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Escuela Viva

Has anyone heard anything about Escuela Viva in N. Portland (close to Emanuel Hospital)?  All I know is that they advertise in MetroParent, the program is dual languange and follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy.  But, any first hand or second hand info would be greatly appreciated; they almost all sound great on paper.  I'm looking at preschools again and would love to find a spanish immersion or dual language program.  Thanks for any info. 


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Wow, that looks really cool. I'm going to go visit as soon as I can. What I'm really fascinated with is how they can be SO inexpensive...5 full days for $150 per month! As a school owner, I am wondering, how do you pay your staff a living wage, pay the utilities, rent, and pay for food and materials on those kinds of rates? I'm amazed. The ratio also looks good too; I wonder what the class size is. What a great find! I can't wait to go check it out.

do you think that's $150/month, or $150/week. It certainly would make much more sense if that's a weekly figure!

It does look great though.

Hey Angela, speaking of great looking schools, I'd love to talk to you about Rowanberry sometime.

Oh, yes! I was just talking to a parent whose 4-year old goes to Escuela Viva. They love it. I will see her on Thursday so I'll try to get more detailed info then!

Angela, do share your thoughts after you chat with them.

Even at $150/week for FT days, I think it is still very affordable.

we did a tour of the facility and really liked the program and the teachers but it was in a basement and their wasn't much yard space and their new facility opening up on 49th and Sandy is also held mostly in the basement although the top floor will be available for movement activities. Just doesn't make much sense to me to have my child in a basement most of the day.

My daughter goes to Escuela Viva and we love it. She is a really emotional (some grandparents would say clingy ;) ) child and starting school was really hard for her. She started in September at 2 1/2 and she cried and cried every day. The teachers were super emotionally-responsive to her and communicative with me and my husband. They actively looked for ways to make her comfortable and really respected her process. She LOVES school now and loves her teachers and friends. The kids are really learning Spanish too! It is a great community and a great price. I think this is an exceptional school.

I am the director of Escuela Viva. Thank you for all your good words about the work we do. Just to let you if you have any questions you can visit our website or call me at 503-281-6034. I hold monthly open houses at both our sites. We have a few opennings at both our sites and are now enrolling for Fall 2007. I'd love to show you around both our schools and share more with you about our school. Have a beautiful day.

These comments are more than 2 years old now ... does anyone have any up-to-date opinions/observations of Escuela Viva? Would this be a good place to send my children to daycare, preschool and then elementary? Has anyone on this list sent their kids to first grade (or above) there? Would love any insight. I hear that Escuela Viva is considering starting an infant/toddler program too. ???

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