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We Are Family

So, one of the mamas came up with a fantastic idea.  We'd love to hear from all of YOU who our visiting our little experiment of a Web site. 

This is my (Hau) take on the origins of this Web site.  This whole Web site began as a mama-induced fantasy about building an on-line community.  We all met on-line via the now seemingly defunct PDX-Moms Yahoo! group (a bit sad).  It took us a while, but after a few face-to-face meetings and playgroups, it was destined to be that the on-line friendship would blossom into something much more.  Through this great invention called the *Internet* we keep in touch.  We email, we blog, we do more e-communication than chat on the phone.  But when we get together, it's so easy to pick up from where we left off because the dear Internet allows us to keep in touch even though we live in the same city.  My hope for this Website is to not only be a resource, but to build community.

With that, a more intimate view of who we are, I'd like to invite you to tell us about yourself.  Come on, don't be shy!


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We've moved around a bit since my hunny & I got married. When we moved to Portland from NYC via Atlanta, we were 7 months pregnant and we had a 3 year-old daughter. I wanted to meet families and mamas. I was also working full-time, so my time away for play-dating was limited.

PDX_Moms was a great outlet for some time, a place for discussion and a place where I could pose a question and get some good responses. Soon, after some mommy nights out and some playdates, a core group of us mamas found that we could really relate on several levels. We find ourselves grappling with similar issues and celebrating similar successes. We share, confide in, and connect with one another. We keep in touch via email or via blogs. We see each other sometimes every week or sometimes every other month.

I know there are other mamas out there who share similar beliefs, joys, lifestyles, and obsessive Type A mama traits. I want urbanmamas to be a place where we can all come together and share, share, share. Share thoughts and information on eating, crazy days (or crazy daze), staying emotionally sane, nursing, finding preschools, love & marriage, and mome. A true online community is what I want.

Now if *that* wasn't warm and fuzzy! ....

So glad to find this online community...and in such a strange way. Someone told me yesterday that they couldn't find my school's website, so I Googled it, and this site came up because the name of the school is mentioned on it. Weird, and cool. I didn't even know it existed. I was a part of a PDX hip Mama group when my son Fionn was little. Since then, I've been busy getting the school going, and haven't been active in the mama community. (The parents at Rowanberry have kind of become their own little tribe, which I am part of to a certain extent. The moms are awesome, but probably don't want or need to hear about my insomnia, obsession with 6 feet under...etc. you get the picture.) Now...I am 7 months pregnant! Due in January! Will need support, something that resembles a personal life, and friends for baby! Don't have a whole hell of a lot of time, except in the middle of the night when I seem to be wide awake these days. I love to knit, and will be in search of a mom/baby playgroup at some point. Perhaps I'll find other knitting moms with babies ??? Anyway, I'll be around. Thanks...Angela
(P.S. I hit "post" 2x when commenting on "finding a daycare," does anyone know how to erase a comment?)

Ooh! I'm so happy to see that this is back. I've been obsessively trying urbanmamas.com for what seems like months to no avail - it vanished about a week after I first found it. I'm JJ, mom to Milo who is 2-1/2 and boy #2 will be arriving in mid-march. We just moved to SE portland last week after a brief 15 month stint in SF, and we spent 5 years in kansas city prior to that. I've been more or less cyber-stalking a number of your blogs since we found out we were coming here last spring. :) As a result, I feel like I've got a good head's up on so many great things to do in Portland and places to eat thanks to your previous posts! Not to mention all the great info on pre-schools, which I desperately need to start looking into for next fall.

Other than the mama-gig, I bike, run occasionally, knit, sew a little bit (mostly just slings and bibs for friends' baby gifts), cook, am excited to finally having a yard again to do a bit of gardening (but not too much), and spend way too much time online (reading more than posting it seems). Hope to maybe meet some of you in person someday. You seem like a really kickass group of mamas.

Angela & JJ, congrats on your pregnancies! I found this blog via Olivia (thanks!) and think it is a fantastic resource & opportunity. You mamas rock for getting this together. I'm Marlynn and I have one 17-month old son, who is my world. Before I was all about my career and now I am all about baby AND career.

My husband and I live in SW but don't write me off just yet, Eastsiders! We lived in SE for about 10 years and are still Hawthorne/Division kids at heart. I grew up in Portland, my hubby in Switzerland (JJ-my husband spent a few years in KC - were you in MO or KS side?), we met in college in Boston and lived in Los Angeles (yuck) before moving up here. We both used to work in television news and now I run two companies and he works as a business systems analyst (fancy term for Web Dude).

I love to write, design, eat (total foodie here), organize, blog, travel, read (I need book recommendations!), jog (just the treadmill now though), run amuck around town with my son or with girlfriends, and just get together with fun mamas to chat about whatever. Olivia - I am a total Type A :) This online community is a great idea for PDX moms! Thanks ladies!

I was born and raised in NE Portland, in a gi-normous Old Pdx-style house right smack in the heart of the Historic Irvington neighborhood (11th and Siskiyou), waaay before it was what it is now.
I attended Irvington Elementary, Fernwood Middle ,and graduated from Grant High School in the early 90s. After getting married and graduating from Portland State University, I started grad school at Lewis and Clark only to discover I was pregnant with baby number 1 soon after. So needless to say grad school was put on hold for a while but, I still have no regrets!
My husband and I feel most at home in NE Portland, where we bought a house five years ago. I am currently a mom to two active boys. I'm so glad a site was put together for Portland moms, it's great!

I grew up in SE Portland but my hubby (Eugene native), 2.5 year-old daughter and grouchy dog have lived in Kenton for 4 years and around NE for 10. I work part-time as a reference librarian and so get to talk to adults enough to really value toddler-speak (hmmm, is she a preschooler yet?) but don't have lots of time for playgroups, etc. Okay, I will admit I am also shy so I don't know how the playgroup thing would have evolved for me if I had more time... I think Urbanmamas let me feel a bit more in touch with what's going on in town! Thanks!!

Although I've heard I should never admit this to anyone living in Portland, I'm a native of California.

I just moved here from the Bay Area two weeks ago with my 2 1/2 year old daughter and husband (who works from home but is away on business half the time). I gave up my fabulous career as food editor for the Oakland Tribune, et al, to move here, so that should prove to all naysayers just how passionately I love this town.

Sure, things are cheaper here than in the Bay Area (anywhere is cheaper than the Bay Area, except maybe NYC), but we came for the culture. I feel more at home here than I ever have in my hometown, and I'm thankful to be able to raise my daughter here.

Before I break into song or start shouting from the rooftops, I'll get down to business. I live near Hollywood and Grant Park. I love to knit (although I'm not terribly good at it. I've made some hats, a scarf and one sock. Someday I hope to create a mate for it). I also love to read, garden, walk, hike, explore and, not surprisingly considering my old job, I love to cook and eat. Almost as much as cooking, I love to thumb through my cookbooks (of which I have way too many) and simply imagine myself cooking. I call it armchair cooking.

I miss my job terribly, but what I miss most is hanging out with grownups and using my brain. I'm looking for a preschool for my daughter so I can have time to do some freelance writing. Oh yeah, and so she can socialize with other kids, learn to problem solve, yadda yadda. ;)

I used to belong to a mother's group and enjoyed the playgroup my daughter and I were in. I'd be happy to find another playgroup for us, and also take part in any knitting club, book club, mom's night out, whatever. Yes, I'm desperate for some grown-up company, but judging from your bios and postings, you'd all be a fun group of like-minded moms to hang with.

Like Amy, we are native Californians. Native to SF. We left a great network of people to raise our kids in this lovely community. We are thrilled to be here, but with a 23 month old and a 3 month old, we find that it's not exactly easy to make new friends.
Up until 1 week before Ella was born, I was in production/merchandising for Levi's in SF. I also miss working and am looking for an outlet for conversation, book club, Mom's night out, whatever. This job of loving on, caring for, playing with, smoochign on, and generally makign a fuss over - our little ones is a sweet and rewarding responsibility, but it can also be rough at times, so we need each other. So glad I found this website.

