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Hot bloggity!  Reason #51 why Portland rocks - the coffee shops, specifically Sydney's.  Sydney's is brand spanking new, kid-friendly and urbanCool.  It also has Wi-Fi.  Put it on you calendar for this Friday, February 17.  We'll be there at around 10 am.  It's on 15th and NW Thurman across from Childpeace Montessori School.  Let us know if you can join us.

P.S. Parking is available in the lot next to the cafe.  It was plentiful for a Sunday, not sure how it is during the weekdays.

P.S.S Don't forget that Karen and Tori, and other urbanMamas are gathering on V-Day at Urban Grind!

Photos courtesy 5-yr old Philly.




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oh my goodness i love your boots!
we'll try to be there. how's parking?

Ditto on the boots! It was the first thing I noticed (besides the adorable girl, of course).

I haven't made it to one of these coffee playdates, but they sound great. The 10am hour is a tough one for us due to his morning nap, but we will try to be there.

Olivia, you're too fast for me - I was going to post about the place on Portland FF blog tonight during a break from work! I'll post more pics there too. Shall I post pics here too?

I'm definitely there this Friday. Don't you know I already live there?

Hey! How did a pic of my Tati and my boots get on there - this one wasn't my post! In any case, I was there. And I loved it. We walked in at 10:30 AM and we left at almost 5 PM. We spent the ENTIRE day there, and loved soaking up the sun and letting the kids run and chase each other, only to stop and watch Amtrak trains passing by. Thanks, Marlynn, for the thoughts and comments (and pics) on Family Friendly Portland too! http://www.oregonlive.com/weblogs/familyfriendly/index.ssf?/mtlogs/olive_familyfriendly/archives/2006_02.html#112323

Sydney's has already become an urbanMama home-away-from-home. (Bring the laptops! Free WiFi!)

Double ditto on the boots! We are going to CA for a week for a grandparental visit. Next time!

Kate and I will be there (we get back to town Thurs pm) too and I'm bringing my sister too! And Olivia, you better either hide those boots well or wear them with a lock so we can all see them in person. JJ I knew you'd check out the boots too!
Happy Valentine's y'all

This sounds like another great place to check out! I'll drop by for a little bit, maybe around 10:30ish or so. I'll be coming by myself since Ben will be in preschool that day...

ooh, I'm trying to make it too! I'll be there avec babysitter and laptop. looks so pretty.


I'm looking to get together and meet Portland new moms living in the SW bridlemile neighboorhood. I have a one year old and work part time. We'd love to meet other young families with babies in the neighboorhood to have play dates with.


great blog! so awesome. i also love sydney's.

Have any of you 'urbanmamas' ever thought of opening a coffee house with a play area for kids? I came across your site (after googling coffee playdates) and wanted to see if you knew of anyone that owns or runs a coffee shop and has an area for kids to play. I LOVE that concept as a mother of two young kids! I want to try it where I live but wish I had the $$ to open one up. I am also a huge coffee buff. Thanks


I think a few of us have thought about this very idea, with the intent of providing a safe and happy place for kids and their mamas and papas to come and build community. Alas, we find ourselves completely enveloped with continuing to grow the urbanMamas online community, knowing that people continue to connect on the site, day after day.

Until we have the time & money to start the urbanMamas cafe, be sure to support all our favorite local joints throughout town. We just saw one posted over on the urbanMamas exchange: http://www.urbanmamas.com/exchange/2008/06/tandem-coffeeho.html

More shout outs here:

And here:

We love us some good coffee too. What else would get us to 11:35pm still finding stuff to catch up on at uM?

Sydney's unfortunately closed in Dec. 09. hoping to reopen somewhere nearby i believe.

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