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Looking for Tips on Resale Shops

It seems babies outgrow baby clothes as soon as you snip off the tag.  A more practical approach is to look at consigning baby clothes.  But how?  Liz wants to know:

Can the mamas please give me some advice regarding resale shops? My DS is almost 4 months and has outgrown many of his clothes. Any advice on all of the local resale shops - are they all pretty much the same when it comes to how they work? Are some better than others for geting the most value for your stuff? I live in Southeast Ptown.


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Resale is definitely the best way to go when you've got a baby/toddler and you're on a budget. I like Just 4 Kids in Hollywood. They've got a pretty good selection. I consign there, and usually keep a running tab in store credit, so I hardly ever pay cash when I go in there.

Zanzibar, right up the street from J4K, has more pricey brands like Hanna and some really nice stuff. But I don't feel it's worth it to pay those prices. Except when it comes to big ticket items, like winter coats, and then Zanzibar's my first choice.

Lots of people in SE like Piccolina in the Clinton neighborhood, but personally, I think the stuff is way overpriced for what you get. However, they do have a fairly good shoe selection, great sale bins, and the maternity section is excellent.

Children's Exchange on Division across from the old Natures is good too, and the owners are really friendly.

Almost anywhere you go will have a good selection of baby stuff. As kids get older, good quality clothes that haven't been worn to shreds are tough to find at consignment shops. However, I've found that the Value Village in Hollywood has been a great source of older kid-wear (my boys are 3 and 6). Just the other day I scored a barely worn Lands End winter coat for $6!

Happy hunting!

haven't done much consigning yet, though i hope to soon. or i might just donate it all to Insight, we'll see. i think i might be too lazy to deal with consignment.

i was given a flyer the other day for a new consignment shop that just opened up on N. Killingsworth. i'm anxious to go check it out.

Tickled Pink
1920 N. Killingsworth
T-F 10-6, Sat 11-4

I like Children's Exchange, they have lots of great gear, too, and seem to be fairly inexpensive. They have some really cute new items as well as used.

We consign at All About Kids on 119th and Glisan. They have used and some new clothes and lots of great toys and books. They sell Melissa and Doug wooden toys too, which we love.

I am a big fan of Milagros. They have a mix of new "boutique" clothing and a great selection of used baby and maternity clothing. All of it is in good condition and the prices are reasonable. I don't know if they buy clothing or not.

I also bought by Ergo there - which I absolutely love!

I forget to say where Milagros is located! They are in NE Portland and they have a website at www.milagrosboutique.com

I've had some luck at Bella Stella (NE 26th/Broadway). They have a play area for kids, plus a bathroom. The owner also makes some handmade clothes too.

Ooooo! A new resale shop closer to home! I am so excited to hear about Tickled Pick! YAY!

All of my daughter's (and soon-to-arrive-son's) clothes are handed down from cousins or from resale shops -- my maternity clothes , too! I go to Zanzibar (NE 41st & Tillamook) and Piccolina (SE 26th & Clinton) for great selections of high quality clothes. I've been to other shops but am usually disappointed with the selection.

I haven't started consigning our stuff yet and will have to think about Tickled Pink when I am ready to get rid of my daughter's clothes.

I've had good luck with maternity and children's clothing at Sweet Repeats (in the boonies) at 13157 SE 132nd just north of Sunnyside Rd (exit 14, I-205). www.sweetrepeatsforchildren.com

I've got older kids, but my youngest still gets most of her stuff from Just 4 Kids - the selection turns over pretty quickly. And I'm in the same boat as the first commenter - I hardly ever have to pay for the stuff I buy, since they get all of our cast-offs (save for the stuff that's rag material, of course.)

But I don't fuss - when I do a drop-off, I specify that anything that they can't sell or don't want should just be donated instead. That way, I don't have to hassle with it, nor do they.

One other place I frequent, since I work in Vancouver, in Spanky's (http://www.shopspankys.com/) in downtown Vancouver. They have clothes for the whole family so I get kid's, women's, maternity and even the odd shirt for my husband.

Hi Mamas,
Anne here from Tickled Pink, the spot for baby and maternity resale in North Portland. Thanks so much for passing the word that we're open! Come in and mention Urban Mamas for $5 off any purchase over $25 in August.
Also, we are buying for Fall and Winter now and we keep it simple...we buy your items outright, so you don't have to wait for money/credit from consignment. See you soon!