Oh ya, a couple factoids...
Married to a great guy, we are both 35.
Ella Roux is 23 months and Jack Stratford is 3 months.
Just moved to Beaverton from NE from SF...
My rose bushes are my other children, I love to garden.
I love to read - everything from Oprah's book club to classics.
Love music, currently trying to convince my husband that we are not too old to see Gwen Stefani in concert.
Fancy myself as a closet writer (I know, doesn't everyone?)- would like to write a tween novel about horses - kidn of cliche, but I have always had a crazy love for horsees.
Is it 2008 yet??
Love Mexican food - still haven't found a great place in the NW...
Desperate to lose my baby weight.
Thouroughly miss Six Feet Under.
Love "The Office."
Love to cook.
Love the shopping as well.

I guess that's it for now.

Ta Ta-

Hi there. I'm also a Beavertonite, but might have lived in SE if the housing prices hadn't scared us away!

I am a career ESL teacher with experience teaching mostly adults, but am staying at home now with my children.

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but have just moved to the Portland area from Tokyo, Japan. I am the mother of 2 swirled girls (biracial, bilingual, bicultural) a 4 year old and a 17 month old.

I'm very interested in discussing parenting topics with other mamas who might have ideas about raising swirled kids in Portland, but I'm also interested in where to get the best wine and beer and restaurants good for kids and mommies, too!

Hi! So excited to find this! I have been looking for something like this since having our first baby in July.
My husband and I live in N. PDX. I grew up in Salem and have been in Portland for 10 years. I worked in Human Resources until I had the baby and just recently made the decision to be a stay at home mom.
I love to knit, sew, read, bake, travel,go junking/antiquing and go for walks/runs.
I am very interested in meeting other moms!

Wow, what an amazing site. I have spent countless hours searching for something just like this in the Portland area!

We moved to Portland (Beaumont/Wilshire) from Minnesota less than a year ago. Basically in the process of relocating I found out I was pregnant and now have an amazing roly-poly little boy named Bridger. My husband and I spend much of our time watching all the cool things a 5 month old can do (ex. garggling spit), but have come to realize that we need to get out and meet adults.

I must admit that in the beginning (pre-pregnancy). We chose Portland because of the activities for grown-ups (not of the strip club variety!). We are food freaks! Love the museums, coffee shops, public houses etc. Since our babe came along we haven't really taken the time to indulge in the activities that drew us here in the first place. We now realize that babies are relatively portable and have come out of newborn seclusion, ready to experience all Portland has to offer.

I love to hike, bike, run, eat foods of all types, read, watch movies, travel, and dabble in knitting, and jewelry making. I also really love music and have a borderline unhealthy obcession with Bono. :)

This is my first go at being a mama and would love to meet up with other moms. Whether it be with the wee-ones or for a mom's night out (enjoy the occasional 2-glass-of-wine-buzz). My husband would also be interested in exploring the world of Portland micro-brews with other fine beer connoisseurs. Thanks again for this site!

Wow, what a great blog! I've e-mailed with a couple of you before so I feel like I already know some of these mamas. My spouse and I live in Westmoreland with our 8 month old son and two energetic pointers. I am an architect but have been staying home with the baby. My spouse is an attorney, self-employed. I love to run, hike, and pretty much anything that involves the outdoors. I look forward to checking in on this site again. There's some great information here -- thanks!

My husband and I moved back to PDX (Laurelhurst) at the end of November after about 10 years away - North Carolina, New Mexico, McMinnville. We've got a 3 1/2 year old boy and a 3 1/2 week old girl - did I mention I was very 32 weeks pregnant and on bedrest at the time of our move?! The last time I lived in PDX, I was hip and single - feel a little homebound and unsure about where to start finding like-minded moms to hang out with. I'm an architect and practice less than part-time (though just started a project that I committed to long before baby was born - was I crazy?), 36, will be heading up an extensive remodel to our house in the spring, love to eat/cook/go out for good food, closet Martha Stewart follower, avid reader, regular 3 mile walker/jogger (after post c-section doc's okay).

Miss having a group of friends/moms to compare notes with - ie: do all 3 yr olds freak out over not having the right cup/big piece/Thomas train/sharing? How long should it take to get 2 kids out of the house(11:00 am seems to be the earliest so far)? etc, etc

I keep reading the emails and hope to get to a mom's night out, but still in newborn sleep deprivation/nursing alot mode. Hope to check back in to the real world soon. Anyone else in my shoes?

Hi Mamas -
I'm so happy to have found this site, as I have been dreaming of starting a site like this - thanks for saving me the work!

I'm 34 years old and mama to a 15 month old boy. I'm a women's health nurse practitioner, but I'm not working as one right now. I'm doing a little freelance writing and alot of full-time mama duty.

I live in Sellwood with my husband, baby and 100 lb. mutt. I enjoy reading, writing, yoga, exercise, cooking, eating and mama activities.

I'd love to meet y'all and hope to make it to an upcoming event soon!

I have benn popping in and reading posts for about a month now so thought it may be time to introduce myself.

I am 39 yo (39!!) and have three daughters, 1-1/2, 3 and 4-1/2 (well, almost 5.) We moved to Portland 7 months ago from Spokane. Before that we lived in Seattle (medical school,) Tucson (residency,) Denver (fellowship,)and then Spokane for the "real" job that turned into just a three year stint as they closed the pediatric department. I am the girl who said I would never follow a man for his job, he would follow me. How things change...

I usually adjust right away and "bloom where I am planted," but Portland has been a little harder; I don't know if it is because I am so busy with the children, if I live in an isolated neighborhood or what...but I am ready to make friends! And I enjoy Portland so much, so it would be nice to enjoy it with other mothers.

This site has been great to read the comments and, oh, how I can relate. It really is nice to see there are other mothers out there going through the same things.

I am looking forward to reading, posting and meeting all of you. Thank you for making me feel like I am a little closer to being part of a community.

And, I have my girls in so many activities! If you need any advice on ballet, gymnastics, preschools ,kindegartens, soccer, etc., let me know! I have only been here a little while, but I try to experience a little of everything, for myself and the girls.

Hi - I just discovered this site a few weeks ago while searching for preschools (I'm so ready to hear any suggestions! Already have many from other posts, thank you for that.) I'm enjoying reading about and hearing from a new group of mom's/parents.

We just made a move from Overlook to NE, near New Seasons on 33rd (anyone looking to buy a cute 2-bedroom in Overlook?? Email me!) I have almost 3 yo twin boys that I've been home with since they were born, minus one month of pretending that I was going back to work. I started law school last fall and now do that at night: my partner and I have this great 20-30 minutes of "what have they had to eat? Do they need medicine? Who's poopy?" around 4:30 when she comes home from work and I get ready to leave. It's great.

So, yeah, next fall I'm switching to days.

I'm intrigued by the running group; I love to run, but am completely out of shape. Also don't know if I can justify a Saturday morning not spent studying, but would like to give it a try...sometime soon.

I love the candor on this site and especially the discussions about education - I've learned a lot in the few weeks I've been checking in. It's also nice to hear from so many people new to Portland - welcome! I'm looking forward to hearing more and meeting you!

Hi--I currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Looks like we may be relocating to Portland in the next couple months. I have 2 young boys, 4 1/2 and 22 months. I am seeking information about places to live, cost of houses, etc. We currently live in a city neighborhood in Milwaukee that is inhabited by lots of young families, teachers, and city workers. We have access to lots of good parks and shopping. I would like to find the same in Portland. The city seems great and we are really excited. I am happy to find this website and am looking forward to meeting other moms in the area. If someone would take the time to respond to me I would really appreciate it! I'm wondering, most specifically, what it's going to set us back to own an older 3 BR home in a pleasant area.

