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Mommies Who Drink - This Sunday, August 27th

Don't miss out on this end of the summer social gathering!  If it's anything like previous Mother Talk events, it will be a total blast.  Undoubtedly you will meet some new mamas, and will have an unbelieveably intimate setting to connect:

Kick off the end of summer/beginning of fall with this can't-miss, hang-out-with-other-mommies gathering with guest Brett Paesel, the author of "Mommies Who Drink." The "Mommies" in the book are Brett (a mother with a wicked sense of humor and a great love for her child) and her friends; the "Drink" is what they have when they meet together Friday afternoons at a local bar. This is a hilarious and moving book about motherhood and friendship. (It's easy to see why it's been optioned by HBO, the Sex and the City folks!) Come join us for a glass of wine or two, a few goodies, and a great excuse to laugh and talk about the struggles and joys of motherhood, and the saving grace of laughter and friendship. Come one, come all, urbanMamas! For further info and an Evite, contact Shari MacDonald Strong at smacblog [at] gmail [dot] com. For a taste, check out an excerpt from Brett's book at Literary Mama.


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I just got this at Borders and spent my lunch laughing soooo hard! Hope to see some of you on Sunday :)

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