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I resolve to ....

... Run Mama Run ...  I know we've mentioned it before, but thought I'd refresh our memories, now that we're making resolutions to exercise more.  urbanMamasRun is back in full effect for 2006!  Last week, we met at one mama's house and ran the loop around the river via the Eastbank Esplanade.  It was a 5 mile jaunt.  We have yet to decide where we're running this week.  Sometimes we run something challenging (like hills, with "texture").  Sometimes we run something flat.  Sometimes we bring the SUV jogger strollers.  One time soon, I'm going to bring my five year-old on her bike.

We don't all need to run the entire distance.  We don't all need to run the same pace.  What I find great is that other mamas can cheer me on and get me out the door, coffeeless, at 7:45am on a misty Saturday morning.  It's usually a good run, plus we get to chat about sleep issues, feeding picky toddlers, battling colds or fevers, which vitamins we give the kids, and an assortment of other mama topics.  Join us!  Drop a line in the comments or email.


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Goal setting is the best way to keep up the running, right? So how does Race for the Roses 1/2 Marathon(http://www.albertinakerr.org/Default.aspx?alias=www.albertinakerr.org/race4roses) sound? It's on April 9th. The Shamrock Run 15K might be a nice training run for the 1/2.

Oh, both of those sound nice. I need motivation... it's been just long enough for me to get dispirited.

That sounds like a fun running group! But, alas, I'm in really bad shape now, and probably couldn't finish more than 1 mile now.

Are you meeting regularly to run? I am also planning to run the 15K at Shamrock and the same half marathon in April. I'd love to join in some group runs if I can. What kind of miles and what is the pace?

Cherl and others, we usually run around 6 or so miles at a relatively leisurely pace, say 9-10 minute miles! As the April half approaches, I guess we'll be ramping up on mileage but not necessarily in pace. We do meet every Saturday morning at 8am, which may become more like 7:30am when we start doing longer runs. Care to join? Also, we are thinking that we also need to have a group of walking mamas!

i'd definitely be up for walking...don't see any running in my future for a couple months yet :)

I second olivia's thought that it would be cool to start an uM walkin' or jog/walk group - basically for those of us who are starting to work out again after a 9 month or longer "break." Would people want to meet at the same time as the runnin' ladies? Is there a desire for this amongst urbanMama's?

Hi -- I'm new to urbanMama's, as well as Portland (like just 2 weeks here!) I'd love to join a walking-graduating-to-jogging group. I'm completely up for meeting at the same time, same place, etc. Looking forward to meeting other mamas at coffee, walking, etc.

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