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Open-Minded Pediatricians, Mommy Yoga Classes

I've got a feeling that the urbanMamas community can give this mama some pediatrician recommendations:

Any mamas out there know of any open-minded pediatricians who are good and thorough but don't push antibiotics at the first sniffle, pleeease let me know.  If the doctor is also a homeopath or naturopath, that's fine too.

Oh, and one other thing, does anyone know of any good yoga classes or mommy and me yoga classes? I'll be living fairly close in, so any classes not too way out (in the N, NE or SE) would be preferable.

Thanks a million,

L.A Mama


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Yoga in the Pearl is fantastic, but I dont believe they offer childcare or mommy n me classes.

Yoga Shala on Alberta Street (near 19th or something), has Mommy and Me yoga on Fridays, 12-1:30. Here's the link:

Root on N.E. 15th has a family yoga class. It's a truly beautiful, calming space, and I understand the instructor is fabulous with kids. Link: http://rootwholebody.com/schedule.html

We love our pediatrician, Deidra Burton, who practices at Metropolitan Pediatrics in NW. She's not a naturopath, but she is open minded, she definitely makes a variety of recommendations to address medical issues and recommends antibiotics only as a last result (i.e., for a severe ear infection). She has helped our two-year-old with a variety of issues. Her nurse is great, as are the advice nurses. Our experiences with other doctors in her practice, either via phone or appointment, have been very positive, as well. We can always get appointments the day we want, even day-of for something urgent. We rarely wait more than five minutes to see the Dr., a very nice thing. Although it's in NW, the office has a big parking garage, so parking is convenient. She also has three young children herself. The # is 503-295-2546.

Oh my gosh, you guys are the best! Thank you so much for your input and contact details of the places you mention. I can't wait to move to Portland!!!I'm grateful to y'all and the Urbanmamas.

Yoga Union, at SE 50th and Lincoln, offers a post-natal yoga class that looks fantastic. You can check out some details at www.motherwiseyoga.com!

We love our pediatrician at OHSU, Dr. Jaffe. He is head of pediatrics there, and in 19 months, our son has never had an antibiotic. He's very relaxed about that, was very supportive of nursing, etc. The only hitch is that he only sees patients on Mondays, so if our son gets sick any other day (as happens) we take him to our family practice down the street at 33rd and Knott which is also great. One thought: we've been very lucky with Tommy that he's not been sick very often, though he is almost a constant snot-fest, and daycare is a petri dish. But since I don't take him to the doctor for every sniffle, only when something is different (like this week, when he barfed for no reason and had a weird rash on his legs--which turns out to be eczema and unrelated), the docs don't get a chance to over-prescribe.

The Movement Center (www.mcyoga.com) at NE 33rd and Sandy near Laurelhurst has Yoga for Mom and Baby on Thursday mornings. They also have more prenatal classes (3 per week) than most of the other yoga studios in town, I found. Plenty of parking, too.

Let me second the recommendation for Metropolitan Pediatrics in the NW (near 217 and Cornell/Bethany). We have Dr. Moshoffsky, who recently told ME he wasn't going to prescribe antibiotics or unecessary medicine for a long-term cold/sinus thing. he said it just needed to heal by itself. He's great.

Would you be happy with a nurse practioner? We see Max Tenscher at HealthMax on NW Lovejoy & 21st and love him. He spends at least 45 minutes with us, if we need it, and has only recommended ABs once and left the final decision up to me, which is usually his way. There is also a naturopath in this practice who has twin babies and I've seen him once and liked him, though I can't remember his name at the moment, but he's the only naturopath at HealthMax.

Good luck with your move and we can't wait to meet you!

Wow, I have so many choices here... I am so happy... I will definitely look further into these pediatricians (the nurse practitioner too). And the yoga studios sound truly awesome. It's gonna be so fun to check them out. Thank you everyone so much for your responses.

We see Dr.Pritchard at the Sellwood OHSU center. We have had such bad experiences with previous pediatricians, and we love her. She is supportive of natural remedies as well as co sleeping, and extended nursing if that's what you are about,and she is hesitant to prescribe antibiotics. I knew she'd be great when she told me that I could set the schedule for my daughter's vaccines which was a concern for me. Hope this helps.

it's good to hear good things about dr. pritchard - that's who we've chosen as our ped here, but we haven't actually seen her beyond the "get to know you" visit. my friend takes her kids there and had nothing but good things to say too, so that's how we chose her.

we like dr. bruce burk and pediatrics of the northwest at 25th and lovejoy. we were hesitant about vaccinations and he was very patient with us and allowed us to come to our own conclusion. he loves kids and that's why we love him.

Another vote for Dr. Pritchard. We love her!

Thanks again everyone for your recommendations. Looks like I have so many great pediatricians to choose from. I'm thrilled. The vaccination issue is an important one for me so I'm so glad that this was mentioned by a few of you also. Thank you.

A related but more specific question: we have Kaiser; does anyone have a really great pediatrician or n.p. within the Kaiser system? Or, for that matter, a good Kaiser OB/gyn?

i've also done mama-baby yoga at yoga shalas pdx east - i wrote about it on my blog (currently disappeared due to a credit card billing issue hopefully resolving today :). i'll post a url when it's back up!

I know of a couple of teachers through recessfitness.com that are teaching child and family yoga classes. If you do them through Recess they come to you, but the teachers (there are three)also teach classes for Portland Parks and Rec and at Euphoria Studios (close in SE) and the Peaceful Soul (Alberta).

I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Rupert as a Kaiser OB/GYN. She's really nice, very open-minded and she picked up on a rare condition I had during pregnancy.

As for our ped, we've only seen her a few times, but Dr. Dierauf at Kaiser Interstate is good. I've also heard good things about Dr. Cohen.

Vanessa, thanks for mentioning Dr. Cohen at East Interstate Kaiser. Both my kids have him as a pediatrician, and he's just very nice and relaxed--he lets you ask tons of questions and he connects with the children very well.

Any suggestions for a good pediatrician in South East Portland?

zenana spa and wellness center has an assortment of postpartum yoga classes, with baby, and other classes *for* babies and toddlers, as well as mamalates and an array of other wellness classes - and childcare for the classes that don't include children.

check out the web site: www.zenana-spa.com and look in the classroom page for details of class offerings.

In search of a SE Portland pediatrician--please check for Kathy Mooney @ Family Care Clinics in Milwaukie. She has the same philosophy as some of the aforementioned physicians on not presribing antibiotics for every cold/sinus condition. First rate credentials (top 20% of her medical school class @ a top 3 medical school) and has an excellent bedside manner, we love her!

Blue Sky Wellness Studio on Mississippi Ave is offering a six week
family yoga class starting this Saturday. All ages are welcome. I
just tried to register and was told they may cancel due to low
enrollment, so I thought I'd publicize it here - it sounds like a nice
way to spend a few rainy fall afternoons!

http://blueskyportland.com - See Upcoming Events section


When I picked our pediatrician, I asked the women in my prenatal yoga class and got several recommendations for a particular clinic. That clinic had a web site with all the doctors' backgrounds on it.I figured that indicated he'd be open-minded and personally familiar with new ideas about raising a baby. He's been great so far.

There's a good prenatal yoga class in the evening at Poise Yoga Studio. (Wed. 5:30) In October 2010, they have a mommy/baby yogalates series beginning. They are in the Beaverton/Aloha area - not far from Portland.

I LOVE my Kaiser pediatrician, Dr. Lin at E Interstate. I also really love Dr. Luft - also at E Interstate.
Both females...if that matters.

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