Yes, Milagros does consign according to their door, by appointment only. I love that place!

hi there mamas...it sounds like NoPo is the newest place for kids' resale/consignment. I'm opening LilyToad on Sept. 2 at 7322 N. Leavitt in St. John's. we'll be doing consignment (not resale) and we have some great local artisans as well (Neve maternity skirts, EarthBug).

see you there...

Hi there-

I didn't see anyone mention any resale shops on the westside so thought I would mention two. the first one is Frocks N' Britches on 99W.

13815 SW Pacific Hwy
Portland, OR 97223 - 4802
(503) 624-7782

This is a great place to resale your baby and maternity clothes as well as baby equipment. The best part is you have the choice to get cash or trade in value rather than consignment which I like not having to wait for the money or credit. This is also a great place for "new" special occasion clothing for your little one. The only negative comment I can think of is that they only take your items on Mondays by appointment.

So the second place is What Goes Around Comes Around in Old Town Sherwood.

135 N. Pine St.
Sherwood, Oregon 97140

I love this place as I think they have great prices and only take in clothing in great condition. I also just love the feel of the place as it is in an old house and really just has a family feel to it. The owner is just wonderful and friendly as well. Honestly I haven't consigned anything there but I have been a fabulous patron of the establishment.:)

This place is great! Sweetpeas 8235 SE 13th Ave, Sellwood, 503-233-1153, Tues-Sat 11-5. I found an excellent condition new generation Ergo carrier for $50 and some cute, cute baby clothes. The prices are very good and the owner is friendly. There is a small but good children's play area. She also carries maternity and a few gifty things.

Bella Stella! This place has totally undergone a transformation. Theyy have an awesome kids area, great baby carriers, mama made clothes, a great selection of maternity, resale kids, toys, the cutest shoes!!! I found wool/silk long underwear! and furniture... The new owner is really rocking this place, and she is totally into mom-made stuff. I love Bella Stella...It is on 27th and NE Broadway, next to Cha cha cha

Speaking of the West Side of town, I happen to be a fan of 'What Goes Around Comes Around' in Sherwood. I live in Beaverton and find it's worth the trip. They don't take credit cards though and once I forgot my $, but the friendly owner let me take the items anyway and told me to just mail a check in or stop in again. Anyway, I have to say they have had some of the best items I've seen on the Westside for good prices.

I also like Baby & Me in Cedar Mill, they tend to mark up some brands, but they have a good selection for all kids ages. They have great baby equipment for good prices too. No junk here.

Baby & Me
12595 NW Cornell Rd.

I have also been to Baby to Baby in Beaverton and I have consigned a few things too. They have nice cribs and all types of other baby accesories, I don't find they are real picky about what they take in, so I find I am picking through things. Good prices for good items though.

Baby to Baby
9215 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.

I know about quite a few good consignment shops but what I'm particularly in need of at this time of year is good quality inexpensive used rain coats and rain boots - any of the consignment stores have a particularly good selection or does anyone have any other suggestions?

I've had great luck at Sweet Repeats in Clackamas. Not only in selling my items but buying clothes for my daughter. What a great place to purchase items for a baby shower as some things are brand new with tags still on them. Good prices on everything. Amber & Carrie who work there are very helpful & friendly.

Check it out sometime.

Sweet Repeats
13157 SE 132nd Ave.
Clackamas, OR 97015
Tues. - Sat. 11:00am ~ 4:30pm

We just got an update from the new owner of Bella Stella so thought we'd share her story with you:

Just wanted to let you know that Bella Stella, the mama/child resale shop on 27th and NE Broadway, is under new ownership. My name is Laurel, and I just bought the store 2 months ago. This is my first business and I am working hard to transform the store into a great place for families to shop and to make it a neighborhood family resource. My husband, Daniel and my
daughter Ella and I moved to Portland from Barcelona and LOVE it here. We are so happy with how kid friendly this town is.

I have kept and expanded all of our resale and added some new products. Now we have organic cotton tights, peri ponchos, bobux shoes, gucio shoes, merino wool/silk ling underwear, wooden toys, waldorf dolls and baby carriers (moby wrap, ella roo mei tais, sutemi, new native).

