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Milagros Boutique

i wrote about milagros in a recent entry on my NoPo blog. it goes a little something like this.... ... some time ago, i mentioned this spunky looking consignment store on NE 30th off Killingsworth - right across the street from NE's Cup & Saucer and around the corner from Grolla. well, i finally got the chance to step into Milgros and meet Jennifer, the owner. last tuesday night, the night of our cross-country red-eye trip back to new york, i was on a mission to find a maya wrap. lots of stores in town carry various slings. after months of carrying the baby in a makeshift sling (made with a bedsheet or blanket just tied in a knot), i decided that i needed a professionally engineered sling, especially for our red-eye when carrying and rocking the baby may be crucial. with very little time between work, picking up the kids, getting luggage, going to a holiday party, then getting to the airport, i was determined to not be disappointed in my quest for Maya. so, I called Milagros Boutique. jennifer was with a customer right then, but she soon after called me back and we talked at length about the Maya, it's fit, and how it'll suit me perfectly. she told me she had plenty in stock, and so i was on my way to visit Jennifer at Milagros. how thrilled was i to visit the store! they have got some quality new and consigned baby and maternity items - from the Mayas to Robeez and from bumkins to the oh-so important flushable diaper liners that are so hard to find! i left the place feeling productive and happy. the details: open tuesday to saturday until 5pm. they consign on saturdays and do 50-50.


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So, I went back to Milagros to consign some stuff. I have to say again what a great place it is. They have clean, quality, great stuff for really reasonable prices. Cute little girl mary jane shoes - that seemed to have only been worn once - were $2.50. A super-warm GAP jacket fully lined with soft fluffy fleece was $10.

Just to let you know about the website www.bobux.com, an online shop for cool designer baby shoes and clothes. If you have time please have a look and give me feedback on whether this could be a good alternative to Roobez.

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