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holiday card photo shoot anyone?

Moms_groupSome of you know that I've been playing around with doing photography in my spare time. In fact, I just won an auction for a vintage camera lens with which I will take portraits that I promise will take all of your breath(s) away. I'm eager to take lots of photos of friends and their babies, for practice, and just for fun. Problem is: I'm never in the pictures.

I had a crazy idea that I'd like to offer up to PDX urban mamas of all kinds. Would anyone like to get families together for a photo shoot some morning soon? We could use the product for Christmas cards, and if we have more than one photographer (I know lots of you can compose a great shot!), maybe someone could take a picture of me, and my family. I'm thinking around 8:30 a.m. next Saturday, December 10 - the photos could be ready that afternoon and we'd have plenty of time for holiday card-making. Who's with me?

Meeting location: Pioneer Courthouse Square, or Pioneer Mall, or under the Hawthorne Bridge?


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Ooohh!! I wish, I wish we could make it. (We're out of town next weekend). Great idea! The products will be super, I am sure of it.

That sounds great! I've been wanting to meet some pdx momma's. I dabble in photography and would be more than happy to take some pics of you guys. Email me with details. Oh, and that's a great picture!

Cool! Is the time still firm? Or, are you thinking later in the morning? Just wanted to make sure in the event it works out for us.

we're planning to meet around 10:30 a.m. by the big Christmas tree at Pioneer Square - several mamas are coming (I think three or four have RSVPed yes)

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