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On the Topic of Vaccines

Sadie commented a while back:

I'd be interested in uM's points of view on vaccinations in general. All or none? Some or one? Younger or older? What if you travel abroad? And so on. I know this is a loaded topic, and perhaps this isn't the right thread for it. But i looked around and couldn't find a discussion on the matter.

Kate mentioned that:

I think it is a pretty loaded topic, but all the discussions I've seen on uM so far have been respectful, so I'm sure it could be done.

Sarah commented:

I highly recommend the book "Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives" by Aviva Jill Romm. We ultimately decided to vaccinate selectively (after one year) and I found this book to be very comprehensive and easy to understand, no matter what you decide.

What's yours?


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This can be a tricky topic for folks because some folks throw themselves into a particular camp - every vaccine vs. no vaccines - with a great deal of rigor and in some cases vitriolic fervor towards folks in the other camp.

Our choice? We are in the middle. Here are some of the personal choices we have made thus far and our reasoning for them:

1) Delayed Vaccinations: We delayed all vaccines until Mila was one year old. We felt like she would be less vulnerable to potential side effects and since she was almost exclusively breastfed during that first year, she was already benefiting from the Jen's existing immunities.

2) Choosing Immunizations Based on Potential Exposure: The first vaccine we did was tetanus. Tetanus is commonly found in the environment and especially in any soil with manure - farms, gardens, etc. Once Mila was walking and especially mobile in outdoor settings, we felt like it was time to begin a tetanus series.

As another example of this criterion, we recently traveled to New Zealand. Because of the significant outbreak of Polio in Asia and the significant amount of travel between Asia and NZ, having immunized for Polio was part of our trip planning and preparation.

3) Limiting Risk from Vaccine Administration: We have chosen dead strain versions of vaccines and mercury-free versions of vaccines. We have also "broken out" vaccines that are often grouped when possible -unless doing so would result in exposure to mercury. These choices were done in consultation with our physician and were made to balance the potential side effects of the vaccines themselves versus benefits. Mercury is of particular concern to us because studies have shown a correlation between mercury and autism. (note: a definitive casual relationship has not been proven)

4) Allowing for natural immunity development: There are some traditional childhood diseases out there that are more of an inconvenience than a mortal danger. The best example of this is chicken pox.

Mila contracted Chicken Pox when she was two, it was no big deal for her at all - the discomfort seems to be less the younger the age of exposure.

In response to requests from friends, we had a Chicken Pox party! Kids came and played and shared lollipops and food with Mila so that they could also get chicken pox at a time and age that was less threatening for them. This "community inoculation event" was a lot of fun for a child who was otherwise sequestered.

So what do I recommend to anyone thinking about vaccination choices?:

1) Get educated
2) Take an active role in discussing this topic (actually ANY health topic) with your health care provider
3) If you have a provider who is unwilling to completely discuss your choices or involve you in the decision process, find a health care professional who is
4)Make your own informed decisions

How can you get educated? There are numerous books out there but some are promoting one agenda or another - so be sure you get as full a picture as possible.

A unique local resource is the monthly vaccination seminars provided by the Natural Childbirth and Family Clinic in Portland. Here is a link for more info on those seminars:


I hope this information is helpful.

All the best,


I agree that everyone should educate themselves and make a decision based on that information. We have chosen to vaccinate all except chicken pox. I had long discussions with family members who are physicians. One in particular explained that she believes in vaccinations because you never know if the child sitting next to you is immune-compromised. Those are the kids who really need protection from something like whooping cough. Most healthy kids can survive a bout with it, but if their school has an outbreak, there is more of a chance that a child with cancer going through chemo could be exposed. Even if the sick child is kept home, their siblings could bring it home, etc. Vaccinations were developed for a reason. We are lucky that mumps, polio, whooping cough, etc. are nearly eliminated from our country.

We vaccinated our first child for everything except chickenpox (which even our old-school, pro-vax pediatrician said was ridiculous and that kids should get it naturally and have lifelong immunity). We vaccinated him because we had never really investigated vaccines and didn't know there was anything to research about them.