OH, and schools of course. That's important too. I understand that schools don't start until 5K there, is that right? We have 4K here.

Thanks so much!!!

We've been here in Portland since August of 04. We have one son, Tommy, born in July of 04. Yes, I moved here from Atlanta, nearly three thousand miles, with a 4-week old baby. From a 3 bedroom house to a two-bedroom flat with a storage space, until we found our house here in Hollywood, which we absolutely love. The days leading up to the decision (with me 5 months pregnant, imagining listing the house, being possibly homeless if it sold too fast, or saddled with huge bills if it didn't sell at all, unsure whether I'd be able to keep my job after my return from maternity leave, unsure what size clothes I would need to leave unpacked, for heavens' sake) were pretty heinous, but in hindsight it was absolutely worth it. We feel like goldilocks here. It's not perfect, but it's just right for us.

I telecommute a crazy schedule while my son is in morning daycare - my husband is a history professor at a PCC and works mornings and nights, but not afternoons. It's crazy, but it works for us.

Not that I'm surprised, given that we knew there would be a lot of like-minded people here and that's why we moved, but it's nice to see so many foodies (!) and otherwise cool-sounding, grounded people on this site. Look forward to meeting lots of you!

Hi, just found the site today and have already really enjoyed it. I was Googling Castle Cuts.
I am 36, have a wonderful 3.5 year old boy named Payton. (Named him after Walter Payton, of course.)
I am pregnant and expecting our 2nd in August. I've had horrible morning sickness this time around and am looking forward to the 2nd trimester, and not having to be pregnant again! :)
I live on the Westside too, I've lived Aloha, Portland, Beaverton and now Portland again. Love it.
My family loves taking the dog to the lake, the Zoo and reading!
Great site, thanks for being here.

hi all,
a couple of months (? weeks?) ago i posted about finding a preschool in the beaverton area for my sweet son who's is finding his way after our move from chicago (i found a great montessori-that's really a montessori, ami certified, etc).

i thought i would now-since the mess of the move is over-introduce myself. my name is melia and my husband dave and i, along with our son baxter moved here in december. we spent 5 weeks living at my husband's parents house looking for a house. ugh! luckily they are dream in-laws! because of portland's expensive housing prices we are pioneering our way into suburban life. i never thought, as an artist-someone who formerly loved the grit of urban life that i'd love the suburbs but this is crazy. it's beautiful here! i woke up to an owl hooting the other night! it certainly beats chicago, nyc and sf where we lived before.

so, even though we live in the burbs we'd like to connect with others in the portland area. we are artsy fartsy despite our address and would welcome an opportunity to connect with like minded families. we'll try to participate in things that don't conflict with the school schedule that are posted on this site. but in addition if anyone out there has a 4-6 year old boy or girl who'd like to set up a playdate with a lovely boy who is a good friend and shares really well and is generous and fun and very lonely for friends please don't hesitate to email me.


I live in Vancouver -- am I still welcome?? :) hehe! I've been lurking for quite a while now and I thought it was about time to introduce myself. My hubby and I moved to the 'couv four years ago after living it up in downtown Seattle. We still pretend we live in the city, which is getting increasingly hard to do as we do in fact live in the heart of Suburbia. We are a mini-van short of fitting in here. :)

I just had a baby boy who just turned 3 months old. We also have two dogs and two cats -- it's definitely a housefull.

Anyway, I really enjoy this site. Maybe I"ll actually venture out to one of the get-togethers sometime.

Howdy! I just discovered this site today, and I plan to come back often! I grew up in Eugene, went back east for college, went to grad school at OSU (anthropology) and now I've lived in Portland for several years. Now I live with my husband, cat and 10-month-old girl in inner NE, about halfway between Wild Oats and New Seasons.

I'm looking for moms who share similar (liberal) values and interests like hiking, cross-country skiing with the babes, knitting, eating out, and eventually cycling. I've also been trying to run occasionally, and I'd love to find people to run with. I'll try to make it to one of your events soon, though I'm not much of a morning person so 8:00 a.m. walks are out for me. A cocktail, though... that's another story.

Hello, UrbanMamas!

I am thrilled to find this site. I am a first time mom to a wonderful daugter who is now 8 months old. I am 34 and just finished training for my career as a subspeciality physician when i became a mother. I am currently working part-time, and I am finding it the best of both worlds!

My husband and I moved to Portland almost 4 years ago now. Me from the southeastern US and he from Sweden. I have loved living here both before and after child...the restaurants, farmers market, outdoor activities....and all the new mommy stuff like the zoo, mommies matinee and peanut butter and ellies! We currently live in SW Portland..we reluctantly left the SE Division/Clinton neighborhood a couple of months ago due to a landlords return from overseas.

I am anxious to become involved. I am particularly excited about the walking/running groups..and I love trying new restarants in town. Would there be any interest in a bookclub or a knitting group (I took a couple of lessons..but I need some encouragement!)

Hi mamas. Is this where I start? Just saw this on Portland Picks and love what I've browsed thru so far.

My name is Amancia, mama to 3 1/2 year old Deepak. We moved to Beaverton in April 05, from Monrovia, CA. We'd never been here, didn't even see our house in person, just bought it, packed up our stuff and left as fast as we could!

My husband is currently using my car so I don't know how many events I could get to, but I'm always willing to host and maybe if someone near me gets to know me, Dee and I can hitch a ride with you and thank you with a batch of snickerdoodles or something ;)I'd especially love to make one of the w(h)ine nights!

My husband Amit and I are both 27. I'm a SAHM, he's a network engineer now working in Vancouver after spending two weeks working from home/two weeks working in Cali for our first six months here.

Well is that too much info, not enough, I dunno, it's late and has been a long day! Is there a process for "joining" this group. If so, hope it's ok that I posted here first.

Sweet mother mercy, this is a fabulous site, and exactly what I was looking for!

Originally from Salt Lake City, UT, my husband and I have been in the Portland area since 2001. We currently reside in the SW Portland/Vermont Hills area, and absolutely LOVE it. Peanut Butter and Ellie's is just around the corner!

I am the proud mother of 3 fabulous children: Vince - 11, Carly - 8, and Isabelle - 21 mo. I just turned 31 this month, I am a SAHM, but also work from home for a division of Freightliner. And let me tell you, that can be difficult with a toddler running around!

I enjoy reading, walking, hiking, camping, I have attempted to do some quilting, and LOVE cooking. And I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can spend a little more time outside...it's almost little league baseball season!

My greetings and best wishes to you all, thanks for reading!

Hi! I just noticed you added me to your link list and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU :)

Hey there, found this site through PortlandPicks.com and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Emee, 32, and mom to Oliver, 18 days old! We live in NE and I'm trying to figure out how to run my small event planning business (also in NE) from home.

I'm also lucky to be married to Dave, who is also self-employed (educational web design programmer and musician) and wearing the baby at this moment while I type. We moved here from Austin 3 years ago and are loving the weather--not hot! don't need a/c! can actually survive outdoors in August!

Just wanted to say hi and can't wait until Oliver is a little bit bigger and can come out to a playdate or meetup. This looks like a great resource.

Hi mamas!
Thanks for putting together such a great site for moms in Portland. I knew this was the place for me when I saw that you guys have had get- togethers at sydney's (one of those great places that makes Portland so cool).
I moved to Portland about 10 years ago from California (yeah, one of those) via Paris. I've been working in various forms of production( TV news, radio, commercial, film) until my daughter Scout was born in July. Now I've started my own company called bump style (maternity line) and am trying to make a go of it while taking care of Scout full time. My husband is a writer ( but works in marketing at PSU to pay the bills) and we live in NE Portland.
I'm always looking to meet new moms with similar interests who do fun things with their kids. I'm up for walks, coffee, OMSI, whatever.
Maybe I'll even see you guys at sydney's.
Thanks for being here. Hope to meet up with you soon.