My focus has been on adding local mom-made stuff, so if you are crafty, you should come in and show me your stuff! I carry hip mama zine, "Queer Mama" t-shirts "I love my mommies" shirt and all kinds of alternative family stuff, I work with my two year old most days, so Ella will be here to play. I beefed up our play area and really encourage shopping WITH kids.

I am going to begin hosting Spanish playgroups in a couple months and look forward to hearing suggestions and ideas for creating a better store. It has been great getting to meet my nieghbors ( i live across the street from the store). The store is located at 2635 NE Broadway and the phone # is 503 284 4636. I look forward to meeting all of you!

It probably goes without saying that I have had much success in finding great quality, affordable stuff at Milagros. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em.

I also just got back from Tickled Pink down the street from me and I love their space. It's chock full of good stuff, and I dropped off loads some of our stuff. The buy outright, as opposed to consign, so that could be handy for a family like us who needed to buy our biggest girl some back-to-school gear on the quick.

They have a tranquil garden out back and I'm hopeful it'll be a great spot for gathering and connecting.

ALSO, Anne mentioned that she still gets lots of urbanMamas coming in. She added that she's still honoring the $5-off discount she mentions above. Hurry in!

I wanted to let you know about a children's and maternity consignment sales event we have coming up October 21-22 in Gresham. It's called Just Between Friends, is a national franchise, and my sister and I have just acquired the Portland Metro area territory. We are very excited for our first sale. We are now accepting consignors with high quality, gently-used children's and maternity clothing, as well as toys, books, outdoor equipment, nursery equipment, furniture, etc... Consignors, Volunteers and First-time moms shop early! For more information, check us out online: portland.jbfsale.com. It'll be a fun event you won't want to miss! :)

I wanted to let all the mom's out there know that Sweetpea's Children's Resale in Sellwood has a lot of fall and winter stuff, rain gear, books, wood toys, sock monkeys and casual clothes for moms. Make it a mom's day out with coffee and ice cream right next door to Sweetpea's, Ladybug Theatre across the street, they have cute children's plays. There's a new great toy shop up 13th ave called Spiel Werks. The Library is also within a few blocks of Sweetpea's. It's a great area to take the stroller out and shop and play!
Sweetpea's address is:
8235 SE 13th ave. (It's right by New Seasons in Sellwood) The number is 503-233-1153.

I am looking for a consignment store to sell clothing made from recycles. They range from NB-5. I have a variety of coats, vests with pants for boys.

Wanted to send another shout out for Bella Stella and not just because Laurel is carrying a bunch of fun Sugar Roux goodies (bold self-promotion :) )... She is transforming this shop into a WONDERFUL kids store. She blends the value of resale with the unique character of her own designs and those of fellow mama-preneurs. All of it is reasonably priced, nice quality and so cute.

Here's her site: http://www.bellastellaresale.com/

Check her out mamas.

Just wanted to let the other Mama's know that Sweet Repeats for Children in Clackamas shut their doors.

Another great place that I have found is "All About Kids" at 11905 NE Glisan St. in Portland, OR (ph) 503-253-6826. They have high quality clothing, books, toys, bedding whatever any baby/toddler will ever need. They also cosign. They are open 6 days a week ~ Mon. - Fri. 10-5:30 and Sat. 10:00 - 5:00.

Stop by there sometime, great items are waiting to be purchased.

Hello Urban Mamas! I'd like to introduce you all to the newest children's resale shop in Portland: Hoot-n-Annie! Michelle and Tracy (that's me) run the joint; Michelle is a recent transplant from Minneapolis with a long history of working with kids and their families in school-aged care and I am a Portland native and no stranger to recycled children's fashions - I owned Gingerbread Express waaay back in the day (anyone remember 1994-1997?) :) I have been longing to get back into children's resale and finally, the opportunity arrived and here I am!

We opened our doors November 1st and have been excited by the support we've received so far. Hoot-n-Annie is located in SW Portland off Barbur Boulevard, and carries only the very best in children's resale. Our goal is to offer exceptional-quality kid's clothing at very reasonable prices ... you won't find rips, tears, stains, dried food chunks, missing buttons or worn-out knees on our racks ... but check out our 'as is' section for terrific items that have a lot of life left in them, despite a few imperfections.

