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Would You Recommend Your 'Nabe?

If you knew of a family relocating to the Portland area looking for a bike- and pedestrian- friendly neighborhood, would you suggest your neighborhood?  Donna writes:

We are a German/American family with 3 kids currently living in the UK. Kids are 8, 6 and 2 years old. Husband is German and I am the American. I have been away from the US for 15 years now. We are going to be moving to Portland in August 2006. We are looking for the small community suburb near Portland (or even in it). A place where one could cycle to local shops and the kids can walk to school. Does anyone have good tips on where to look in the Portland and surrounding villages/towns? Would love feedback. Your forum is excellent! Also looking for any German families living in Portland with young children.


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Of course I'm biased. I love the SE - Ladd's Addition / Clinton area. It's within easy walking / biking distance to downtown as well as has many local restaurants and shops. We are within walking distance to New Season's Market and the People's (the local coop), and in the summertime walk to the Eastside Farmer's market. We frequent the playground which happens to be at our neighborhood school, and it's within walking distance from our house. You'll also find that the neighborhood is extremely family-friendly, and run into the same faces everywhere.

Yeah, what Hau said. We are so so so in love with our neighborhood and can't imagine living any place else, at least not at this point in our lives. I'll also add that besides being walkable/bikeable, downtown is also super easy to get to by bus from our 'hood, which is very nice.

We've been in our Westmoreland-Sellwood 'hood for 7 years and there isn't another place we'd want to live. Because of the natural and man-made boundaries, it feels like its own special little town. Great grocery stores, a small movie theater, fantastic restaurants, library, large parks, wildlife refuge, our new farmer's market, proximity to downtown (many of our neighbors cycle in using the Springwater Trail), golf course & Reed College nearby...

In our short time here, we've seen a lot of turnover with the older generation moving out and younger professionals moving in and starting families. We love our neighbors and know other young families all over in this area. We're totally at home here and love it!

I'm biased toward Hollywood/Grant Park. Very bikeable and walkable, we can take our wagon to Trader Joe's and ride (a bit longer, but it's exercise) to the New Seasons on 33rd. Access to several great bike trails is extensive, and we can pedal very easily across the river to get downtown. We feel like we're living in a quaint small town, though we're so close in.

My husband and I are moving into the John's Landing neighborhood next week, and it will be great, because it is one of the few neighborhoods on the west side that has sidewalks. You can walk to many pubs, restaurants, local shops, grocery stores, etc. The neighborhood is older, and has many mature trees & older homes. Located on the Willamette, it is easy access to the east side, as well as downtown, with good freeway access. I would highly recommend it! Good luck! Location is one of the most important factors to consider when moving! Karli

i really love my neighborhood, creston-kenilworth (near 39th and holgate) although it isn't the *most* bike friendly or ped friendly, it's moving that way and it's a good value. and i'm really close to cherl, and agree that the neighborhood is changing whole-heartedly. it's packed with young families and i'm really excited about the revitalization process. my kids will walk to their neighorhood school.

if money wasn't an object, i'd pick hawthorne/belmont neighorhood, somewhere between about 8th and 60th. that's really the ideal neighborhood, for me, with great schools, tons of shops, super family-friendly.

i also am currently in love with ne alberta -- the people there are really great. really, portland is *so* bike friendly, i think really anywhere close-in east side, or north portland, can become a great place for you. there are some nice places on the west side, but i'm a dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool east-sider.

Yes! SE Portland is fantastically bike and ped friendly. We live farther out at 40th and Yamhill but walk everywhere and schools are within walking distance also. But most of inner P'land is bike and ped friendly thanks to great planning and zoning.

My friend Rachel is married to a German guy (Ulrich). They have a son, Konrad, and a daughter on the way. Send me an email and I'll get you in touch with them.