By the time our second son was born, three years later, I had done a lot of reading. Dr. Stephanie Cave's "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Childhood Vaccinations" was particularly helpful, since it breaks down the various vax diseases, risks of getting them, risks of reactions, etc. Her book also discusses alternative vaccination shedules, spacing vaccines, and how to lessen the chance of reactions.

In terms of making my decision to hold off on vaccinating my second son, the most influential information for me came from the CDC's website, which shows that these days, the risk of a reaction from any vaccine is far greater than the risks of actually catching the disease.

I also found helpful the CDC's weekly, cumalative update of diseases reported in the U.S. I was surprised to see that the greatest health risk facing kids these days, is pediatric HIV, which is consistently the highest reported childhood disease. Incidents of vax-preventable diseases are extremely low. For example, so far in 2006, there has been a total of 20 cases of measles and 4 of rubella - in the entire U.S. I wasn't willing to risk a possible reaction to the MMR shot since with miniscule numbers like that, I'm not worried about the diseases.

There is a lot of emotion around this topic, and a lot of websites with what looked like scare tactics to me, on both sides of the issue. That's why looking at the government's hard numbers made my decision easier.

We may well vaccinate my younger son if we travel overseas, but I'm not as worried about the effects of a vaccine on an older kid whose blood-brain barrier is in place, the way I would be about injecting the same dose into an infant.

Whew, I didn't mean to go on so long! Like J in Beaverton, I think it's most important that parents do the research, inform themselves of the risks/benefits, then make the decision that seems right to them.

I've not done a lot of my own research on this issue. In response to Kate's post, I am curious:

Is the incidence of vaccine-preventable disease low in this country because the diseases have become inherently rare, or is it precisely because most children are vaccinated?

Tia, according to the reading I've done, most of the diseases we vax for were already on the wane well before the advent of vaccines, mostly as a result of better, more sanitary living conditions, and a healthier population. That's the reason that you so seldom hear of anyone getting some of those "old" diseases like scarlet fever anymore.

There's no vaccine for scarlet fever. Where did it go? People still get it now and then, but a person who's not living where there's raw sewage, a person with a good immune system, a person with access to medical care, can easily fight it off.

Thanks, Kate. :-)

This is really helpful. What a tricky world it is these days. Thanks for all the comments so far. Another good site is generationrescue.com. This focuses more on the autism/mercury relationship, but they have some informative links.

Kate, I really appreciate your post!

We vaccinated Fionn (partially) before a trip to Mexico...he was weeks away from his 1 yr. old birthday. It was a "no-brainer" for us. Now I have a 5 month old as well, and we're about to spend a couple weeks in Jamaica. I don't know how to find out what vaccines, if any, are recommended for travel to the Caribbean. AND we would really rather wait until she is 1 to vaccinate unless absolutely necessary. So I guess my question is: Does anyone know how I could find this information out? (and quick.)
Thanks y'all.

I'm interested that most people seem to view chicken pox as "harmless". In fact, it's less benign than people think - there's an article over on Aetiology that's worth a look.

I have an 11 month old daughter who is so far vax free. I've done a lot of reading and agree with Tony and Kate. I am still torn on what vaccinations she will get, if any. I did try to have just pertussis (sp?) done but was told there was no way to seperate it out of the DTaP. Does anyone have any good info on which ones can be "broken out?"

I was able to get the MMR broken out for Jackson. However, I was told by his docs in the Bay Area and here at OHSU that the broken out vaccine is no longer being produced because no link between autism and the MMR vaccine has been found. I do question whether it is no longer being produced, or, if it is just harder to find.

That being said, I am glad that I was able to find the MMR broken out (at OHSU) because the measles shot left Jackson with a very sore leg and he developed some hives immediately after the Mumps vaccine. Had he had the complete MMR, we would not have know to what part of the vaccine he was reacting.