We carry newborn through size 8+, as well as a fun selection of gifts and other merriment: Ruckus games, Sternlein cotton tights from Germany (including stripey organic cotton!), Sleepy Head flannel and satin pillowcases, Unexpected Design notecard sets made from recycled magazine images, Perrystar barrettes, and adorable hand-painted wood frames.

We're committed to being a reliable resource for Portland parents. We're open late every Tuesday night (until 7) to accommodate working families, and our clothing exchange policies are straight-forward and easy: we offer immediate (and generous) in-store credit for the items you bring in. No appointment needed, no limit on the number of items you bring in. We're also launching a donation program in 2007 that I'm really excited about: it's a way to provide much-needed financial donations to non-profit organizations in our community. Stay tuned for details!

We do hope to see you soon - We're open Tuesdays from 9am to 7pm, and Wednesday-Saturdays from 9am to 4pm. We're located just off Barbur Boulevard at 8426 SW 22nd Avenue (take the Barbur Blvd exit off I5 South, turn right onto Barbur, then right again on 22nd). Call us with any questions at (503) 246-1235. Email your address for our mailing list (we will NEVER share it) to info@hoot-n-annie.com

**Mention that you are an Urban Mama for 10% off your purchase - any time!**

Tracy & Michelle

PS: we just LOVE the resale scene here in Portland. We've been to every shop mentioned and they're all fantastic - the trick is to visit them all. You'll find your favorite shops and likely visit those more often, but the best way to keep your babies and kids stocked in comfortable, fashionable, high-quality affordable clothing is to shop around. With constantly changing inventories (the best part about resale, in my opinion), you never know what treasures you'll find!

Finally a place to find local resale sale shops that are reasonable. Another way I found interesting in buying and selling your clothing or kids toys and such is called the craigslist.I wanted to know if any of you moms ever considered this? Its not only local but if you sale your items you get all the money. It's nothing like Ebay were you have to go threw paypal.You can sell or buy things.Theres even a barter section. Thought I'd pass the word on to give others a chance to save money.website....

Thanks again for all the great info.

Hi. My friend and I have been making really unique, hipster, vintage-inspired children's clothing out of recycled fabrics for the last few months. We sell our line at Polliwog right now but are looking to expand to another retail store in an area other than SE. Does anyone know of a store that sells new clothing and is open to locally-made, one-of-a-kind children's clothes? (Please take a look at our website to get an idea of what we make www.gooseberrypdx.com.) We appreciate any ideas (or feedback) that you have for marketing our eco-conscious fashions. Thanks! Stephanie

Just an update: I noticed that Frocks & Britches on 99W in Tigard was mentioned above, but it closed at the end of January. I used to shop there a lot and was very sad when they closed (although I admit I made off like a bandit from their closing sales!).

In its place is the third Oregon location for the Baby & Me consignment chain. It's a LOT more expensive than what Frocks & Britches was, but the clothes tend to be all name brand and in great condition.

More props out to Milagros and Bella Stella. Love them both!

I drove down broadway the other day - did I see a "for rent" sign on the bella stella space? Please say I didn't...

I just wanted to pop by and say hi! My hubby and I are the owners of new shop named Mommy 2 Mommy. We opened January 21st. One of our customers suggested I come on and introduce myself.

Just to let you know a little about us. We have tons of stuff in our store and very affordable prices along with great selection. We also have awesome sales and coupons. The best way to find out about sales and what is going on in the shop is to check out our web site at: www.Mommy-2-Mommy.com

If you are looking to get rid of your unwanted maternity or children's items then we will pay cash for up front...good extra cash and no waiting for a consignment check. We buy all seasons of clothing sizes newborn-8 along with anything else related to children or pregnancy. You can stop in to sell anytime we are open.

Our hours are:
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday we are Closed for much needed family time!

We are located at:
13157 SE 132nd Clackamas 97015
That's off of 132nd and Sunnyside road

Call with any questions or for directions 503-698-3200 and I hope to see or hear from you soon.

You gave me a good idea what to do with the useless maternity clothing, baby clothing. I wish you to find the best price for your clothes.

Cat, I think Bella Stella's still there - the For Rent signed looked to be on another space.

