller where my 3.5 year old sits while telling me to "run mama run" as we return home. Certainly not the type of training I wanted, but yeah, it will work especially when you've got to figure how to train "creatively" with the kids.

You guys are going to do so great! Have a safe and fun relay this weekend. I'll be out cheering you through the streets of Portland! Good runs to all of you!!

Hau- I spotted you crossing Grand about a week ago, pushing the Chariot. Amazing!

Good luck mamas! I've done the Bay Area equivalent a couple times but not since having my son. It sounds like I need to get back out there!

Run mamas run!

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