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Seeking Nanny / Post-Partum Doula

Wish I had Carolyn for a friend!  Read on:

I live in the Bay Area and have a friend in Portland who just had her 2nd baby.  I came up for a week to help out, but she's still having a hard time -- long story, including a c-section, complications, toddler sickness, hubby's job schedule, etc., but I was thinking about getting her some hours from a reliable, caring nanny service as a gift.  Problem is, I know nothing about any services in Portland -- and am hoping that the mamas on your site could offer some recommendations for a very trustworthy, capable, sensitive service that could do a short-term placement.  any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

- Carolyn


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That's such a wonderful gift. We had great luck with short-term help from Caregivers. They're url is: http://www.cgpa.com/

My neighbor, Jessie, is a partner at MotherTree Birth services. They provide doula services. She can be reached at www.mothertreebirth.com. Jessie's a great person.

ABC Doula Service is FABULOUS but don't know of a nanny service. www.abcdoulaservice.com

Renaissance Chilbirth & Postpartum Professionals is a Doula group in Portland that can support a wide range of hours. We can do days, evenings or over night. Please feel free to contact me, as I am a Postpartum doula with this group and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Take care. Tiffany

I've also heard that Vicky York is a wonderful postpartum doula. Unfortunately I don't have her contact info.

I am a rose by name an a baby sitter by profession living in unitedkindom and i here by apply for the nanny job in ur house, i;ve been into this bussines is over five years now and i have taking care of some childrens in so many places which means i have the good experience in taking care of kids so i will be very gratefull if my proposal is accepted.
Pls you can mail me back as rosellineonline02@yahoo.com thanks

We are a loving family in Kauai, Hawaii seeking a live-in nanny or au pair for childcare, home management and cooking. Please email if interested or call 808-482-1400.

hi Ashley-
What ages are your children? What is the live-in situation? I am a highly experienced nanny who also has several years of teaching experience and education in childcare development. I have excellent references and am creative,loving, and reliable.
Please e-mail me if you are still looking.

we are heading to kauai with our 15 month old son soon. There are a few things we would like to do while we are there but unfortunately they are not very safe with a young child. Does anyone have any expereince with childcare in kauai?? Its a bit scary to look for someone over the web...any ideas would be lovely!


Hi Michelle,

I don't have any recommendations for childcare in Kauai - sorry - but I do have a little write up with recommendations for traveling with kids there. We have been there a handful of times (although it has been a few years at this point). I would be happy to send it to you if you are interested. Just email me:

milagros (at) milagrosboutique.com

All the best,


I'm Bill Robert, from U.S.A am 55 years old, i am married with two kids, i am presently working with the state engineering company here in U.S. I lost my wife last year in a car accident which involve my wife, since them have been taking care of the kids, i would like to know if you work as a nanny in my beautiful and happy house so that you could take good care of my kids, their is a lot of goodies for kind and hard working nanny like private car and 2000 dollars per month.My email is billrobbt@yahoo.com you can email me if you are interested in the job.

I'm looking for a nanny position Monday through Friday I have 6 years of experience to working with childcare newborn, infant and toddler and also certified CPR FIRSD AID and legal U.SA citizen feel free to contact at 703-347-3704 or E-mailelizabethmorado@hotmail.com.

I'm looking for a nanny position in Manassas ,Fairfax and Alexandria Va. Monday through Friday I have 6 years of experience to working with childcare newborn, infant and toddler and also certified CPR FIRSD AID and legal U.SA citizen feel free to contact at 703-347-3704 or E-mailelizabethmorado@hotmail.com.

I am Mr Andy Johnson,i am 45 Years Old, From London-England-United Kingdom,I am CEO of Shell Consultant in United Kingdom and I don’t usually stays home unless during weekends.I will like you to know that i have just two kids which name is Aron and Brian they are ages are just 3 and 5 years old.I want a Male or Female caregiver/nanny who will be take care my home and my kids because they are only left at home after after their Mother died.And I have an apartment room for them that would be taking care of them in my house.

Your duties will be taking the kids to school and bringing them back home, play with them, go to museums, playground, watching movies, prepare/serving their snacks and foods. You will have your Private Room which will have Bathroom, Toilet, Television, Air-Conditional. You will have access to the Internet and a Telephone at home to get in touch with your friends and loved ones. Youwill be having Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as your off days, so to enable you have enough time for yourself.

So i will like you to know that I will be paying you 4000POUNDS for every 4 weeks and a pocket fee of 350POUNDS per week for the buying of some things for your self,and as regarding to my family picture, my scanner is currently bad. I will try to go to the cyber cafe so I can get it scanned then email them to you Okay...

So i will like you to get back to me if you are interested in being my Kids nanny.Here is my Email(andyjohnson77@ymail.com)

I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Regards
Name:Mr Andy Johnson
Contact address:11 Chis wick Tce, Acton Lane London United Kingdom, W4 5LY
Email Address:(andyjohnson77@ymail.com)

Hello ,
I am Dr Frank am from the United States Florida precisely,I have 2 kids a boy and a girl living with me but my Wife passed away a year ago.

I live and work in United States[USA]as a Medical Doctor,am very pationate with my work and recently i decided to travel down the united kingdom for a course that's why i am seeking for a nanny or au pair that will take good care of my wonderful kids and other available house work.

My Son David is 5 years while my Daughter Delight is 3years.All i need is a person who is loving and caring that will take my kids as he's or her's.i will be paying you three thousand five hundred USD [3500] per month.

Tell me if you are interested in my offer and apply to my private contact email Frank_rb7@yahoo.com

I await to read from you soon.

Yours Faithfully
Dr Frank

I know nothing about any solutions and I am praying that the mamas on your business could provide some suggestions for a very trusted, able, susceptible services that could do a short-term location.

Our unique self-guiding CPR course and First Aid course are a cost-effective, time-saving alternative for those individuals who need to learn the fundamentals of Basic Life Support but whose schedules may not permit lengthy lectures and expensive instructors.

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