Dr. Ed Sullivan, our beloved naturopath, seems to have access to all the "broken out" vaccines. We found his evening vaccination session VERY helpful when considering what we were going to do. He talks about current research, and gives personal anecdotes from his own (long) experience giving vaccinations to children. He is at NCFC, (Tony has provided the link above.) We are going to take the class again to decide what (if any) vaccinations to get for Rowan.

question for the delayed-vax and non-vax parents: are any of your children in daycare? Will you send any of them to public school? My understanding is that vaccination records are required for admission (they were required for our daycare, anyway).

Yes, you have to give vaccination records to begin school, but you can sign a medical or religious exemption on the form. What I am unsure of, is if you can claim exemption from just a certain vaccination, and not the others. It doesn't look like it from the form, but that is what we'd like to do.

To answer Betsy and Liz's questions: first, no my kids were not in daycare but my older son just finished his first year of public school. What's required in Oregon is either the record of a child's complete vaccination OR a check in the "religious exemption" box.

You may not provide a record of only selected vaccinations without being required to get up-to-date on shots. That's why, if you are going with selective or delayed vaccination, you should just check off the religious exemption box. It's a lot simpler that way, and no questions will be asked. And it's really not the schools business, for example, that my older son has had all but two of his vaxes. What matters is that it's a way to either not vax or vax selectively without a hassle.

There are some states where non-vaccinating parents are required to write letters and provide all sorts of documentation, but here it's as easy as a checkmark in a box.

I am slightly reluctant to comment on this issue given that I am a very biased individual as an infectious diseases physician with experience in the field of public health (acute and communicable diseases division).

I believe that all persons should have a choice on whether or not to vaccinate their children, however it should be realized that the reasons vaccines have worked so well is that so many persons have taken them. It is called "herd immunity"...the incidence of certain diseases is low because so many persons have been vaccinated against them. It is true that improvements in sanitation, etc have played a role BUT we have eradicated smallpox from the human population because of VACCINES not the invention of the toilet.

The reason nonvaccinated children may be doing OK is that they in a classroom filled with vaccinated persons who can not spread the disease to the few nonvaccinated ones.

It may be surprising to hear that I am actually debating myself about the vaccine for chicken pox. I had it as a child, anI am currently contemplating whether I think the vaccine is right versus natural immunity. Not vaccinating in a population of vaccinated children may mean my child will not get the disease early on, however if she gets chickpox in her early adulthood or when she is pregnant, the risks from the disease are so much higher. Also, the vaccine prevents the later recurrence of natural disease, called shingles, which carries a significant morbidity in those suffering from it in their later years. So the jury is still out for this one in particular.

Just one more comment: the agent that causes scarlet fever is very much alive and well in our society today...it is the bacterium streptococcus, in fact the same type of strep that causes strep throat. Cases in the USA remain high, it has not disappeared, rather the mortality has decreased tremendously with the use of antibiotics. Also of note, it is spread through respiratory droplets, not the fecal-oral route.

Don't mean to be patronizing, but this is my line of work, and I just want to set the record straight.

And finally, upon reading back through the comments, I want to point out that persons with strep infection, whether it be ordinary strep throat with or without the rash of scarlet fever, should not be left to fight of this infection alone. They should receive an antibiotic as there are complications of untreated strep infections, notably rheumatic fever and kidney damage.

That's all...I promise.

Thanks for this thoughtful thread. Rebecca, it's nice to hear your voice chime in as well, providing insight from your own medical background.

When I was a reporter, my beats included covering Health and Education stories. I was shocked at some of the privately-funded, biased studies and fragmented truths that were allowed to be printed and taken as serious medical research. Like Kate said, there are ridiculous scare tactics used by all sides of the debate. It's troubling to me that it seems increasingly more difficult for parents today to make truly informed decisions on matters such as this, as I've learned almost no source exists without bias and an agenda; hard numbers can be skewed and case studies often have vital information left out. I agree with the others - get informed - but I'd add to also do your research on the people/organizations that are writing the research. Only you will know what is right for your child aligned with your beliefs and values system.

I'll also throw my hat into this ring as perhaps the lone uMama who has chosen to vaccinate (mercury-free ones) on schedule.