I'm also excited to find this site. My husband and I and our 2 year old son also just moved here from the Bay Area. So far we love it here, but I have to say that I have noticed that all of us who have moved here from California seem a little defensive or guilty about it. People who have moved here from other parts of the country don't seem nearly so apologetic or embarrassed to admit where they came from. Can I ask why that is? California has a huge list of pros and cons, but it is just a place/location/ etc. like any other. That may be oversimplifying (and I certainly do not mean to offend anyone), but I am genuinely curious about the attitude towards Californians. Can I ask other Califonians, or some Oregonians, why is it that people who have moved here from California are seemingly so reviled? It's odd because the majority of the people that I met in Calif. moved there from somewhere else, and as a native Californian, I never thought twice about it, and I certainly never expected people to be embarrased to admit where they had moved from. It seemed natural and normal to me that people would grow and change and move around as their lives and needs evolved.

Hi Jessica,
We moved here from SF a year and half ago. I think there's a couple things that play into this apologetic Californian syndrome - these are just my perceptions... First thing, we drive up home prices - after selling our bay area fixer-uppers for half a million, we come up here outbid everyone and then pull up in our new neighborhood with hired movers and a new Beemer. My husband and I of course always rented in SF because we couldn't afford to buy (which by the way is what most of us are doing.. moving somewhere where the quality of life is great and comes at a price we can afford) - the second thing is that there just seems to be a sort of fast-paced yuppie, maybe a little rude, fancy pants perception of us transplants. Some of both points may be true, but the majority of us are just looking to find a comfortable place to hang our hats and raise our kids. I had heard of these perceptions before moving, but have only been met with warm welcomes and friendly greetings. Just some thoughts. Although, WE LOVE PDX, I am absolutely okay with being a native Californian and still consider Northern CA our home. I think that people are apologetic because they are trying to shed the sterotypes, find acceptance and start a new life.
Just some thoughts.

Hi Jessica and all other CA transplants!

As a native Portlander I thought I would chime in and add to Monica's observances on the anti-CA "backlash." Back in the 80's, there was actually a sign on the OR/CA border stating something like "thanks for visiting but please don't stay" - this may be one of those urban myths, but I remember the anti-CA sentiment being much more prevalent back in the 80s and early 90s than now (mainly because now I think transplants outnumber native Oregonians by far!). Monica is right about some Oregonians blaming Californians for driving up housing prices, but it also started out as more than that. Back in the 80s, we started getting a lot of retirees from CA moving up here. Retirees don't necessarily vote the same way us 30- and 40-somethings may vote, and it seemed the majority of the transplants were Republicans (no hard facts, just my personal observations from the news of that time). We have kids in school to worry about, they don't, and I remember as they were closing my elementary school in SE Portland, I would hear my friends' parents blaming CA retirees who had starting building mcMansions in the area for the failure of several key education initiatives on the ballot.

But it's more than just this perceived anti-CA sentiment that I think, sadly, some transplants from everywhere may feel. I think at heart Portlanders don't want anyone to move here. Period. We love our city small, and we hate seeing it grow. As much as it behooves us to have growth, we hate to see the nature of our landscape change with that growth. We fear that the boom of Southern CA Republicans that moved up here in the 80s will continue to shake our very liberal little world. We fear your jet skis will continue to pollute our waters (side note: I remember being able to swim in the Willamette when I was very young) and your snomobiles will tear up our mountains. It's a ridiculous sentiment that I think a very small group of Oregonians may still feel.

These are all just generalized observances, of course, from having grown up here. I personally LOVE that people move here from all over the world. All of my friends are transplants. I'm sad to hear that some folks feel the need to apologize that they are from CA. Just know there's a long history there, and people for the most part are over it. Welcome to Portland, Jessica! I, for one, am very glad you and your family are here :-)

Thanks for the feedback. I got quite a few responses- both on this blog and through my personal e-mail, so I must have touched on a timely subject. Thank you also to all of you- Oregonians and transplants alike, who welcomed my family and I to Portland : )It's great to be here...

I'm new to the site and new to Portland. Well actually I grew up in Corvallis Oregon but left after college for 10 years in SF, 3 years in Boston, then back to Oregon. So, I am an Oregonian native. Anyway, we recently moved to SE- 35th near Hawthorne. I have one son and he is 5 years old. Anyway, I am looking to meet some cool moms, with kids near my sons age. He's having a hard time meeting kids at preschool since they have all been together since babyhood. Any ideas on how to meet other moms? I work part-time so I have lots of time open!

Hi! I just found your site through a friend... I've lived in PDX for almost 10 years - CA native, and now growing an OR native within. I'm a chiropractor, I work part time, and love my job. I love working with pregnant moms, and babies (and everyone else too!). I'm due with my first baby in early June. I'm a lover of sewing, knitting and all things crafty.
Hopefullyl I can meet your group sometime!

I am sooooo very glad to have found this site! What a wealth of info on here about Portland! My name is Lisa (32) and at the moment I live in Peachtree City/Atlanta, GA, but will be moving to PDX in early June. My husband, John, will be joining an eye practice in the Hawthorne area. We have a 5 yo son, Owen, and I'm pregnant and due in mid-August. Any good recommendations for Montessori schools there? How about ob/gyns? We'll be starting over, so I need all the info I can get. Also, what about family/dog-friendly neighborhoods? I would love to find a group of people that actually care about what they feed their child (opposed to junk), don't require me to tell them which church I belong to(I don't belong to any-but that's the first question that I'm asked here in the Bible belt), and love coffee shops, organic/natural food stores and cooking. I can't wait to get out there! Thanks in advance for the info!

Lisa, Glad to see another Georgia transplant. My husband and I escaped from the ATL in 2004, and haven't regretted it for a moment. (And we did it 4 weeks after our son was born - I think your choice to move before is wiser!). There is a thread on OB/GYNs on the site, but of course a lot depends on where/how you want to deliver and where you will be living. Keep browsing, and feel free to e-mail me directly if you want any other post-Atlanta advice!

Just wanted to let Betsy and Lisa know that I transplanted (although not directly) from Chattanooga, TN with a 4 year stay in Atlanta. I must say that I could NEVER go back! The Pacific Northwest fits my personality so much more! I would love to meet you two!

HI! I'm a 26 year old mom to be (in July) and I'm soaking up all kinds of info about this new part of Portland that I've never explored before. Being that I'm a bit on the younger side, I have very few friends with babies and I'm hoping to meet some people who are also having summer babies to share ideas with and possibly meet up come fall when the babies are a little older. I'm a high school teacher and my husband is an attorney. We live in NE. I love being outdoors, hiking, etc and I really love to cook (although I get bogged down in the area of deciding what to eat).

what a wonderful site! i am a brand-new single mama with an amazing 11-week old girl. i am ***loving**** being a mother. i've kept a blog of my life thus far as a mama. check it out if you feel inspired (and want to see the cutest kid in the world...okay i'm a bit tainted but...)
its www.babyuma.blogspot.com
i've been in p-town off and on for almost ten years, although about five of them were globe-trotting years. truth is, i always missed this magical place and always loved calling it home. now i've made my daughter a native! i love this town so much- the main attractions for me are the like-minded folk, the inevitable 2 degrees of separation, and the abundant flowers. i taught at a radical charter school before the birth of my wee one....now i'm in Mamaland and never want to leave.....(what to do???))))
hope to meet some of you ladies sometime!
in solidarity and glee,
claire and uma

Hi! I am a working mom of now 2 under 2! I have been looking for a group to meet other moms/parents. I live in the burbs but used to live in Portland and am missing it. My husband and I plan on moving back to close in SE/NE within the next year. We are both native Oregonians who spent some time on the East Coast before coming home to have a family and be close to family. He is a musician who holds down a "real job" and I am a meeting planner. We are both 32. I feel like I should list interests or something but they are the run of the mill - reading, going to the park, etc.. lol! I am looking forward to meeting some of you soon!
George 2
Molly 3 mos.

