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Mama Brain

So, I've heard of pregnancy brain - when you constantly forget everything and fall asleep in public places. Whatever is going on with me, though, is something above and beyond. My two girls are now 5 and 2, so pregnancy brain is far, far gone. Still, my ability to concentrate is nil. I read blogs mostly because entries can be short and sweet. Even then, I still find my eyes darting to the next paragraph if the entry is more than three sentences long. I end up wasting time when I read news articles, as I find myself constantly skimming then going back to re-read. I work outside of the home full-time. Work-related reading is an excrutiating chore. I need to pin myself to a chair, securely fasten my head to only look down at the paper, and take a drug to relieve my right hand's itch to refresh my blog list/email page, to check bank accounts, or to plan my next vacation/outing.

Is it all the multi-tasking? Has filling my head to the brim with ten thousand and one things to do at home and at work caused my brain to short-circuit? Has motherhood exacerbated the problem of my generation's decreasing supply of attention? Any therapy for this condition?


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Yes! Yes! I'm exactly the same way! I think it's because there's no such thing as "uninterrupted" anymore. For me, it's almost like I get distracted as a defense against getting interrupted. That sounds really weird.

I should add that the best antidote I've found is time alone, or some type of single-minded hobby. Knitting comes to mind (although I don't knit), blogging (heh), walking/exercise, etc. Even getting up before the kids and reading the paper helps.

My girlfriend just emailed me about this article she just read...Your brain is now bigger and more powerful because you gave birth to a child.

Apparently, when you get pregnant, the body produces this wierd hormone that actually enlarges the hippocampus and creates more neurological pathways. And this change is permanent. So this means (at least in laboratory rats) that you have better sensory perceptions (taste, smell, etc), better ability to multitask, better cognitive skills, and, strangely enough, you're more likely to explore new situations than your childless friends.

I dont know if I believe it though...I have 4 tubs of cream cheese in the fridge because I buy it every time I go to the grocery store...but no bagels!

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