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Tees Tease

Urbanfam_sI'm happy to report that the urbanMama and urbanPapa tees are going to be available just in time for urbanMamas day!!!   If you click the left image you can see the larger version of what the tees look like.  The one I'm wearing is the maternity version, but the Mama version is just like the little guys, 3/4 black sleeves on a white tee.  Because of the short amount of time we've had to get these together I'm making them myself.  With the help of the folks at Milagros, we were able to get quite a deal on the tees and we're offering the adult tees for $12 and the littlun's tees for $8.  3-6 month size and 6-12 month size are onesies... all white.

Urbanandrew_sI cropped a closeup of the black/white tee that Andrew's wearing here (again, click to see larger version):
This weekend I will have enough for all the orders you have submitted and a few extra for those of you who didn't get your order in before I had to make my order.  Since we have not set up an urbanMamas account yet we will be accepting cash and checks.

Can't wait to see everyone at Milagro's!


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OMG so awsome! You go girl for making up yourself! Extra thanks for getting them for this weekend. We are so excited to see you all there on Saturday. I've been looking forward to this weekend. It will be my fist Mother day I get to celebrate. I never knew how much my own mom loved me until I had my own daughter. Strange how that works. See you Saturday.

What a handsome looking family! I *love* them. I can't wait to wear mine.

Nice tees! My EB logo tees are also on the B&W jerseys - love them! Can't wait to see everyone Saturday!

The tee looks great! I didn't pre-order one, and I won't be able to attend the Milagros event, but wanted to know if I could still purchase a black/white tee for myself if there are still extras available? You can reach me at:
jamberrypie@aol.com. Thanks.

I love that your family posed for this photo! The tees look so good. I won't be there tomorrow (our baby's first birthday), but would also like to get one for the little guy.


I neglected to put my order in but I want to get one for myself -- so hopefully you'll have some left!

I'll be there and I'll get one for after the baby as I doubt even the maternity would fit me at this point!

And Shetha...I didn't know you would be wearing a maternity shirt these days...what have I missed??

I didn't order any and was lucky enough to get a little one for Eilish today before I had to scoot to work -- if there are more to be made I'd love a maternity size large (xl if they run small). Thanks!!

I haven't looked at the web in a few days and missed this. Durn! Nice T and nice to see a photo of Shetha -- you look so great! Last time I saw her was when she was pregnant with her son. My, he's grown!

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