Yea for this websight! I found it thru Angela. I am mama to Clyde Elias, my four month old mushkin. My husband and I both grew up in Ithaca NY and moved here about 5 years ago. Being 28, I too am the only one in my friend group with a kiddo. I have recently emerged from new mama cave and am feeling a little isolated. I know there are other mamas like me around here! I would love to find a mama group and a play group. Feel free to e-mail me. Interests...hmmmmm...food (cooking and eating), most things crafty, gardening, used to really like biking (now I miss it)hiking, the usual.
Hope to see some of you at a gathering!

What a great website...seems like a real hip group of moms! My name is Ashley and my husband, Lance, and I have 3 kids: Mac - 8, Reid - 2, and Claire 5 months. We moved here 2 years ago from DC and doubt we will ever move back; Portland is such a great place to raise kids. I work from home and feel like this is the first time since moving here that I have had a chance to breathe, take a break and begin looking for other moms interested in getting together for playdates. We live in Irvington but frequently hit the 'kid spots' (OMSI, Zoo, Children's Musuem...you know the drill). We look forward to meeting you.

Yeah! What a sweet website! Finally something that is fun and full of helpful real info!
My name is Carissa. I am 25 and a newly single mom of a son, Preston, who is 19 months old. I am a native Oregonian who loves all that it has to offer and I look forward to sharing all of that with my son. We are temporarily in Beaverton with family while we get things together. We spend a lot of time in Portland and I look forward to meeting all of you and your precious little ones at some fun play dates!

Hey there! FABULOUS site! I just opened an email from Milagros and noticed your link.

My hubby Dean and I are native Oregonians who live in NE. We welcomed our first baby into the world in late February. Her name is Siena and we're SOOOOO digg'n her :-)

I'm a first time mommy who is turning in her corporate badge for a stab at full time mommy-hood. (So far I have to say that it's the best job I've ever had.)

I love to hike, read, cook, eat, shop, and garden. I have always wanted to learn how to knit so I'd love to get more scoop on if there's some sort of mommy knit group out there that is accepting new folks.

Siena and I love meeting new people so if any new mommies and kidlets feel like meeting up, let us know.


We've been here for about nine months, and I'm really needing to find a place in a community. We live in NE (Beaumont/Wilshire), and have two girls (4 and 2.5). I work part-time, and am hoping to find some other mamas to hang out, vent, and have play dates with. Hopefully we'll get to meet some of you soon!

I am a new mama with a 2 month old living in the Beaumont/ Wilshire area. Would love to meet other mama's that my little one and I could hang out with from time to time to share, etc. I love to take walks, go to parks, garden, and cook. Also, I am a beginning knitter. I am looking foward to meeting other mama's this Sat. at Milagros's and at play dates!

UrbanMamas has been a favorite resource since i rediscovered it this winter! I first found you last spring when I was home on maternity leave trying to figure out how to be a mama in this town. I thought I knew all about Portland, having been here for my entire adult life - but having a baby changes what you need to know about your community - And what you need to know in general for that matter - and I'm so glad to have the insights of this incredible online community. thanks.

Hello Mamas,

I hope to make it to Milagros this weekend to meet you all! I love this website and am so thankful to you all for being a part of it! As a full time working mama, I don't have much opportunity to socialize with other mamas, but enjoy staying in the loop via this website! My husband and I are proud parents of a 3-year old son and a 6-month old daughter. We hope to meet other UMs/UPs around our beautiful city this summer enjoying everything that it has to offer. Please let me know of any upcoming UM/UP gatherings on the westside. PB&E's anyone?? :)

Hello Urban Mamas,

We are a German/American family with 3 kids currently living in the UK. Kids are 8, 6 and 2 years old. Husband is German and I am the American. I have been away from the US for 15 years now. We are going to be moving to Portland in August 2006. We are looking for the small community suburb near Portland (or even in it). A place where one could cycle to local shops and the kids can walk to school. Does anyone have good tips on where to look in the Portland and surrounding villages/towns? Would love feedback. Your forum is excellent! Also looking for any German families living in Portland with young children.
Thanks, Donna

Hello mamas,
I've lived in Portland (NE/Concordia) for 10 years, came here from SF where I lived for 2 years after growing up and going to college in Illinois. I love Portland, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I came across urbanmamas while searching for preschools. My daughter (Anya, 3.5) will be starting at Hummingbird School this summer after we return from a roadtrip to Chicago. We also have a 6 yr old son, Aidan, in kindergarten at our neighborhood public school. While I did much of the playgroup/new mom stuff with Aidan, when Anya was born we were more content to hang with just our family. Now that Aidan is in school, I'm feeling the need for more socialization for Anya, as well as myself.

My husband and I moved here four years ago so I could attend Pacific Northwest college of Art. We are the only folks in our group of friends who have a child...and I feel pretty isolated. My daughter is 5 now and we have lived in three states since she was born, and unfortunatley I have left my good mama friends behind. My daughter has been in preschool for a year at Puddletown Montessouri and she now has more of a social life than I do. I am 25 years old and I love spending time out in nature, sewing, knitting, painting, drawing,and new his year..making marionettes.Does anyone know of any kid friendly knitting groups around? I live in S.E. Portland..off of Hawthorne.

We are moving to the 21st and Clinton area from Eugene by way of SF in June. I'm really excited to back to city life. We miss San Francisco and found the suburban life in Eugene was not for us. My husband and I have a 2.5 year-old-girl, India and an 11-month-old boy, Kiran. At the moment, I'm home with them. I was working as a birth Doula before Kiran was born and have a passion for everything that has to do with pregnancy and birth. Some day I hope to be a midwife but for now I'm thinking of going back to school be become a labor and delivery nurse. Being on call is pretty tough with two little ones. I'm a real foody. I love to explore new restaurants and cook. I also play soccer and hope to find a women’s team this fall. I can't wait to meet some of you. We are buying the house next door to Peoples Co-Op so stop by and say hello if you’re in the hood. I'm going to be 33 in July.

Hello Urban Mamas:

After spending two years as a SAHM I am ready to go back to work. My job hunt began last month and I now have two possibilities. I am fairly new to Portland (we arrived last fall) so I don't know where to begin my search for preschools and daycare for my two preschoolers and my one year old. I live in the Sabin neighborhood (NE/PDX) and will be travelling on I-5 to get to either of these jobs. I need recommendations for preschools and daycare. I am looking for places that are not franchise businesses with high turnover and would prefer that they have teachers/providers with solid early childhood education experience. A preschool/daycare with Spanish speaking providers is a plus since my children are predominantly Spanish speaking and are just learning English. Does anyone know of a site that has unbiased information on preschools and daycares? The only site site I found was the one on co-ops but unfortunately co-ops are not an option given the time commitment that they require, since I will be working full time. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, I'm looking for a cool holistic hip mama or two (with a three to four year old boy or girl) to trade watching kids for one day a week. (I live just over the Sellwood bridge in the SW). I've been trying out the daycare thing but I can never find the environment I want for my child so I thought of the 'trade' idea. I moved to Portland from LA two years ago and still don't know too many mommies out there that are like me. I am a truth seeker, adventurer, artist, spiritual aware (most of the time hehe), committed to healthy living...and learning the ways of the wise people that seem to exist in mostly books these days. Basically I miss my 'tribe' and feel stuck in the city with my child who needs some good playmates. Maybe you feel the same and are out there and our kids and us will match? I'd actually like to start a communal school of sorts with Portland mommies close by, since good schools are so hard to find and are either full or too expensive. Email me this sounds interesting to you. jasminpopicks@yahoo.com ..also can check out my profile at myspace.com/mysticbelly

My partner and I live in NE Portland with our 4-month-old son and a couple of cats. Papa is home on leave until mid-August; I took the first 12 weeks. We'll be using a mix of juggling weird work hours, telecommuting and hiring help to take care of baby and ourselves starting in August. (All hints for hiring nannies are welcome!)

