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A Visit to the Dentist

My son, the fussy eater, likes to eat nothing more than fruit in all forms - fresh, dried, dehydrated, juiced.  We brush, floss, and use fluoride regularly.  But now that he's three, it really is time to take him to the dentist to make sure that all of the fruit and sugar consumption has not taken an adverse toll on the health of his teeth and gums.  How old was your child when you took her/him to the dentist?  Did you take your child to a pediatric dentist, or your own?  Any recommendations for a good pediatric dentist?


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We took our son to the dentist for the first time at age 3. He went with my husband, and that first visit was all about riding up and down in the big, fun chair, meeting the dentist, and getting a new toothbrush. The dentist did try to get him to open his mouth, just to take a peek, but nothing doing.

Six months later, he went back, again with Papa, and this time he let them clean his teeth and everything. My kid is now 6 and he loves going to the dentist. Go figure. It's always a father-son expedition, first with my husband staying in the room with him; now they both get their teeth cleaned at the same time in different rooms.

We never considered a special pediatric dentist. We love our dentist - well, maybe not love, but we sure like him a lot - and our son had heard us talking about him forever, so naturally we were going to take him there. Dr. Robert Leon, downtown at 10th and Morrison. If we weren't so happy with him, perhaps we'd have considered a pediatric dentist.

Either way you go, I highly recommend the gradual approach.

i was just thinking of posing a question regarding pediatric dentists this morning! we took milo for his first checkup at 20 months or so, after a friend's son had horrible nursing carries and i got panicked and the UCSF pediatric dental clinic said that it wasn't too early to start bringing him in regularly, so we did. the first appointment was very low key - he sat on my lap and the dentist looked in his mouth and did a quick flouride treatment and gave him a toothbrush. the 2nd appointment, he was 26 months old and sat in the chair and they cleaned his teeth and did the whole deal and gave him a new toothbrush and a little toy and he loved it.

he's about due for another checkup, so i'll be watching this thread anxiously. i need to find a dentist for me too!

My oldest was 3 and a half, and my youngest was 19 months. They both did fine. I think it helped that the youngest saw the oldest go first and thus discovered it wasn't scary. I think children suprise us by acting better in front of other adults, too. In SW Portland, I can heartily recommend the Gentle Dental pediatric dentist (near bethany and cornell). Not only was the assistant extremely nice, but they give out little sunglasses so the light doesn't glare in their little faces, explains things really nicely, are good at trying to establish a rapport with the kids in very little time, etc. Our dentist, doctor howard was also very nice, laid back, and encouraging.

We took our son at 4. We all see Dr. Glenna Sequeira on NE Fremont. She is a fantastic dentist, and my son (at 6) begs to go more often than twice per year. They have lots of freebie toys, toothbrushes, and Trident gum for the kids to take home, and they are so friendly and warm. In fact, when I have to go to the dentist, it's no problem to take both my kids...they are happy to hang out there in the office with me because they love it so much.

We just took our three year old for his first dental visit and it went surprisingly well! It did help that we watched the episode of Mr. Rodgers where he goes to the dentist the morning of the appointment, but nonetheless I recommend pediatric dentist Patricia Ridgley in Tualatin. Her hygienist put our cautious little guy immediately at ease and he let her complete the entire cleaning. He loved getting his new toothbrush and floss. They even give out little tokens at the end of the visit for kids to get little prizes out of a machine.

We took Clara to Dr. Pike, a pediatric dentist, last summer when she fell and chipped a tooth. They have a whole methodology about separating parents and kids that worked really well for Clara, though I wasn't that happy with it at the time. All the kids there seemed really happy and excited so I guess it works. Clara consented to having her teeth cleaned, got tons of toys and even some for a friend she was meeting later that day, and we're due to go back any time now. Another thing to add to the Do This Before the Baby Comes List!

I took my oldest to see a dentist when she was a little over 3 years old. I made sure that we took her to a pediatric dentist because we wanted it to be a good, positive experience for her. When I was little, we had this terrible family dentist! My sisters and I all feared him because he didn't have good chairside manners, and he used to raise his voice at us! We were terrified of having to see him, and anytime we had to go see the dentist was pretty traumatizing.

For my DD, we had a fantastic pediatric dentist who was kind and patient, and who was able to develop a good rapport with both the children and their parents. My DD also liked the office because they had plenty of toys in the waiting room, plus a TV to keep them occupied.

