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Fun on the Mountains

You don't have to be a ski bunny to enjoy the mountains.  There's lots of inexpensive ways to frolic in the snow.  This past weekend myself and another urbanFamily trekked up to the mountains for some snowshoeing.  Snowshoeing is easy!  If you can walk, you can snowshoe.  We're fortunate to have our own pairs but stop at the several ski rental places in Sandy and they'll most likely have snowshoe rentals as well as cross / downhill ski rentals for around $10.  You can snowshoe along the number of trails on Mt. Hood.  Trillium Lake is an easy trail to navigate and fun for the kids.  Since we headed up fairly late, we didn't venture to far out on the trail but far enough to build a snowman.  The small hills in the parking lot at the trail head is also popular for sledding.  You do have to remember to obtain a Sno Park Permit to park in the lot or near any of the trail heads.




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Looks like you had lots of fun! We're trying to get up to the snow area next month if we can. Santa brought sleds for the kids, and they are eager to use them. I need to find a place with some good bunny hills for them.

Is this an overnighter? I've been wanting to take my guys sledding somewhere close... Good places to stay around there?

Hi Anne - Trillium Lake isn't far at all. It took just over 1 hour to get there. We left around 12:30 and we back home by 6pm, and we fit in a good trek plus the lovely snowman! There are plenty of lodges and cabins, I am sure. We haven't stayed on Mt. Hood yet, though. I understand there are a few more spots just a smidgen away (the other side of Mt. Hood or Mount St. Helens), so others will have to share insight on other snowy destinations.

P.S. via Marlynn's Family Friendly blog (http://www.oregonlive.com/weblogs/familyfriendly/), check out http://www.stayandplayhood.com/ for ideas for parents and kids romping on Mt. Hood.

And, if you're looking for a real adventure, there are cabins that you can rent near Lake Trillium. Albeit, you will need to ski or snowshoe in along with your gear. We've always wanted to do that. Check out Cooperspur.com for fun on the north side of Mt. Hood. By the way, Olivia's *parent hack* of the day was carrying her 2 yo in my hubby's day pack, which can double as a baby carrier in a snap. Downside is that it's hard on the shoulders and back!

Anyone have a good recommendation for a place on Mt. Hood to sled with young children? (6 and under.) We are going Saturday and I am in charge of finding a spot. These are first time sledders...gentle slopes please! Thank you.

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