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Toddler Swimming Lessons

It's that time of year, mamas.  Time for swim and time for cheer!  I have only done classes via the Portland Parks & Rec Aquatics program. Every year, they have this freebie week of swim class (this year, the Free Week* is June 19 to 23), held usually the week before the summer outdoor swim season starts (this year, Session 1 starts June 26).

Aquaducks, for ages 6 to 36 months, is basically like Book Babies in the pool. Songs, blowing bubbles, playing games - it is totally fun. Our first summer in Portland, I did the free week when Tati was just an itty-bitty 7 month old. For me, the most challenging thing about summer swim classes is that it's an EVERYDAY sort of thing.  Two week sessions, class every day.  That's intense.  Still, it's fun.  Warm pools, even if it's a tad bit nippy outside?  I'm there.

What other toddler swim programs are there out there?  Send on your recommendations & details, if you have 'em!

* The Free Learn-to-Swim in-person registration is on Saturday, June 17, 8AM to 11:30AM at your local pool.


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My daughter (11 months) and I attend swim lessons at Children of the Sea swim school. I cam across it in the Chinook coupon book. It too is like Book Babies. The pool is heated and the aquarium room is nice and toasty. I like that it is once a week for three months. Only problem for urbanites is that it is out by Washington Square. But so far, Astrid and I are very happy with it!

Ryan at the Riverplace Athletic Club is a fantastic baby/toddler swim teacher- we love him. He really knows what he is doing and has many years of experience. Fees for non-members are good there, and the water is very warm. It is a great club, with childcare, to boot!

Dishman Community Center (in NE Portland) has swimming lessons on Saturdays for 9 weeks, and Tues/Thurs or Mon/Weds evenings for 9 or 10 lessons. The kids and I all enjoy this much more than going EVERY day for 2 weeks.

BTW, if you received the Portland Parks N/NE Summer catalog, you can see my Anya on page 7.

Mamas, any more suggestions? Chris recently emailed us: "I am looking for input on peoples experience with infant swim programs in the Portland area. My little guy is 6 mos old and I would like to get him involved in a swim program but feel a bit overwealmed by the different options out there. Any anecdotes or recommendations? Thanks in advance!"

Swimming is a blast with a little one. My 9 month old laughs and splashes and I get to sport the quintessential momsuit in public. Auggie and I go to the parent/preeschool swim at the Mt. Scott community center (72 se Fosterish). Great pool, nice and warm with a river type current you can bob along in and a huge water slide for older kids (call to check when it is open (503) 823 3183).
Also we went for a while to classes at Le Petit Dauphin in Beaverton. The pool is great, salt water, nice and warm, but their best teachers seem to either have left or are teaching older kids. I would say really good for 3 and up but right now the infants are being taught by a teenager who is nice but...
We are going to check out Swimbabes (swimbabes.net) I'll keep ya posted.

I have had my 3 year old daughter swimming through Dolfun Swim Academy since she was 3 months old. I love the program and the instructors. I noticed the benefit when my daughter was just over one and swimming at Grant Pool. She is petite and tip-toes in the very shallow end had her with water lapping at her chin. She didn't want me holding on to her (independent already) and a wave caught her and knocked her off of her feet. She was able to swim to the side of the pool and pull herself up. Just like she was taught.

I now have my son in swimming lessons. He is 9 months and started at 4 months. And my daughter now has lessons without me in the water.

Also, kids through the private programs often learn to be immersed where the parks and rec. programs can't do immersion due to liability issues. Private programs also have very well trained instructors rather than younger teens. But, any conditioning to the water is wonderful, regardless of the program you choose and Parks and Rec. is less expensive and gets the kids accustomed to the water.

The pool is great, salt water, nice and warm, but their best teachers seem to either have left or are teaching older kids.

I teach at swim for sun program in lake oswego and at pcc syvania as a former early childhood education teacher for head start I REALLY like our 4 to 1 class ratio.


Those suggestions are pretty cool, guys! Kids really enjoy playing in the water. If they get to learn how to swim at an early age, they may even become the Olympic gold medalists someday.

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

Does anyone know where Ryan from Riverplace now does lessons or if he does?

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