Glad to have found this blog. I look forward to getting to know you online and in real life.

We're somewhat recent transplants to Oregon, having arrived in January '05. My brother has lived here for years and I had always loved visiting, so when we decided to find a new location to start a family in that wasn't totally unaffordable (Bay Area), or freezing in the winter (Chicago), we picked Portland.

I still pine for some facets of big city life (museums, restaurants, diversity and 24-hour transit options), but I also love the pace of life here, being surrounded by trees and I especially adore the fact that every other person here has a cute kiddo. I've started to meet other rad mamas, but I'd love to meet more. I'm 27, our daughter just turned 1 this week and we ride the bus everywhere. Are you into politics? Music? Film? Art? Crafts? Me too. Let's go!

Hi, I am a single-mother-by-choice with an adorable almost-one-year-old daughter. I've really enjoyed being a mom, and I am lucky enough to be able to take six weeks off from my job to spend time with my wonderful child. We are exploring Portland and all of the fun places for babies and mamas. We have yet to take public transportation, but I think tomorrow will be the day! I am a member of a group of SMBC here in the area, but I am always interested in meeting other SMBC and any other type of mom from any kind of family. We love activities with other families including concerts and play groups. Our family is all on the east coast, so we are trying to establish our own community here in Portland. Also, I am interested in hearing how any single moms have figured out how to work from home to be with their kids.

I have a 25 month old. I am a working mama and I work in Wilsonville. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I wanted my son near to work so I could nurse him. The benefits of having him close-by outweighed the negatives (long commute for a small baby/toddler). But now, there is no reason for him to be out here, when we live in NE. I am looking for childcare in NE/SE/NW to bridge the gap between now and the time he is potty trained and 3 years old. Help. Is there any hidden gem out there. Everywhere I look, the wait list is long, for example Growing seeds and Providence on NE 47th ave. I looked at Alameda Montesorri and decided against it for now. What else is available out there. HELP!! The commute is getting worse and worse as my little angel learns to assert his wants and dislikes. He does not like being in the car that long!!

Hi, I'm new to Portland. My husband, my 2 year old son and I just moved from LA about 3 weeks ago. My husband grew up here in the John's Landing area and we live in the Alameda area. While I'm so happy to be here, I am still adjusting to being in a whole new city and I feel so lost most of the time. Just looking through some of the posts here has helped me feel like I *know* a little more about what's going on.

In addition to just trying to connect with other moms and maybe find some friends for Owen, I'm also needing to try to find a part time preschool in NE for Fall 2007.

So glad to have found this blog. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet some mothers (and kids!) in person sometime.

Hey Ladies! I'm 28wks PG with my first and DH and I will be moving to Portland the first week of August. He'll be working in the NE on NE Sandy Blvd. So we're currently looking for an apartment to live in for a few months that's close to work and trying to decide on which hospital to deliver in. (Kind of thinking either Providence Portland or St. Vincents...feedback??? We will have BCBS ins) I'm looking for an all female OBGYN practice and recommendations on docs. I'm considering using a CN midwife because I really don't want a man delivering my baby (Silly maybe I know). I'd love to get some help!
Stephanie P.

we are moving to Portland in the next few weeks from SF....we have a son who is 2y7m and a 4 month old....we are looking for a preschool program in the NE for the older one...something very mellow a few mornings a week just to get him acquainted with his new surroundings and have him around other kids and families....plus he is asking to go to school!
So many of the preschool programs look wonderful but they all start at 3 and he isn't 3 until January. Any suggestions?

Hey Mammas,
I'm thrilled to find this site. I just moved here with my 14 month old son, Max, and my husband, Mike, two weeks ago in order to be closer to my husband's family. In terms of who we are: we are big fans of live music. We love to cook (and imbibe a little while we cook), shop thrift stores and follow current events. We also love to walk trails and drink good, strong coffee so Portland is a dream come true--love the combo of urban life and parks so close together (just checked out Laurelhurst park and Mt. Tabor). Mike's a scientist hoping to change careers and I work with nonprofits and NGO's on technology access issues. Sadly, we left behind a really supportive community (virtual and live) of friends in SF and while we miss them terribly, we are excited to discover a new place and people. We currently live near SE 51st and Division and I'd like to find playgroups for Max (and for me!)in the SE area (adoptive family playgroups a plus), and am also currently evaluating pediatricians. Any suggestions? I am looking forward to meeting some of you down the line and thanks for an amazing site!

I love urbanmamas and I just found it kind of randomly. I think I saw a postcard about it at Mother Nature's.

I have been in Portland a long time, but I am really transitioning now from being pretty much a full time activist to being an activist and a mom.

I have to say that I find fulfillment in being mama in a far more complete and spiritual way than I did as an activist even though it was a bit of an obsession of mine. On the other hand I have so much more inspiration to keep trying to make the world better because I know my son has to live in it.

I have one beautiful son Joshua Malcolm who will be six months next week, and a pretty sweet hubby too.

I started a blog about all my experiences with mothering. Here is the link http://baby-malcolm.blogspot.com/
Please keep this wonderful website going. It is a great resource!

I would love to find some other mamas who are doing natural/attachment parenting and/or who are activist mommies. Send me an email or check out my blog.

I have visited on & off for a while, but this is such a great group that I should really spend more time here! I have often found useful info and recommendations on things to do in PDX. I'm a native Oregonian (born in what is now Adidas World Headquarters lol) and have an almost 3.5 year old daughter. I am a huge cloth diaper zealot and run monthly support/social groups in Portland for the Real Diaper Association. This is a great town for urban mamas!

Hi there, I'm Debbie, Mom to four fantastic kids, Angelina, 15, Eden, 10, Opal, 7, and Milo, 4. We live in SE, Sellwood area. I love this site and commend you all for startin' it up! Community is so strong here in Portland. We moved here from... yep, CA about 11 months ago... we love it, but haven't really dug social roots yet. I found out about the site through a childless friend who knew of that struggle. I'm so glad for it. I'm a single mama, and I think that makes it particularly hard without close friends nearby... the whole talk to hubby thing is non-existent for me. I'd love to meet some local Mommas! I work PT and am trying to begin a small children's clothing biz. Love to sew, craft in general, thrift store shop and put the love back into old furniture. Hope to meet you all soon!

Hi all,
I'm a NoPo mama with three children, a step-daughter, 14, whom I've known since she was 7, a son, 3 1/2, and a 7 mo. old daughter. I teach middle school and am trying to squeeze every hour of my last two weeks of summer break for all the summertime fun I can have with my kids. During the school year my husband works at home and watches the kids during the day. I've been visiting this site for awhile and reading a few of the blogs and I'm in awe of all the amazing thing mamas are able to do while raising kids. How do you maintain a blog, keep up on your favorite sites, and have time to knit, sew, exercise, read, and sleep while raising kids? I seem to only be able to chisel time for myself in 5 minute increments. I'd love to hear how mamas organize their time.

I am a SE mama to be for the first time -- I'm due in early November. I've lived in Portland for almost 7 years (transplant from Montana) and I would love to meet other mamas and mamas to be asap. I work as a political organizer for progressive issues and campaigns and plan on working full time after maternity leave. I have a darling husband who works for the city and I'm very excited about this new life I will have. Is anyone interested in getting together sometime this month? Coffee or something?

Hi there-

I just wanted to start off by saying I love this site and the posted comments, suggestions, and invites by email, I receive. I unfortunatley have not been able to meet up with any of you when the event arises mostly due to being a working mom. I just started four tens so I will have Mondays off and would love to meet up with some urbanMamas not only for play dates but to also hopefully connect with some great gals. I have two young daughters under the age of 2 1/2 and live in Sherwood. I am always willing to try new places and meet new people yet if there is anyone in the Sherwood area with small children who would love to start some social gatherings with me that would be great as it truly is a fabulous family community and if you don't have kids in school or sports yet it can be a bit hard to meet other families like yours. Anyways sounds like I am rambling but I would really love to meet some new people not only for myself but hopefully as a family.