You're not alone Marlynn, we've also chosen to vaccinate on schedule. We travel a ton, and had a hard time finding concrete evidence that convinced us to really research the options of either opting out, or delaying vacs. Our Pediatricians have assured us that the vacs that we've given do not contain murcury and in our case, we felt the benefits outweighed the risks.

we did, too, Marlynn. For all the reasons Rebecca mentions, I feel it's important to vaccinate. (and stories today of the measles outbreak in Boston both comfort and spook me about that decision!) As our pediatrician mentioned once, "One trip through the ward when there's a whooping cough outbreak and that's all the convincing most people would need."

Also, our son is in a daycare that requires records or a religious exemption. Any reservations I have aren't religious, so I'd feel odd about claiming that on this issue.

I feel good about our choice, though I respect others' different choices, too.

Knowing of several children permanently damaged by vaccinations - 1 died and another autistic - my cousin's (a MD) child, (the third's mother wouldn't tell me specifics, but that she'll never vaccinate her children again) has made a huge impact on our view. I encourage parents to listen to their intuition and research the potential side effects. To postpone vaccinations until the child's immune system and body is more developed should be a personal choice. Also, from what I've read, other nations have found a direct link with SIDS and vaccinations, and have delayed the vaccination schedule until the child is closer to two years old.

Hello, I am a few weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy and with the two others have gotten severely put under with morning sickness (throwing up every 1/2 hour...mostly bile, unable to drink more than 1 tsp. of water at a time, needing to wear a blindfold day and night for I was so light sensitive, and basically eatig only pizza, ice cubes and cinnamon brachs candy. Are there any momma's in the Boston area who would want to gather together to form a support group for one another? I would love to know others are going through the a similar thing. I believe this phase of my pregnancies is harder than labor itself. Anyone interested?

Does anyone know of a pediatrician, or family physician who is truly okay with either not vaccinating or selectively vaccinating ????

I had an awful experience at the Family Medical Group on 33rd (opp Grant Park) yesterday at my 2 year old's well baby appointment. Doc raised the subject of vaccinating. I told him that because we'll be travelling to asia at least once a year I'd like to perhaps start up the vax. He said he recommends doing the "polio, dtap and the HIP today". I was so freaked out, I told him I wanted to do just one series at a time. He sd he didn't recommend that. I asked him who the manufacturers of those vaccines are and he only knew the manufacturer of the polio. I had a chart with me that specifies mercury/thimerosal content in various manufacturers' vaccines (see http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/thi-table.htm) and so I was okay doing the polio - not any of the others at this stage. Anyway, he rushed out of the room after that, saying the nurse would be in to administer the polio shot and a disparaging remark about how he can't sit around all day arguing about vaccines.

I definitely want to move from this clinic. I've heard that Dr Basco at Broadway Medical Clinic might be a better fit for me. I want to stick with a physician, and not a naturopath at this stage because my son rarely gets sick and if he does, I usually hold off medicating unless he really needs it and then I'm happy to give him antibiotics.


We use a MD and a ND.

Our MD is respectful of our choices to delay/selectively vaccinate. She is Dr. Susie Bobbenreith of Portland Family Practice.

Here is a link for more info:


All the best,


We use an MO who is also a classical homeopath. He's a family doctor, though. Keith Kale 503 255 9400, Natural Childbirth and Family Clinic

we've had respectful, patient conversations with our ped at Broadway Medical - Dr. Coughlin, and he's been respectful of our decisions. He's also taken the time to inform himself on the quesitons parents ask most often (i.e. source of vaccine, correlative studies, etc.).

We have vaccinated on schedule for the most part. Our oldest had the chickenpox vaccine and booster; our second had the vaccine, but not the booster; and we decided to let our 3rd child develop his immunity to chickenpox naturally

that said, we've now got chickenpox if anybody'd like to avoid THAT vaccination and let it happen naturally. email me ...

we go to dr. kristen kocher (MD) at providence gateway family clinic and she is great about not pushing vaccinations, we love her.

The Children's Clinic has thimerosol free shots--even flu shots.

My kids have all been vaccinated as recommended, mostly on time.