Bella Stella is still there! They have and expanding selection of local momma made stuff and lots of great resale items.

i did it. it was one of my goals...to build a business in st. johns. when we moved here 4 years ago, luke and i used to spend hours on our porch with a beer saying "it would be great to have a (you fill in the blank
business) here." we must have come up with 20 really great businesses we would love to have in our neighborhood, and LilyToad was one of them. actually, it was the only one of the 20 that i thought i might have a shot at building. since then, st. johns has
become a really great place to live, and we're lucky to live in a small "village" in the city.

as we approach the “conception” date of LilyToad, we also move to the next step in our business vision: opening up ownership of the store to additional members. My goal for LilyToad has been for it to be a
community – in addition to being a fun place for kids and parents to hang out, a great shop to recycle your pre-loved clothes, and a supportive environment for creative mamas to sell their goods.

If you’re interested in learning more about this cooperative-style ownership (membership, in LLC-speak), please contact me!

...because now that it's here and it's good, i'd love for more mamas to have a chance to enjoy owning a bit of a business, working & creating together, and continuing to build a community.

Want to let other Urban Mamas to know that All About Kids at 11905 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR is having a sale. 20% off everthing in the store!! May 17th, 18th & 19th ~ 2007. Lots of clothing, toys, books and videos to choose from. Stop by & take a look.

Store Hours:
M-F 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Sat. 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Closed on Sunday

join us for a day of family FUN!!

The 45th annual St. Johns parade kicks off today at noon and this marks the first year of aptly named St. Johns Bizarre - an open market with vendors, music, a beer garden, and more.

LilyToad will celebrate with a Mother's Day Sale, offering 10-40% off everything in the store. We'll also have a drawing for a LilyToad tshirt and gift certificate, and the kiddos will be manning a lemonade stand.

Stop in for great Mother's Day deals on Neve and Karina Potestio maternity/mama skirts, Ghana baskets imported by Kruger's farm, and mama/child photography from around the world.

See you there!
We're open Sat. May 12th from 10-5
(closed Sunday for Mother's Day)
7322 N. Leavitt

Hoot-n-Annie wants to let all our Urban Mamas friends know of a few tasty tidbits:

1. We've changed our phone number! We can now be reached at (503) 548-HOOT (4668)

2. We're having a Baby Blowout sale July 1-14th ... all newborn through 12-month resale items are 35% off!

3. We're having a Red, White & Blue sale on Wedensday, July 4th (9am-4pm). Any item that has red, white, or blue on it is 20% off (and believe us, there are very few items that DON'T have red, white or blue!)

4. We're hosting a survey in July! If you're interested in telling us what YOU want in a childeren's resale shop, please click on the survey link at www.hoot-n-annie.com before July 31st!

5. We've just published our very first newsletter! If you'd like an electronic copy, send us your email address. If you want a physical copy, send us your snail mail address! (tracy@hoot-n-annie.com)

~Tracy & Michelle
Hoot-n-Annie Children's Clothing Exchange

Toni we use the same resale shop "All About Kids".And if you are looking for tips on Resale Shops that is the best choice especially for baby/toddler.

I am looking for a great resale shop that carries bigger sizes like 16 and juniors esecially for special occasions like Easter and church. Any one have any good experiences?

We all are always looking for the "Best Deal in Town" and this is it! We Love Kids is a secret treasure that needs to be found by you. I found it 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. And now 2 boys and a girl later I haven't bought clothes for my kids anywhere else. When you arrive you will find racks filled with baby and kids clothes and every accessory you could ever want. Suzie, the owner is very helpful and so friendly, not only to you, but also to your kids (which is hard to find at resale stores!)

The best part is the prices. Every month there is a special going on where you usually get something for a dollar or up to 50% off. If it is your first time there you can get a coupon for 50% off your entire purchase! Then after you sign up for their mailing list (don't freek out, all they do is send you coupons that is it. They don't give your info to anyone!) you get coupons for up to 75% off. That makes most of the items you purchase under $2 each! Plus, the quality is leagues better than going to a thrift store.

With today's economy, saving money on "forever growing out of" children's clothing is essential. Why spend more when you don't have to. I am also a consigner there and love how organized they are. We Love Kids is easy to find, off of 82nd near Clackamas Town Center, right behind Michael's Craft store. Go check it out, you and your pocketbook will be glad you did!