Hi! I am a mom from DC, visiting Portland with my 18 month old son for a couple of months this fall. I am searching for information on music classes, open gyms, sing-alongs, and other cool (and inexpensive) things to do for the months of October and November. Any info or links to info would be helpful, you can email me off line at hornermills@aol.com. We appreciate your help! Thanks!

Greetings to all from Los Angeles. My family (eight year old nutty daughter, cartoonist husband, fat foxhound mix, very smart rat, and me) are checking into Portland as our next and final stop. I'm grateful for this site, with all its sassiness and wealth of information. We will be in town in October, lurking in green grocers, poking around school locations, loitering in the comic stores and taking the bus everywhere just because we can.
Although my daughter is hesitant (to say the least) about moving, we are mostly settled on and excited about the idea aside from one question: my husband is Chicano and nervous that the culture climate switch from L.A.'s rich Chicano blanket vs. not so much in Portland might be unnerving. Can anyone talk to me about diversity in Portland? Is there a Latina/o barrio within city limits? We keep hearing different stuff from different sorts of folks, so more refelctions on this would be welcome. Thanks a million.


We have a couple great programs that allow moms to play with baby (in Mommy and Me) and another where 2-5yr olds can run and play (exercise) to music while mom..member or not.. can work out during that time. Great value and great FUN!! Classes starting now! Check it out on the website, or call us 503-287-0655.

Thank you!!! Happy healthy babies make happy healthy moms.

Hi Mamas,
I'm a stay-at-home mom to a 14-month-old here in NE Portland. I recently launched my own business called Sasha B. Designs that I thought some of you might be interested in checking out. We specialize in high-quality nursing privacy blankets for breastfeeding moms. With each blanket we create our goal is to make the life of one baby just a little cozier and the life of one breastfeeding mom just a little easier. www.sashabdesigns.com

All best,

RESALE/CONSIGNMENT who takes what?

Ive sorted through piles of boy clother, toddler to 4 y old, and want to take them to a resale shop. All are in great shape: lots of Hannah Anderson and funky, vintage stuff. NE Portland preferred, or around Multnomah Village.
Any recommendations of nice place/good price?


There is a consignment shop in Multnomah Village on Capital Hway called Katlyn's (sp?) Closet and another one in neighboring Hillsdale called Second to None. I like Katlyn's Closet alot, the owner is very friendly but I have not consigned anything there so I don't know how the consignment $ breakdown works - sorry.

Hi, my name is Kate Sage and I just found out I'm going to be a mom come late May. It's early on in my pregnancy, but never to early to reach out to a community of interesting people in Portland. I moved here from NYC in 1998, have been married since 2002, and own my own publishing company with my business partner, Rhonda Hughes. Hawthorne Books publishes 4-6 titles/year of literary fiction and narrative non-fiction and our offices are in downtown Portland.

I'd love to have a community of pregnant women or new moms to connect with and more than one woman I trust has recommended this site. Are there gatherings for pregnant women at all?


hi! I'm a 35 year old recent mom of two month old Rhys. I'm currently on maternity leave and go back to work full time in a month (I say with a deep sigh!).
We moved here from NYC a few years ago b/c we wanted an affordable place to live and settle down in and we just loved the fact that portland is a great mix of urban and the outdoors. I'm another surburbanite (west linn) who feels very urban at heart and I spend lots of time exploring all sorts of areas in portland. I'd love to meet other new (and fun) mamas.

Hi! I'm Jillian and this pregnancy thing is all new to me! I'm due in mid-May and echo Kate's wish for a pregnancy group.

I'm originally from NJ, and moved to Portland about 10 years ago. I'm pretty much never around babies or children, so talking to Moms and Moms-to-be would be a great thing!

Another pregnant first-time mom-to-be chiming in. I am due in late April. I’ve been in Portland for about five years, re-located from the East coast on a whim (and love it here). While lots of my friends have kids (they all seem to be on their second) – I’d like to chat with other moms-to-be who are still adjusting/transforming into the role of mom.

How great that I found this site right after Kate, Jillian and Cat posted here echoing exactly what I was hoping to find! I'm also a first time mom still adjusting to the idea. I'm due in mid-may and would like to meet other first time moms-to-be (or those with knowledge to share with newbies). I hope we all came to the right place!

I work at home in NE Portland (just off Alberta St.) and have a flexible schedule...other than occasional nutty deadlines and a dog who likes to go for adventures at least once a day and usually gets restless in the late afternoon/early evening...

My husband and I eat out way too often but we love the restaurants in PDX and always like to try new places. We are also trying to cook at home more so it would be fun to share tips with some of you food wizards who have this down. I love to read and write and I try to make time to paint but I spend most days tied to the computer.

Professionally speaking, I'm a graphic designer/UI designer and a part-time tech author. My husband and I co-write the Flash Bible series (Wiley Publishing) and he does a lot of teaching and speaking and traveling for work so I've been able to flex my independent side but still love to have company for art, literature, music or nature-related outings.

Oh, and about that up-and-coming baby? I have only told two other people so far (besides all of you)...my brother and my best friend. We are excited but trying not to be annoying about it and also wanting to be sure everything is ok before making further announcements to family, etc. I'm thinking that Christmas might be a great time to spread the news...since it will be hard to hide by then anyway.

My mommy dreams? I want to stay sane and keep hold of my adult mind and my child-free friends but I also want to be a really good mother and expose my child to lots of diversity and adventure and joy and community. That's a tall order but I know you all want nothing less so hopefully we can pull it off with a little group effort, right? I do already have two wonderful friends in NE who have babies (one is 6 mos. and the other is nearly 2 so I have gotten a bit of an intro and some good tips so far that I would be happy share.)

Thank you urbanmamas for being here online and letting me join the party!

Hi Mommas. I just moved here this week and need some help: First...my poor three year old son is soooo excited to trick or treat but has no one to go with other than me and baby brother : ( Anyone out there have a three-ish group going door to door that wouldnt mind us going too? It breaks my heart when he asks if Ella , Cooper, Juan and Harrison are going with us (friends from our old state) And second, I am thinking of hiring a sitter for the 9 month old so I can easily maneuver with the 3 year old on Halloween night...but of course I know no sitters. I have a call into Northwestern Nannies, but I'd love to meet/hear about some local H.S. sitters in the SW?? I live close to Gabriel Park..but anyone that is nice enough to let us tag along for trick or treating..I will drive wherever! Thanks so much ladies. Jenifer Wilson (35 years old from the midwest with a 3 year old boy named Flynn and a 9 month old, Hudson)

I have been reading urbanmamas since before my four month old was born and have posted comments here and there. I am hoping to find some other first time mamas out there who have boys. We are in a mom's group full of girls and I want to branch out a little and find ourselves some boys to play with. I am a part time massage therapist but my business is slow enough that Gus and I have lots of time to play. My carpenter husband, Gus and I live in North Portland near Lombard and Mississippi and are hoping to find other mamas close by. I am not opposed to more girls though and neither is Gus.

Hi! I've been reading this site since I moved back to P-town for the final time last March. My husband, brother in law and I are renting our first house right off NE Alberta St. I wasn't pregnant yet when I found you guys, but I knew I needed to start looking for other mamas around. I'm 5 months pregnant now, due in March and am so excited to be in the Alberta district for this time in my life. I live right near Milagros, Extracto, and Concordia coffee house, so I feel like I have places I can wander when I need to get out of the house. It sounds like there are a lot of N/NE moms on the site and I would love to hook up with the pregnant mamas groups. This site has been a great resource to me and I hope it continues for a very long time!

Hello Mamas! I have been reading this website for a while now, having moved here last year from St. Louis. I have a 6 week old daughter, Sophia and a 6 year old son, Max. We are looking for a great neighborhood, so would love to hear from anyone in love with theirs - especially if you can buy a decent sized house for under half a mil...:)

Would love to make some new friends and will continue to adore reading this site!!