I should have said thimerosol free to a possible trace level in some of .01 percent.

I love the respectful tone here at UMamas. Thanks for this thread - I had no idea mercury was a concern with vaccinations. My daughter has already had all her vaccines for the first 6 months, but this info will help me make decisions in the future. I do put a lot of weight into the "herd immunity" theory - I've seen statistical models of what would happen if most adults got the flu vaccine, versus if most didn't - it's frightening. That said, education is really the key, and it's a choice to be made privately, family by family. Sort of related topic (maybe a new thread needed?) - I've read the older posts here that debate flouride drops - I'm facing that decision now - any new thoughts out there? I have flourosis from very flouridated water in Colorado, and my teeth just started chipping, but I am terrifed at the idea of caries in my daughter's mouth!

I too enjoy the respectful tone of the debate here at urbanmamas - there is some nastiness out there aroudn this issue!

While I don't enjoy seeing my baby get stuck with needles, we have chosen to go with full immunization, with this reasoning:

- I believe that immunizations are a public health issue and not just a personal health issue. If I don't immunize my kids I will still benefit from other people immunizing their kids, as long as most of them do it. (see tragedy of the commons theory)
- My understanidng is that most recent research shows that there is not a link between mercury (used in vaccines) and autism - autism rates continue to go up though mercury is no longer used in vaccines for the most part is one indication.
- I trust my pediatrician. He is a trained medical doctor, I am not. My main source of info is the internet, where I can find information to convincingly support any angle I want to pursue on most issues. My doctor reads medical journals, attends conferences, etc etc. He has spent a good amount of time talking about the risks and benefits of immunizations with my husband and me and if he didn't, we would find another doctor.

Also, I haven't read this book yet (VACCINE: The Controversial Story of Medicine’s Greatest Lifesaver.
By Arthur Allen), but found this book review interesting: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/04/books/review/Oshinsky.t.html?ex=1328245200&en=514f08cc054f6266&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

UrbanMama book reviewer out there?

There was a recent special on PBS--now I know this is controversial, but worth considering--the findings there were that the changes in autism rates are closely linked to the redefining of what constitutes a diagnosis in the nineties. The criteria of what denoted autism was greatly expanded at that time, and although it doesn't fully explain all increase, it correlates with most.

That being said, there are of course people out there that disagree with this, and PBS' own site says that there is no definitive reason.

Still, I think we have all known kids diagnosed with autism that twenty years ago would have been simply thought of as different from the norm. Early diagnosis is of course, of great benefit and intervention very beneficial. The new criteria is helpful, but it does change the equation in ways that affect statistics.

NOt only that, but we are also aware of other, less severe conditions on the autism spectrum like Aspbergers, in which a child can function well in most situation but has significant social issues which can be disruptive in many ways. Until recently, many of these children were just thought to be socially inept, but now there is thought that many famous people throughout history may have suffered from the effects of Aspbergers, including Albert Einstein among others. So I am assuming that these children are also being included in the statistics which indicate a huge increase in autism diagnoses.

There was an interesting article about Autism & the spectrum in Discover MAg recently -- in addition to what Debby and Lauralye are saying, the article talked about how autism is becoming less of the profound sentence that it used to be considered... There are all sorts of cases in which autistic-like symptoms turn out to be the results of (literally) severe allergic reactions to things in the environment. Our understanding of this is changing so rapidly...

Mardi- We love Dr. Barsotti at Metropoliyan Pediatrics. He is great about spending TONS of time answering questions and offering suggestions about our selective vax choices... Email me if you want more info as I cannot say enough great things about him!! Good luck!

This is a wonderful thread. I have chosen to do all the vaccines except the chicken pox at this point, I am hoping to find a "chicken pox party". Any leads on how to find one?
Also, I go to the pediatrics clinic at OHSU, and they are WONDERFUL about taking the time to talk with me and educate me on vaccines. My pediatrician basically made a deal with me that if my daughter wasn't exposed to chicken pox in a few years, that I try the vaccine. She didn't pressure me about the others as well, just took the time to talk with me about my concerns.