I'm sure there are some nice enough areas in the burbs, but I am passionate about Portland! As the previous posts illustrate, we have groovy neighborhoods spread throughout the city. My particular groovy neighborhood is Kenton, which features its own cuter-by-the-minute "downtown" on N. Denver; several parks; a stop on the Yellow Line; reasonable proximity to New Seasons on Interstate; and easy access to the Peninsula Crossing and other bike trails. (If money were no object, I might stay nearby in Overlook; head slightly east into Concordia; or move across the river into upper NW, near Forest Park.) There really are many great options right here within the city limits.

I may be the lone voice out here in the sw suburb of Beaverton, but as I recently moved to the Portland area from Tokyo, I have to add my two cents about the suburbs.

We chose Beaverton because of the schools (sorry Portland, but there's big problems there) and because of the foreign population (we were looking for a concentration of Japanese as my husband is from Tokyo).

However, we were lucky enough to find an affordable house in South Beaverton/Greenway neighborhood that lets us walk/bike to two different shopping districts, schools, and the wonderful Conestoga Aquatic recreation center and summer lake park.

It is different from city living in that if you want to go anywhere else you really do have to use a car, and Portland is not within easy public transportation distance. I guess it all depends on what kind of atmosphere you're looking for.

I second Tia's comments on North Portland for several reasons...When we recently bought our home in Kenton we kind of felt that we were settling for it since we couldnt get what we really wanted in other neighborhoods within the city. But after being here for 4 months, we are finding that we're thrilled with NoPo, and we're actually really glad that we didnt end up in a Grant Park home that we'd made 3 offers on.

We are a 5 minute walk to a brand new Fred Meyer, 15 minute walk to New Seasons, 20 minute walk to Penninsula Park/Community Center, and about 2 blocks from the nearest MAX station where we can hop on to go downtown or to the zoo. And as Tia mentions, our own little "downtown" area is starting to pop a little--everyone is excited about the Cup & Saucer that's opening soon, and there's lots of talk about other restaurants popping up there as well as along Interstate Ave.

I couldnt believe it myself, but a few weeks ago I was actually having a conversation with my husband about selling one of our cars and living with one car for the summer! He is biking or carpooling to work several days a week, and I find that several days a week I'm not using my car because we're walking on most of our outings.

We also feel that NoPo is still a great value within the city, and that property values in this area will continue to rise as revitalization projects continue. Lots of long time Portland residents were surprised to hear that we bought in North Portland, but once they come visit they cannot believe how much the area has changed in the last few years. And a lot of folks who live in our immediate neighborhood are older, so we expect some turnover with younger families moving in over the next several years.

For me, it's odd, because while I mostly like where we live (SW Portland near Washington Square on the edge of Tigard and Beaverton), we have considered moving to the eastside many times because of all the great things about it - easy to walk and bike places, sidewalks, a real neighborhood feeling. We also spend lots of time on the eastside because most if not all the veg restaurants are there, and we are People's Coop members. However, we love our house here (we are in a new-ish house in an old, established neighborhood), we are convenient to pretty much everywhere via freway (not the optimal way to travel, but whatdaya gonna do), and I can't imagine moving. Our house just fits us, and my daughter LOVES our local Beaverton elementary school. So while I wouldn't necessarily recommend moving here, and if we had to choose it over again we might choose SE instead, we are happy anyway :)

Hello! I am also an American married to a German. And I have lived in several neighborhoods here in town. Although currently on Johns Landing, I would most certainly recommend, the Clinton/Division area in SE. We lived previously there, and it was fabulous. As a European, my husband desires access to public tranport, safe bikeways, and walking distance to food stores (and good ones like our local New Seasons) and Clinton/Division has it all!

Where is everyone from NE?!? We are in NE, in the Sabin area, and we love it. We are walking distance to 15th and Fremont where we have a library, grocery store, video rental, 2 coffee shops (too bad I don't drink coffee), a few restaurants, and a few other businesses. Also an easy bike/drive to Alberta and Broadway, and a quick hop downtown. We can also walk to 3 parks, Irving, Two Plum, and Sabin School.

More affordable then Irvington or Alameda, but pretty similar in location, and much lower property taxes!

schon was gefunden? wie waere es mit bethany im nordwesten?
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