Thanks for your comment! Just wanted to share some previous posts on neighborhoods and house hunting:

Would you recommend your 'Nabe:

Relocating - Seeking Advice:

How do you choose a space for your family: http://urbanmamas.typepad.com/urbanmamas/2006/10/how_do_you_choo.html

Realtor Recommendations:

Why Portland Rocks:

Hello everyone! I am sooo happy to have found this site! I'm orginally from California (Bay Area) moved here 3 yrs ago, hubby was transferred. I'm a stay at home mom with 3 children: son Tim age 3yrs, daughter Maggie age 2yrs and daughter Sasha age 1yr and we have 3 dogs. yes, my life is not boring. lol :) I'm hoping to meet some people who are interested in meeting at fun locations, like PB and Ellies, children's museum, OMSI, etc.

sorry I didn't see your post for Halloween. You may want to try Care Givers Placement Agency. www.cgpa.com We have been using them for all of our nanny/babysitter needs. They were able to get us last minute placement when we were having our youngest child and when I injured my back. The kids love every nanny they sent

maybe next year we can create a group for trick or treating. :)

just read your posting and wanted to throw out there that i've got a 6 year old guy too, as well as a five month old girl. maybe we could get together and let the boys run amuck together...?
if it sounds like fun, let us know. we'll show you to some cool portland kid-corners, if you don't know them already!

Hi all:
I just moved to Portland recently and want to get networked with some moms in the area. Its been a bit of a challenge with the weather and all.
I have a five month old baby girl, Hannah Gracie, and I'd love to meet some other moms with young children in the area.
Look forward to networking!!
-Claire clairekaufmann@gmail.com

i moved to portland last year from the mountains of new mexico, and then discovered i was pregnant! wow. even though i'm a native oregonian, the change in environment was quite a shock, and i wish i'd known of this site sooner to perhaps have made some friends with other mamas. my son, anatole, was born in december and is now a very precocious six weeks old, and i am loving mommyhood but would still like to meet some other new moms who may share my outdoor adventuring and natural childhood interests...it would be great to swap stories, get outside again, and just connect with other women, to say the least. i live in the NE, right next to irving park.
best wishes to all!

I'm new to the site...I ran into Debbie at the library. I moved to Pdx in 03 when pregnant with my first child, Quilaztli. I've felt really isolated here...just can't seem to get out of the house & connect. Now I'm a mama of 2: 3yrs & 6 mo's old. I hope to find some likeminded mamas in my neighborhood (Brentwood)...
Also, I'm quitting my job to stay home with the girls & hopefully find someone to do daycare for. I've been posting on Craig's List but only weirdo's respond! Maybe someone's got some ideas on where to post announcements.

Hi there!

My name is Holly and I am a native Oregonian! I live in SW and was encouraged to log on after talking to a friend of mine who just moved to LA. They have a site like this there and she loves it.

My Vitals:
35, married, mother of 1 wonderful 3 year old. I am a partner in my family business and my husband works in the world of software. We have a beautiful dog, Lucy, just diagnosed with cancer so we are very blue these days.

In addition, we are on the fence about having more kids. I would be interested in meeting / talking with other mommy's with 1 or more about their experiences. I am having a hard time with making the decision to have another because I am so pressed for time already. Any thoughts????

Holly - Welcome to our urbanMamas community! Regarding your question about thinking about more children, here is a recent thread about "Thoughts on Number Two" http://urbanmamas.typepad.com//urbanmamas/2007/01/thoughs_on_numb.html

Wow! you mamas are awesome! I was just looking for reviews of nanny services here in Portland when this website came up. I have been living here for a little more than a year and had no idea there were this many like minded mamas out there.
I am 30, my husband is 35 and we moved most recently from Davis, California but we were only there for school. If you ask us where we are from we are most likely to tell you Memphis, Tn. That is home to us. We loved it but it had to many problems for us to raise our family there (racism, sexism, rednecks...) but great food.
We have a little girl, Lucy, she is 13 months. I, like so many people, came here for a visit and fell in love with all the cool adult activities. It was perfect - museums, coffee shops, brewpubs, music, great restuarants, knitting groups.
Now that we have a little girl I am finding it harder to get out and meet other adults and it is definately harder to find time to do any of those adult things previously mentioned. Don't get me wrong I love being a mom. I wouldn't change Lucy for anything. Most days I am so excited to tell my husband about our day because I feel like I just spent the day with the coolest person I ever met, but it is harder to do anything with a 1 year old in tow. Their energy is unbelievable.
It is getting easier though since we are approaching spring and going outside doesn't mean arctic bundling. We live in NW Portland only because when we moved here we didn't know any better and I was massively pregnant, we took the first place we came upon that fit our requirements. We only rent and are currently looking to buy on the Eastside. It just fits with us a little better. I am more likely to wear overalls splattered with paint than haute couture. Anyways if any of you want to get together for some park time let me know. I would love to start to get to know some other parents that are young, hip and at least trying to retain some of who they were pre-baby.

Hello ladies,
I am currently in Columbus, Oh and while my husband gets settled in his new job in Portland. We have been married for 4.5years and this will be our 3rd relo together. I grew up in the military, so moving is not traumatic. The group was referred to me by my husband's recruiter. I am at home full time with our soon to be 4 year old daughter Emilie and am due in mid June. We are very excited to live in such an outdoor friendly city. Aslo, as a former art major, I like all things creative. Emilie and I will have our first visit next week and look forward to making new friends as we get to know the city.

I wanted to invite everyone to attend KidFest! BabyFest! CampFest! March 10-11 at the Oregon Convention Center.
It's an amazing weekend focusing on active & healthy family lifestyle and raising kids successfully. Non-stop entertainment, lots of interactive exhibits for babies, kids, teens and parents, family fun zones and products and services designed to enrich families lives.
When: Saturday & Sunday March 10-11
Where: Oregon Convention Center
Hours: 10am - 5pm
Admission: $7 Adults, $2 Child, Babies FREE
Benefit For: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Hi to all PDX Mamas! I am thrilled to learn of this community. My husband and I moved to PDX from SF 1.5 years ago and live in NE Portland but are moving to SW in May. We have loved the west coast culture and lifestyle. He is originally from Ohio and I am from Texas. We recently welcomed the arrival of our first baby girl in Feb.and I am anxious to meet other Moms! Can someone fill me in on Mama groups that meet? I see there is a group that meets at New Seasons Tues and Wed and also a happy hour group. Am I missing any others? Thanks and looking forward to connecting!

I am a portrait photographer located here in Portland, OR. I would just like to let all you mamas out there know that on March 31st I will be offering mini portrait sessions at Bella Stella resale shop on NE Broadway. For those of you who have never been there, it is a great little shop run by a great little family! You should definately check it out! I will be there all day with a black background, lights, fresh flowers, and creative eye to take your children's pictures while you finish your Easter shopping! It will be $25 per child, including up to 10 shots available for viewing and ordering on an online password protected gallery within a few days of the shoot! You can view samples of my work at www.rachaelkubik.com
Email me with questions at sales@rachaelkubik.com
Check out www.bellastellaresale.com for directions, and browsing!!!
I'll look forward to meeting you all!!!

Hi mamas!

My family and I moved to NE Portland two years ago. My husband is a full time bible college student and part time hair stylist at a hip NW salon. I homeschool our two beautiful children, 8 and 5, and run the Oregon chapter of Miracle Diapers. I founded Miracle Diapers, a nonprofit organization that provides cloth diapers in January of 2005.

I'm in love with Portland and am truly grateful to live in such a wonderful city! I am currently making a brochure that lists all the local resources for cloth diaper users. I found your site by doing a search for this project and it just reinforces what I already knew- what a fabulous place Portland is to raise children!

Does anyone belong to a playgroup on Saturday mornings or have any interest in joining one? I was thinking about 10am on Saturdays. Thanks!

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