Just thought that I would post an article from today on CNN. The CDC is currently investigating whether or not the increase in number of measles cases this year (up 3X from last year, here in August already) is related to vaccine fears.


hello mamas! spam on the thread!

i saw this link pop up today, and thought I'd post it on the thread.


Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your post and professional opinion. I had a question regarding your statement about shingles. I had read and heard that by having childhood chicken pox you actually decreased your chances of getting shingles as an adult (because shingles is related to chicken pox and your body's immunity can kill the virus). However, if you are vaccinated for chicken pox and do not get it as a child, your chances of getting shingles increases in adulthood because you do not have natural immunity. Could you please clarify for me?

You also say:

Not vaccinating in a population of vaccinated children may mean my child will not get the disease early on, however if she gets chickpox in her early adulthood or when she is pregnant, the risks from the disease are so much higher.

Wouldn't this be the perfect reasoning as to why no one except immunocompromised children should get the chicken pox vaccination?


"Anyone who's had chicken pox can develop this eruption. The reason is that the same virus that causes chicken pox causes zoster. The virus remains in a dormant state in certain nerve cells of the body and then reactivates, causing zoster. About 20 percent of the population is affected at some time during their lives."


Kate: Good questions.

1) One can only get shingles if you have HAD chickenpox. Having immunity does not mean that you have rid your body entirely of the virus, it enters nerve fibers (just like oral herpes virus) and can be "latent"...and in response to waning immunity (such as old age), it can re-emerge to cause shingles. It is thought that the chickpox vaccine, which is a live but attenuated (weaker) form of the virus may not be able to enter the nerves and live for such a long time...and therefore may be less likely to result in shingles. However, the long term studies have not been conducted (the vaccine has not been around that long...). But that is the hypothesis.

2) Because this is a live vaccine, albeit attenuated, there are actually risks for vaccinating those children who are immunodeficient.

I am actually now in an interesting situation..having moved from the US to Sweden with young children.. as I have a 3 year old vaccinated in the US for chickpox and an almost 2 year old who has not, living in a country where it is not recommended...so, it will be interesting to see, when the younger gets the disease, will the older be protected? (The vaccine is only 75-85% effective!)

And another interesting thing: I am now working at the FDA-equivalent here in Sweden, in the drug safety division, involved in reviewing safety data for difference medical products, including vaccines....

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I am new to the Vancouver area and I'm looking for a Pediatrician for my 3 1/2 year old son and my daughter due to be born in 2 weeks. My son had currently not been vaccinated but I am interested in mercury free vaccinations now that he is a little older. Does anyone have any recommendations for this area?

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I come across on-line forum BioMedTalk.com. This discussion forum provides the place for public debates on ethical implications of biometric and medical data collection, use and retention. Questions for the discussion can be found by following this link http://www.biomedtalk.com/forumdisplay.php?f=617

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Can someone help me?
I have no idea how I can change my avatar. Or get pictures from other places and make that my avatar.
Can someone please help me.
Thank you.

The latest on Gardasil which you probably won't hear on the evening news.

Dear Reader,

What happens when girls start dying after receiving an
injection of a pricey new vaccine, one touted as a miracle
that will save countless lives?

If you're in the United States -- well, we already know the
answer to that. You give it to more girls, of course.

If you're in India, however, it's a different story.
Recently, they took a novel approach to protecting young
women. Rather than continuing to dose more girls with a
potentially deadly substance, get this...

They stopped giving it to them.

After only four deaths, the Indian Council of Medical
Research called for immediate suspension of the country's
cervical cancer vaccination program. Don't get me wrong --
four is still a tragic loss, but I say "only" to highlight
the difference here in the U.S., where last summer the
number was already hovering around 50 deaths the FDA says
are potentially linked to Gardasil. And yet young women are
still getting the shot every day.

The difference in attitude is amazing. Last summer, I told
you about the CDC's and FDA's reaction to the emerging
dangers of Gardasil ("Study reports on Gardasil's shady
marketing," 8/27/2009).


