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Hood To Coast Updates: A Photo Essay








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Let me just say that the whole experience so far (and we have only each run one of three legs) has been so thrilling, invigorating, and inspiring. What's most amazing is that we are among mamas here, and we have seen several Mama vans among others along the way: our own Run Mama Run, Moms on the Run (byline: who's yo' mama?), The Dolly Mommas, 37 Kids and Counting ... one of our favorite teams: "Not tonight, Honey. I'm RUNNING!"

Starting our next legs soon - the Run Mama Run team is nearing Portland at this very second!

... and we're OFF and RUNNING ...

Run, Mama, Run!!!

You ladies are great!!! Good job!

Wow...I'm inspired! (and exhausted just thinking about it.) Congratulations ladies.

It is just so awesome that you are all in this together. You go, grrrls!

Nice job mamas! You go!

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