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Valentine's Day Coffee Playdate

Any mamas interested in meeting up at Urban Grind? It's an urbanMama favorite meeting place - good coffee, large space with couches and toys for the kidlets. Tuesday February 14th at 10am with my friend Tori, and our (Karen) boys who are 3.5 and baby Eva. We are new to the group and community and would like to meet other moms with toddlers. Wow isn't it a fun age? I am so excited.  Let us know if you can make it!

Urban Grind Coffeehouse and Roasters

2214 NE Oregon St
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 546-0649


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Wahh! I'm in a board retreat all day. Come next week I'm a WAHM and I'll have more freedom! Have fun and Happy V-Day!

I'd love to meet up with you - I've been looking for an urbanmama get-together that I can make it to. But, of course, naptime may be an issue. If I can make it, I probably won't get there 'til 11ish. I'll look for you!

We'll try to get there...we're new to the area and want to meet other uMs too.

Well, I want to give a shout out to the ladies that came today to the urban grind valentine meeting, it was good to meet you all. I really look forward to meeting more URBAN mama's Friday. My little guy will be in school, but l will drop by.

Hau and Olivia are great, and thanks Hau for the lift!! Luca was in rare form. I felt like a mother PMS ing.. Oh wait I am. Maybe thats why Luca seemed crazy. No he was... But we love them anyway..

i wish we could've made it! we had gym class and then i had to make a run to babies-r-us (oh joy) and then mr. milo fell asleep in the car. but i'll be there friday or else!

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