By the CDC's count, there were 32 deaths linked to Gardasil
at that time. Young women whose lives weren't lost were
fainting and ending up with blood clots. And mounting
evidence was already showing that the drug wasn't all it
was cracked up to be.

Still, they kept giving it, and kept defending it, and
continue to do so, even as the facts stack against
Gardasil -- in fact, the mainstream has been trying to find
even MORE applications for this nightmare.

And then you have India. The vaccination program has become
controversial after four deaths and complications among 120
girls were reported after the vaccine was given. Stomach
disorders, epilepsy, and headache are just a few of the side
effects these girls had to deal with.

Health authorities in India are saying the vaccine didn't
undergo enough testing before its approval. It looks like
Garadsil could be outright rejected there.

Imagine that -- health officials that actually look out for
the health of the public, for the well being of a nation's
children. I hope the FDA is paying attention to this story,
because there's certainly a major lesson to be learned.

Yours in good health,
Christine O'Brien

Bear in mind we are not addressing anyone's personal situation
and you should rely on this for informational purposes only.
Please consult with your own physician before acting on any
recommendations contained herein.


Sources: "Cancer vaccine programme suspended after 4 girls die," DNA
India (www.dnaindia.com)

Health e-Tips readers can now tap into the minds of other
health-conscious readers at the new HSI health forum:

Copyright (c)2010 by Healthier News, LLC. Health e-Tips may not
be posted on commercial sites without written permission.


[URL=http://www.car-crash.us/]Car accident[/URL] and drunk drivers are the most pressing problems of our everyday life.
According to the World Health Organization, each year 1.2 million people die and nearly 50 million of people are injured or became disabled in car accidents. The cost of road traffic injuries for each country is almost 518 billion dollars per year, which is from one to two percent of their average Gross National Product. By 2020, the car accident will be the tenth leading cause of death in the world.
To solve the problem and reduce death rate of car accidents on the roads, according to World Health Organization, it is necessary to resolve the five major tasks: riding a motorcycle without a helmet, problem of road infrastructure, problem of speeding, problem of alcohol consumptions and the usage of safety belts.
In the whole Europe the death rates during car accidents has steadily decreased: in 1991 – 162 deaths per 1 million citizens, in 2004 – 95; in 2007 – 77. In 2007, the most dangerous roads in Europe were in Lithuania, where out of every million people in the car accident died 223 people, and in Latvia – 177. But still some other new EU members remain problematical, such as Estonia and Poland where the number of car accidents continue increasing.
The main reasons of car accidents are: the tendency of modern European drivers to constantly increase the speed of driving, neglecting the rules of safety belts usage and security facilities for children (child seats). In most of the Eastern European countries that undergo rapid motorization, road infrastructure development, the progress of security services cannot withstand the increased load.
The experience of countries with developed motorization, such as Canada, France, Finland and the United States, proves that to reduce car accidents and avoid the enormous social and economic losses the next steps should be followed:
[URL=http://www.car-crash.us/]Car accident[/URL]
• a flexible and adequate legislative framework for the organization of traffic;
• road infrastructure: to settle pedestrian crossings, repairing roads, provide the necessary number of parking spaces;
• pay special attention to promotion of traffic safety and clearly show the consequences of traffic violations to people.
The main focus of foreign legislation system, to avoid car accidents on the road and provide its safety is the violators’ liability.

This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I am grateful that you let us look in! Keep coming up with ideas.

hello friends I really liked this information, a few days ago I read something similar, I would like to receive updates on this issue, as it is very interesting, thanks!

I think Vaccinations are a good idea. There have been plenty of studies debunking the negative rumors. They've helped me out a great deal.

I think it depends on the Vaccination. Some are better than others.

it is understandable that doctors are overworked and can get tired, it should not be you who suffers the consequences when they fail to spot an area of your health in which there is a problem.

I understand that there are vaccines that could be skipped when the baby is breastfed. Do you have a list of what could be skipped or what should be administered?

Everyone should educate themselves and make a decision based on that information. This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I am grateful that you let us look in! Keep coming up with ideas.

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