I absolutely LOVE Piccolina at 26th & SE Clinton. The place is packed with only the highest quality used kids & maternity clothing for a fraction of the original price. And kids shoes, hats & toys are great, too. Love the apmosphere. The new owner is always friendly & helpful. I consigned our crib, bedding & stroller thru Piccolina & they sold so quick. Sara's picky about what she buys/sells in her shop, all the better for us!

I am to lazy for consignment looking for a resale shop in Portland, OR for maternity and children that will buy outright. Any suggestions.

Most places will do trade outright...I know that 'Bella Stella' and 'The Childrens Exchange' both do.

I love Sweet Pea's in Sellwood. I have found that for consignment they pay the best rates (50%). Compare that to 30-40% at most other consignment shops in town.

Zanzibar and Tickled Pink both buy out right. So does Once Upon a Child in Vancouver (in the Orchards area). It's not in PDX but I find that it's well worth the drive. Their selections are great, all the name brands and in great condition. The store is really big and their section is GINORMOUS!! I have found that they have some of the most competitive prices around. I go there whenever I really want to stock up. What you don't find here is artsy locally made clothing...

I'm just noticing that no mention has been made yet about Queens Mab on Killingsworth, where Tickled Pink was once located... Ella bought the store last Spring. She's carrying a nice selection of new, resale and handmade items including maternity and larger baby gear like strollers, swings, bouncy seats, etc. As far as resale goes, I believe she's doing consignment as well as just buying it outright, depending on what kind of "cut" you want. She carries some beautiful new items for babies and is building a nice inventory of wooden (non toxic, environmentally friendly) toys, bamboo clothing and blankets, and some nursing wear for the mamas.

A bit of self promotion, but for a really good cause: I sell a line of children's books (Barefoot Books) that Ella is carrying in her store for the month of November. I am donating 20% of in-store sales and 10% of online sales to the Children's Relief Nursery in St. Johns at the end of the month. It's a great reason to stop by and see her shop, and possibly pick up a few books for your kids for the holidays too.

The Just Between Friends Children's & Maternity Consignment Sales Events are amazing. You can find anything & everything for babies, kids, maternity & nursing. They happen twice a year (usually the end of April and the end of September) and from now on they will be held at the Portland Expo Center.

This is one of the best events I can think of for parents looking for bargains to know about. Not only can you SHOP to get great deals on clothes, toys, equipment, etc. for your kids. You can also make money by SELLING (consigning) the items your kids no longer need. You can even VOLUNTEER and get into the exclusive pre-sale to shop before the general public to get the best deals. You just have to register ahead of time if you want to consign.

The next sale dates are:

Public Sale Dates: April 25-26
Exclusive Pre-Sale: April 24
Half Price Day: April 26
Location: Portland Expo Center

Once you discover Just Between Friends, you won't want to miss a sale again.

Check out all the details at http://www.portland.jbfsale.com

We just started a twice yearly consignment sale in Milwaukie, check us out!

The Irvington Cooperative Preschool does an amazing job with their rummage sale. This is a great opportunity to find good quality kids clothing at garage sale prices. They will also be selling other items such as: toys, furniture, games, sports equipment, small appliances, kitchenwares,CDs/DVDs/Videos, shoes,baby stuff,etc (and the proceeds go towards an amazing preschool program)

Sale Days:
Friday, April 3
Saturday, April 4
9:30 am-3pm

Located in the Irvington Neighborhood on the corner of NE Knott and NE 15th Ave. (in the Augustana Lutheran Church)

I second Leah! Queen mab on Killingsworth is a great shop! She has used boy stuff!!! And her stuff is not over priced or worn out! Plus Ella is a really fun, down to earth Mom!!! Great selection!!!

You can certainly get cheap and quality products even from resale shops.

Hey there!
I am looking for a place that will just buy child's clothing and what nots. I need to come up with fast cash and I have a bunch of my daughter's stuff from when she was a baby, she is 2 now. We are in a situation where I need to come up with money ASAP and I cant wait for my things to be on consignment. Can anyone help me? Thank you all who took the time to read this and respond.

Hi Maggie, If you read all the comments you can find the answer to your question. Since you need quick cash I think consigning is not a good option, other good option is to sell your child's clothing at website like craigslist. If you are lucky you can sell your baby's clothes within 2 or 3 days from the day you advertise.

cute post I'm your newest follower! :)

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