If we had stayed in SF, we would also have taken my son there too.

I just took my DS for his first dental appointment here. We see a pediatric dentist in the Kaiser Grand office.

JJ- Are you originally from SF? I noticed your reference to a UCSF dental facility. We used to live near there!

My husband and I took our 3 yo daughter to The Kids' Dentist which was recommeneded by our pediatrician. Our daughter is very shy, but opened up very quickly to our surprise. Dr. Dana Yip and his staff were so wonderful and gentle with her. She had 2 cavities which worried us completely, since she cannot even have a haircut. She picked her own Disney movie and flavor of laughing gas. We were so happy that she had no problem at all with her treatment. We just take her in now for checkups which she always looks forward to. We recommend this pediatric dentistry office wholeheartedly.

I would not recommend Dr. Pike. I thought the technicians were good but the front office staff can be pretty rude. My experience was less than acceptable. Unfortunately, kids in the waiting room can hear how the staff treats people.

Anybody have recommendations for gentle dentists in SE or NE Portland? I have a two-year-old who just had a less than enjoyable first dentist visit with a pediatric dentist in Gresham. Would like to find one with a gentler touch and closer to home. Thanks!

I just recently took my 6 and 3 year old boy to the dentist. My 3 year old was 18 mo the last we went and that was horrible i ended up holding him so the dentist could look in his mouth. This time I just told him we were going to see a special lady called the dentist so she could look at your teeth and make sure there werent any sugar bugs in them. To my surprise he climbed right into the magic chair and listened to everything the dentist said. The dentise acutally did the entire cleaning,flossing and inspection. My did great never once did he feel unconfortable. As for the rest of the staff they were awesome too. She is a pediatric dentis in SW but well worth the travel. Dr.bourdette she is on SW multnomah. I feel so much better knowing my children are comfortable with their dentist. Good Luck

We take our 2 and 4 year old sons to Dr. Michael Page, a pediatric dentist on 28th and NE Broadway. The kids love the jungle themed decor, the sunglasses they get to wear, and the token they get to put in the toy machine at the end of the visit. Even the x-rays and teeth cleaning have gone great with his super kid friendly staff.

I recently took my 6yr old to the Dentist and i was really dissapointed with myself because the doctor told me my daugter had alot of cavities and that she needed 3 crowns on top and two on the bootom i asked the doctor if they could be white he said no we dont do white only silver he said there stronger and better for kids in the back of there mouth you cant really see them but she got her under lip really swallowen like blisters is this normal? i took her the next day and they

I've read a lot of articles about pediatric dentistry It is better to take him on a dentist for check up because only dentist knows whats best for the teeth.


Pediatric dentist will give your kid a better over all experience. They know how to work with kids a little better and they make it fun. Kids should she the dentist after the 1st birhthday.

My daughter, who throws a fit every time a doctor wants to shine a light in her ear or look down her throat, positively loves going to the Dentist. She goes to Dr Krista Badger in NE (Across from the Hollywood Trader Joe's).

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I hate the dentist but this information about A Visit to the Dentist is very interesting!!

As teeth are one in all the primary things we have a tendency to notice concerning someone, it's value trying when your smile. Visiting a sensible dentist and dental apply is the perfect manner to confirm that your mouth and teeth keep healthy and engaging. that is why the website encompasses a nice experience to produce the foremost dental services in their office and that they pay the special attention towards the people comfort and safety.

The Kids' Dentist is the dentist office your kids are excited to visit! Our staff strives to create a fun, welcoming environment so kids aren't afraid of the dentist, allowing them to get started on a lifetime of strong dental health.

Our office specializes in dentistry for infants, children, and adolescents. For over 10 years, We have been serving the Portland Metro area with preventative, restorative, sleep and hospital dentistry using the latest technology. When you visit our state of the art office, you will always find an environment that brings about smiles and radiates a friendly tone. With TVs and video games available while your child is getting treatment, he won't mind that he's at the dentist.

We provide the highest standard of care possible for children and teenagers. We listen to our patients and always look at the many options available to solve dental problems. Oh by the way, parents are welcome to accompany their children around here. Trust is one of the most important factors in successful dental visits! Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Kids' Dentist, PC - Dana Anthony Yip, DDS, MS
West Linn

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